Beat The Monday Blues: Story of the hamsters

What is your impression of hamsters in general? This youtuber named theodd1sout shares his hilarious experiences with 7 hamsters that he has kept throughout his life. This video will show you the things to do (and those that will cause a big mess) with these fluff balls.

Pet Adoption Friday: Nono and Simba from Purely Adoptions


Name: Nono
Sex: Male
Age: 18 years old
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Personality: Nono is an 18 year old senior with an extremely sweet temperament. Unfortunately, the elderly owner of Nono has no choice but to give him up for adoption. If you are looking for a HDB approved dog for company, please consider Nono.


Name: Simba
Sex: Male
Age: 2 months old
Breed: Local
Personality: Simba is a rescued puppy with two other siblings. He may be young but his charming and playful personality will brighten anyone up!

If you are interested in Nono or Simba, please contact Purely Adoptions at 9001 8848.

Beat The Monday Blues: Cancer patient was granted her dying wish to cuddle her dog

Rebane Chili was a cancer patient who decided to discontinue her treatment after a long battle. When asked about her last wish, she requested to see her dog Ritchie, who was loved and treated like her own son.

It was a touching sight to see how Ritchie reacted when he saw his owner on the bed. Despite the pain that she had to go through, she was clearly enlivened the moment she saw him.

We will never have to walk alone because our pets will be with us, in sickness and in health, so let us give them the same amount of love they deserve too.

Pet Adoption Friday: Tracy and Bak Chor Mee from Noah's Ark CARES

Tracy Bak_Chor_Mee

Name: Tracy and Bak Chor Mee
Sex: Female/ Male
Age: 6 months old
Breed: Mongrel
Personality: Tracy and Bak Chor Mee are siblings whose mother very unfortunately fell victim to a road accident when they were only seven days old. Since then, they have been raised by humans. They are able to get along well with people and other dogs. Especially for Bak Chor Mee, he is friendly towards other animals like cats and rabbits! This smart and food-motivated boy is perfect for a multi-pet family.

If you are keen to adopt Tracy or Bak Chor Mee, please contact Madeline from Noah's Ark CARES at 9270 8612.

Beat The Monday Blues: Why are black cats considered bad luck?

In the past, there are a myriad myths about how black cats are considered bad luck and should not be kept as pets, causing them to be abandoned or euthanised more often than their other counterparts with other colours.

On the other hand, do you know that black cats are considered lucky in some Asian countries such as Japan? There is a figurine called maneki-neko, meaning "Lucky Cat" and people buy the black ones for safety and to ward off evil spirits.

So next time if you're planning to adopt a pet, you might want to get yourself a lucky cat! =)

Pet Adoption Friday: Eagle and Bear from Mercylight


Name: Eagle
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years old
Breed: Singapore Special
Personality: Eagle is highly intelligent and she is learning to walk well on the leash. Eagle is slowly opening up now that she realises she is in a safe place. Why not consider adopting a dog who has been through hard times and enjoy seeing the fruits of how she has blossomed?


Name: Bear
Sex: Male
Age: 7 weeks old (est DOB 25 November 2016)
Breed: Singapore Special
Personality: Bear was rescued with his mummy. Bear is so cute and chubby that it is impossible not to fall in love with him. He is friendly to dogs and humans, fun to play with and eats well. However, he was discovered to likely have hip dysplasia on both hind legs through physical examination and the way he walks.

The veterinarian''s advice for the family who wishes to adopt him will be: Exercise him often through daily walks of 2 - 3 times daily for 20 minutes to strengthen his hind muscles. No jumping, just walks. It is all right for him to play; it will not be good for him to remain inactive the whole day. No additional supplemental calcium needed as long as he is eating puppy food kibbles. Bear will only need joint supplements to strengthen his hips and knees. He may need regular x-rays as he grows to know if his hip area is progressing properly.

Please fill out Mercylight's adoption form if you are keen to adopt Eagle or Bear.

Beat The Monday Blues: Mistakes to avoid when getting a new aquarium

Having fishes as pets may seem to be the easiest to maintain as compared to their land companions like the dogs and cats but in reality, there are a lot of preparation and research to be done to allow the animals to thrive and have a long lifespan. This includes tank setup, water chemistry and temperature. Other than that, the tank also needs to be cycled for good bacteria to multiply in the filtration system, where toxins such as ammonia are broken down. Some marine animals may have special requirements to replicate their natural environment. Without meeting these requirements, most of them will fall sick easily or suffer from stress that they may die within days or even hours.

So before you want to keep any fishes or other marine animals, read up on its requirements first!

Pet Adoption Friday: Ash and Dash from House Rabbit Society Singapore


Name: Ash (left) and Dash (right)
Sex: Female and male
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Himalayan Dwarf and Local
Personality: Ash is a very expressive and active girl who enjoys a good pet. On the other hand, Dash is shyer with new people but once he gets to know you better, he becomes a loving and agile bunny. Both Ash and Dash have very good litter habits and because they are very closely bonded, they will need to be adopted together.

If you are interested to know more about Ash and Dash, please email Betty at

Beat The Monday Blues: Cockatoos making tools

We know that parrots are intelligent animals as they have a mental capability of a three-year-old and can sing better than many of us (check out the bird that sang Chandelier from Sia). The researchers from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna and the University of Oxford reported that Goffin cockatoos are able to create tools out of different materials, such as wood and cardboard to get their treats.

For parrot owners, this certainly means that you will need to buy toys to entertain them to stimulate their brains and more importantly, spend time bonding with them.