Beat The Monday Blues: Why does your cat act strangely?

Have you seen how cats behave and wonder why they pounce at their toys and/or enjoy squeezing into spaces often much smaller than their size?

It's all in the name of natural instinct.

These days, cats are domesticated and humans are able to keep them indoors. So, the cats display their instincts through play. So next time when you're playing with them, do take a closer look and be amazed by how evolution changes some things around us.

Pet Adoption Friday: Twinkle and Grateful from Mercylight


Name: Twinkle Blessing
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old (20 December 2012)
Breed: Mixed breed
Personality: Twinkle is a very sweet dog who loves to "manja". He does not like to be roughly handled. Meet Twinkle in person and you will realise that this is a dog who is affectionate beyond words.


Name: Grateful Blessing
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years old (1 January 2012)
Breed: Mixed breed
Personality: Grateful is overly-friendly even to new faces and will greet you enthusiastically with jumps! She walks well on leash and does not pull. She also listens when scolded and she only does her business during walks. However, when she is eating her food, do not take it away or let another dog near her - she is protective over her food or toy.

Please fill up Mercylight's adoption form here if you are interested to meet Twinkle and Grateful.

Beat The Monday Blues: DIY birthday cake!

Thinking of making a cake for your little hammie on his birthday but is unsure how to? As sugary foods are not recommended for hamsters, this YouTuber teaches you how to make a rodent-safe birthday cake that's deliciously healthy!

Pet Adoption Friday: Emi, Sanz, Sox and Ash from House Rabbit Society Singapore


Name: Emi (mother), Sanz, Sox and Ash
Sex: Female, female, male, male
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Local
Personality: Sanz is the shy little girl while Emi, Sox and Ash are outgoing and friendly. These adorable family members are all very clean and neat bunnies, which explain their well-groomed looks! They are very closely bonded and preferably should be adopted together or at least in pairs.

If you are interested to adopt the rabbits, please contact Betty at for adoption queries.

Beat The Monday Blues: Babies and Dogs

For fellow pet owners out there, you might have thoughts of rehoming your pet if you have a new addition to your family (also known as "babies"). Most new parents or parents-to-be have major concerns about health, hygiene and behavioural issues with keeping pets and a baby together. But, how true can this be?

This video proves how toddlers and animals can live together in harmony. Not only does your fur friend get a new companion, your little one gets to learn how to care for her new best friend!

Pet Adoption Friday: Summer and Peitho from Exclusively Mongrels


Name: Peitho
Sex: Female
Age: 4 months old
Breed: Local
Personality: Peitho is a very food motivated pup and thus would be extremely easy to train with treats. She is also good with other dogs and is such a ball of energy that she can play non-stop with her foster brother Perseus!


Name: Summer
Sex: Female
Age: 4 months old
Breed: Local
Personality: Summer is a lively girl who is able to get along well with other dogs. She can be shy with strangers around initially but will warm up once she's familiar with you.

If you are interested to adopt Peitho or Summer, please drop Exclusively Mongrels a private message via their Facebook page or text 97890569 for a private viewing session.

Beat The Monday Blues: DIY food dispenser for fish

There is a myth out there about fish having poor memory and cognition but... they are actually smarter than you think.

Fishes have good memory (they can remember things for days instead of seconds according to a research done using African cichlids) and can be trained just like our other companions - dogs, cats, birds and many more! This video shows you how you can create your own food dispensing toy to keep your fishy mentally and physically fit.

Pet Adoption Friday: Primrose and Deadpool from Causes for Animals Singapore


Name: Primrose
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Local
Personality: Primrose is looking for a home with an experienced and dedicated family. She is learning good manners but as a teenager, patience will be required to train her. Primrose is a loving and active girl who loves going on walks, rolling in the mud and enjoying a good swim! She is also outdoor-trained.


Name: Deadpool
Sex: Male
Age: 4 months old
Breed: Local
Personality: 4 months old Deadpool is newspaper-trained, extremely gentle and calm. Unlike puppies who are constantly teething and looking to rip almost everything in sight, Deadpool only plays with his squeaky toys and loves asking for pats and cuddles! He is also great with pets and people.

If you wish to adopt Primrose or Deadpool, please visit Causes for Animals Singapore's page to find out more.

Beat The Monday Blues: Blind cat enjoys hikes

Do you believe that a blind cat is able to enjoy a hike up the mountain even when she can't see? Stevie the tri-coloured feline shows us just how.

Stevie caught the attention of filmmaker, Patrick Corr three years ago when he read a social media advertisement looking for a patient owner for Stevie. Corr initially wasn't a cat person but his priorities changed the moment he brought her home. Now, they are inseparable!

It is angels, like Corr, who give these animals another chance to be loved and appreciated.