Beat The Monday Blues: Chef dog

Today, Chica the chef dog is going to teach you how to cook a simple yet scrumptious meal that is safe for dogs! Do turn on the subtitles as well as it explains how it is being prepared.

Note: A balanced diet is critical for your dog. Check with your vet before offering any new food for your pet.

Pet Adoption Friday: JJ and KK from Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)


Name: JJ and KK
Sex: Male
Age: 6 years old (JJ) and 4 years old (KK)
Breed: Local cross
Personality: JJ and KK are likely to be father and son. Both boys are very mild in temperament, calm, quiet and affectionate with people. They walk well on leash too!

If you are interested in JJ or KK, please contact ASD at

Beat The Monday Blues: A shelter turned therapy cat

This cat in a shelter named Lou wasn't able to find his forever home for a long time... until Laura, a girl who suffers from a genetic condition, and her family found him at their local shelter while in search of a therapy pet. Now, Lou's affectionate temperament and lovingness has given this family a chance to witness a magical moment between him and Laura!

Pet Adoption Friday: Willy and Tammy from Voices For Animals


Name: Willy
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier


Name: Tammy
Sex: Female
Age: 5 years old
Breed: Wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier
Personality: Tammy is an affable girl while Willy is hyperactive and loves getting your attention. Both terriers can get along well with people (including children for Tammy!) and other dogs.

For questions regarding the adoption procedures for Willy or Tammy, please read through the FAQ on Voices For Animals'Facebook page.

Beat The Monday Blues: 20 fun tricks for your bird!

Not knowing what to do with your pet bird other than to buy him toys to play with? Why not spend some time bonding with them and teaching them new tricks? Flock-Talk is a useful channel that teaches you step-by-step on how to train your little feather friend. This adora-bird parrotlet named Zeeby is going to demonstrate the tricks!

Pet Adoption Friday: Buddy and Paws from SPCA Singapore


Name: Buddy
Sex: Male
Age: 11 years old
Breed: Golden Retriever
Personality: A well-natured boy, Buddy is affectionate and friendly. He is great on walks and socialises well with other dogs.


Name: Paws
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Local
Personality: Paws has this cheeky look like she wants to play with you and of course she does! Besides that, she also enjoys plain lazing around at home with you.

If you are keen to adopt Buddy or Paws, please visit them at SPCA's shelter during their opening hours.

Beat The Monday Blues: Fixing a hamster's broken leg

Hamsters are appealing for its pocket-sized rotund body and the way it moves around. Injuries can sometimes happen when they live in wired cages such as getting its leg trapped in between the cage door or falling from your hands to the ground if you are not vigilant!

This little hamster named Cookie broke its hind leg and was sent to the vet. Here in this video, a splint is used to help secure the fracture in place and prevent Cookie from biting the injured area.

If your pet is injured, do bring him to a vet for a check as soon as possible. Prolonging the treatment can cause permanent injuries and pain!

Pet Adoption Friday: Cinna and Beckham from SOSD Singapore


Name: Cinna
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year old
Breed: Local
Personality: Cinna is a funny girl who has many silly antics and will not fail to make you laugh. She is very food-motivated and has learnt her basic commands. With no separation anxiety, she is able to sleep through the night quietly. Cinna is still learning to be comfortable around strangers and bigger dogs and hence, she will need some time to warm up.

If you are interested, please fill up the adoption form here.


Name: Beckham
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Local
Personality: Beckham was a stray which we took in. He is a sweet and cheerful boy who has a leg which is a sort of a stump. He enjoys our company and would inch forward to us, hinting at us to give him a neck rub.

If you are interested, please fill up the adoption form here