Pet Care Tips: Fish for Beginners

As a noob foraying into the whole new world of keeping fish as pets, you may be concerned about what sort of fish would thrive together and what you would absolutely want to avoid pairing with each other. We’d like to help by introducing you to some hardier and sturdier fish that may be more suitable for newbies like yourself.

(Tiger, Green Tiger, Albino, etc)
These fish are very hardy though they may also be aggressive. Keeping them in a school can lower their aggressive tendencies but this rule is not always the case as a few individuals can be feistier than the rest!

(Rosy Fin, Black Phantom, Congo, etc)
Tetras are schooling fish and should ideally be kept in groups of six or more of the same species. They are non-aggressive and are a great addition to a peaceful community of species similar in size. Tetras are sturdy and very active fish that enjoy inhabiting all areas of the aquarium.

Cory (Corydoras) Catfish
(Albino Corydora, Sterbai Corydora, Panda Corydora, etc)
The catfish are a good community fish for beginners too. Not only are they hardy and adaptable, they’re also active and that makes it interesting to observe them. Last but not least, being scavengers, they help keep the bottom of the aquarium clean!

In order to keep your catfish happy, you should get at least 5 to 6 of them for companionship. They love to hide, so it’ll be a good idea to place objects like driftwood and decorative cave for them to play around.

As with many things that we commit ourselves to, making the conscious decision to be a responsible pet owner should be a priority for anyone who wishes to keep a pet – and this includes even the fish!

Resources: Qian Hu, fish4beginners

Images: Teo Way Yong & Sons, Merlin Marina, Aqua-fish, Fish Tank Forum, Animal-World, Fish Link Worldwide, Planet Catfish, Seriously Fish, Live Fish Direct

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