Pet Adoption Friday: Sora and Theodore from SOSD Singapore


Name: Sora
Age: 6 months old
Sex: Female
Breed: Mongrel
Personality: Sora gets along well with children and dogs. She is learning the boundaries at home, and to pee on papers. She is very active and energetic. Food is her biggest strength and weakness; she will do anything for it. This makes her relatively easy to train as you can get her attention, even with a small piece of treat. Sora is HDB approved!


Name: Theodore
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Mongrel
Personality: Theodore is a big and friendly boy, always wagging his butt... Er, we mean tail in glee whenever he sees humans coming his way. He is highly affectionate, and loves giving kisses to any humans he meets! Theodore has been with us for a tad too long now and we really wonder why this boy hasn't found his forever home yet, because he is just so sweet!

If you're interested in either Sora or Theodore, please fill up the adoption form and SOSD Singapore will get in touch with soon.

Pet Care Tips: What to consider before getting a rabbit

It's the beginning of 2016 and you feel like having a rabbit join your family - but wait! Are you really ready? Watch this video to find out. It'll be best to start volunteering with a rabbit rescue group and/or read more before getting a rabbit, or basically, any pet.

A pet is a lifetime commitment.

Beat the Monday Blues: Welcome back, Gizmo!

Here's a lost-and-found story to start off your week. Gizmo the cat wandered out of the house in 2005 and was only reunited with his family a decade later!

Find out what led him home in this week's Beat the Monday Blues!

Thanks to the microchip that was implanted in him, Gizmo's owners could be traced and he now gets to live with them again.

Pet Adoption Friday: Bradley from Noah's Ark CARES


Name: Bradley
Sex: Male
Age: 7 months old
Sterilised: Yes
HDB-approved: No
Personality: Active and affectionate

If you wish to adopt Bradley, please send your message to Ms Madeline Chia at 9270 8612. Interested adopters under the age of 21 must get a parent/guardian to contact Noah's Ark CARES.

Pet Care Tips: How to pet your pet

Most of us know that dogs love getting their bellies rub. But when apply the same method to most cats, we are likely going to get ourselves scratched. So where does your pet like to be petted? Today's video shows us where these places are. The bits at the latter part of the videos are really just for laughs.

Beat the Monday Blues: Reading with pets

Reading to a pet can be therapeutic for both humans and pets. It's also a lot of fun!
Just watch this video of children reading to dogs at a shelter in Missouri, USA!

If you are thinking of a way to give back this holiday as a family with young kids, this is one you can consider. Contact a local animal welfare group to find out if you can volunteer some time to read to the pets with your kids. (:

Pet Adoption Friday: Kuhlbear Blessing and Bravo Blessing from MercyLight

Kuhlbear Blessing

Name: Kuhlbear Blessing
Age: 5 years and 2 months old
Sex: Male
Breed: Mongrel
Sterilised: Yes

A very calm and cool dog, Kuhlbear Blessing enjoys car rides and going for walks.


Name: Bravo Blessing
Age: 5 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Mongrel
Sterilised: Yes

Bravo Blessing is an expressive and affectionate dog who loves water, sea and baths!

If you wish to adopt Kuhlbear Blessing or Bravo Blessing, please fill out the adoption form here.

Pet Care Tips: What is a microchip?

The microchip is not really a new invention anymore but a lot of people are still not aware what it is. If you don't register your pet's microchip somewhere, you are never going to be able to trace him back if he goes missing.

Remember, if you have a dog in Singapore, he must be microchipped and licensed with the AVA.

Beat the Monday Blues: The miraculous discovery

Frozen in the snow, it felt almost impossible that Lazarus the kitten would make it to see another day. Miracles happen and lucky for him, he was blessed with another chance at life.

Check out this heartwarming clip that would probably leave you shedding a tear or two.

It is heartening to know that Lazarus is now living safe and sound with his new family.


Curious to know how Lazarus has been doing? Check out this video update of him from December!

Pet Adoption Friday: Maize and Ginger from House Rabbit Society Singapore

Maize & Ginger

Name: Maize & Ginger
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Holland Lop

Sisters Maize and Ginger may look similar but their personalities are very different. Maize is outgoing and more adventurous whereas Ginger is shy and timid. She follows her sister around so she feels safe. This pair is inseparable and they need to be adopted together.

If you would like to find out more, please email Ms Betty Tan at or visit House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS) website or Facebook page.

Pet Care Tips: Every cat needs a cat home

Besides the usual scratching posts and feather toys, what else do you have for your pet cat? How about designing/incorporating elevated platforms to meet your cats' natural instincts (of climbing and hiding)? See what this house has done for their 15 cats and get some inspirations!

Beat the Monday Blues: Meet Maximus – Your Pet, Your Back-up Singer

Fancy a duet partner? Look no further than Maximus, the German Shepherd. This talented boy is always ready and more than happy to harmonize with you during your next crooning session. Need further proof, catch him in action in today's video!

Howling is a form of vocal communication. In this instance, we are guessing Maximus enjoys singing along with his owner. That’s a sign of affection. (: