Pet Adoption Friday – Danzel & Snoop from SOSD Singapore


Name: Danzel
Estimated DOB: 1 Aug 2015
Sex: Male
Adoptable under Project ADORE: No
Personality: Danzel is one of his litter of eight. He is the friendliest and biggest one - their big brother - who constantly snatched the food that was meant to be shared! This would probably explain his size - he weighed 14.6kg, at just four months old! Danzel has a very low level of energy, and will suit homes with elderly. He has mastered sit, harnessed the power of his "puppy eyes", and is also paper-trained. Danzel is friendly with people and dogs.


Name: Snoop
Estimated DOB: 1 Sep 2006
Sex: Male
Adoptable under Project ADORE: No
Personality: Snoop once had a family but unfortunately things were not to be when they moved overseas. The family tried to rehome him but his aching heart missed them so much, he did not respond well to the new owners and bit them.

Snoop is nearly blind, making him insecure, especially when there are sudden noises or movements around him and he may snap in defence. However, as we spend more time with him, we learnt that he is just a misunderstood boy, that has lost all that he knew, and simply needs time to adjust to a new environment and new people.

And when he does get to know you, he would approach you for neck rubs and cuddles, being the sweet loving boy he is.

If you are interested to adopt Danzel or Snoop, find out more about how to adopt from SOSD Singapore by clicking here and filling up the Adopter Sign Up Form. One of their volunteers will get in touch with you.

Pet Care Tips: How to care for a pet gerbile

Recently, one of our RPO animal ambassadors, Winston the gerbil, passed away from cancer (and old age). Gerbils are wonderful animals but they are not so much known here. Today's video shows you how to care for a gerbil and we go "woah" at their gorgeous living arrangement with this owner.

When you need a friend, I'll be there

Animals make great friends. In good times and bad, they're always there.

Although we don't allow tortoises to be kept as pets in Singapore, we have people keeping and loving their terrapins. They too, may turn 'turtle'. Be sure to be a good owner to help them turn over. :)

Pet Adoption Friday: Bobby from Noah's Ark CARES


Name: Bobby
Age: 8-9 years old (estimated)
Sex: Male
Breed: JRT
Sterilised: Yes
Personality: Bobby was kept in a cage while growing up so now he loves his newly-attained freedom but yet, not too hyper. He is very motivated by food and affection. He gets along well with other dogs.

Bobby had a huge growth under his chin removed, and is still waiting for his forever home. We believe good things come to those who wait. Will you be the one for this happy-go-lucky boy? Read about his rescue at

Please email if you are able to give him a permanent home.

Pet Care Tips: How to prepare Critical Care for your rabbit

Critical Care is a highly nutritious powdered mix and is normally given when your rabbit is unwell and needs to be force fed. Today's video teaches you how to prepare Critical Care and syringe feed your bunny with it. For any further questions, please consult your rabbit's veterinarian.

Beat The Monday Blues: Bunny gets kissed by... raspberries!

Animals are such stress relievers. They do the simplest of things and we just melt instantly. Today's BTMB is one of such - a bunny eating raspberries!

Talking about rabbits and their diet, it's important to feed them lots of hay. Fruits are like snacks to them, so give them sparingly and remember to record them down so you can smile the next time you're down!

Pet Adoption Friday: Champ & Elyse from Mercylight


Name: Elyse Blessing
Age: 4 Jan 2016
Sex: Female
Breed: Lop-eared
Personality: Elyse is a puppy who likes to bond with people. Has an elegant stature with an attentive face and perky ears. She is the most protective of her mummy amongst the siblings and is often found comforting mummy. She is very intelligent.


Name: Champ Blessing
Age: 4 Jan 2016
Sex: Male
Breed: Lop-eared
Personality: Champ is a quiet observer of humans. He likes to play with his mum and sister. A stout fellow with a composed face and big floppy ears.

If you're interested in adopting Elyse and/or Champ, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire and Mercylight will get in touch with you. Follow them on Facebook.

Pet Care Tips: How to bottle feed kittens

If you don't have a pet but are hoping to do some good, how about volunteer as a foster with an animal welfare group? This is the puppy and kitten season and you can help! Learn how to bottle-feed animal babies with today's video.

Beat The Monday Blues: Puppy feels water for the first time

Just like children, animals also need to be slowly exposed to new things, positively. This little puppy won our hearts over with his adorable look and the accidental tumbling into the pool. The ending of him sun-bathing made us all go "aww".

Puppies are adorable but need more of your time to train and guide. An older animal can also make a great friend. So do think carefully before you adopt a pet.

Pet Adoption Friday: House Rabbit Society Singapore

Maize and Ginger

Names: Ginger & Maize
Sex: Female
Breed: Lop-eared
Personality: Maize & Ginger are a pair of holland lop girls. Maize is the outgoing and more adventurous sister, and Ginger is more shy and timid and follows her sister around to feel safe.

Caramel and Mocha

Names: Caramel & Mocha
Sex: Female
Breed: Lop-eared
Personality: Caramel & Mocha are a pair of outgoing loppy girls who love their food and space. Their litter habits are a little unstable and they will need a patient family who will help them with getting used to the new place and using their litterbox diligently. They will make it up to you with their cute little antics daily.

If you're interested to find out more about the rabbits, please drop HRSS an email or send them a message on FB.

Pet Care Tips: Training your dog to get used to the muzzle

The muzzle has a bad reputation. Some people think it's cruel to muzzle a dog while some people perceive muzzled dogs to be dangerous.

However, there may be times where a dog may need to be muzzled for a short period of time (i.e. Part II of Scheduled dogs in Singapore needs to be muzzled when out in public, and/or a visit to the vet/groomer who is still getting used to the consultation/grooming session). This is when training to help the dog become accustomed to wearing a muzzle becomes essential.

This video is short, simple and focuses on positive reinforcement. We hope this is helpful.

Beat The Monday Blues: Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress

Rarely do you meet someone who tells you he's actually not stressed. But what's the solution? Well, a bunch of kittens perhaps! See how the little fur balls brighten up these people who just need a break.

That's the power animals have. Just by being who they are, they can touch us in the deepest corners of our hearts. And for that, we should certainly be taking good care of them.

Pet Adoption Friday: Dixie and Maggie from Exclusively Mongrels


Names: Maggie
Age: 6 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Singapore Special
Personality: Very friendly with other dogs and humans


Names: Dixie
Age: 4 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Singapore Special
Personality: Very quiet and good with dogs and kids. Perfect on leash and will walk beside handler. Has separation anxiety and needs dogs/humans to keep her company. HDB approved under Project Adore.

To find out more about Maggie and Dixie, please visit the Exclusively Mongrel's Facebook or get in touch with them at 97890569