Pet Care Tips: How to tame a chinchilla?

Chinchillas are a type of rodent and very cute ones. They are very agile and a little skittish, at first. How do you build a relationship with your new friend? Let's watch this video for some ideas.

Beat the Monday Blues: All your pets want for Christmas is...

Christmas may be over but we are in still in a festive mood! All these years, you think you know what your pets want for Christmas. Watch this funny clip to know exactly what they really want.

Well, you heard it straight from them. They don't need expensive gifts (nor costumes of any sorts!). All they want is your love and affection to get them through their year (and the rest of their lives).

Pet Care Tips: Do pet birds lay eggs?

Have you ever wondered about this? Well, if you have a female bird, she just may pop one for you someday! Today's video talks a little about egg binding, which occurs most often in smaller birds like canaries, lovebirds, cockatiels and budgies. Egg binding can be a serious problem and is considered an emergency.

Beat the Monday Blues: Pets are not Christmas gifts

Christmas is right around the corner and you're scratching your head trying to get the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Whatever you choose to get, just make sure that a living thing is not one of them.

A pet is a lifetime commitment. Here are some things you have to consider first before you get yourself a pet: Before Getting A Pet.

Alternatively, consider blessing a Christmas gift (or two) to your preferred animal welfare group!

Pet Adoption Friday: Rain & Chase from Exclusively Mongrels


Name: Rain
Age: 6 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Cross Breed
HDB Approved: Yes

After close to two weeks with our fosterer, we've had a better understanding of Rain's temperament: she's endearing, mild mannered, calm, doesn't pull on leash, rarely bark and is a sweet lady of 6 years. She's slightly anaemic but nothing a diet rich in iron can't help. Otherwise, she's got the all clear from the vet. Rain is microchipped, vaccinated and is HDB approved under Project Adore.

If you'd like to have a private session with Rain to interact with her, please drop us a PM on Exclusively Mongrels' Facebook Page or text to 97890569.


Name: Chase
Age: 4.5 years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Cross Breed
HDB Approved: No

Chase is a great dog, gets along well with other dogs, young children, and is low maintenance. All he asks for is a place for him to call home and he'll be extremely grateful, as will we. Chase is fully vaccinated, neutered and healthy. Give this boy a chance, you will not regret it.

Chase really needs a home to go to. If you're able to adopt him, contact us. If you can't, please help us get the message out to find him a home soon. please drop us a PM on Exclusively Mongrels' Facebook Page or text to 97890569 if you'd like to consider Chase seriously.

Be The Difference, Adopt.

Pet Care Tips: How to clean a rabbit's scent glands?

Rabbits are clean animals but what if your rabbit happens to not be as fastidious about cleaning his scent gland? You may need to come in to offer a little help! This video will come in useful for you.

Beat the Monday Blues: No more tumbling for Tumbles!

Aah... the wonders of technology! See how Tumbles the puppy learns to walk like a normal dog, thanks to a wheelchair that was custom-made using 3D-printing technology!

As far as possible, pets with mobility problems should be given support to help ease their discomfort and make life a lot more comfortable for them.

Pet Adoption Friday: Suzuki and Porthos from Causes for Animals Singapore


Name: Suzuki
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Cross Breed

Suzuki is an independent dog. She is fully outdoor trained and excellent on leash. She is great with other pets!


Name: Porthos
Age: 4 months old
Sex: Male
Breed: Cross Breed

Porthos is an affectionate and loving pup. He is great with all people and pets. If you are looking for a calm steady puppy, Porthos would be an awesome addition!

If you wish to adopt Suzuki or Porthos, please send an email to

Pet Care Tips: Get your cat tested for FeLV and FIV

If you've recently adopted a community (stray) cat, we would highly recommend that you bring him to the vet for the Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) tests.

These viruses DO NOT transmit to people; so please don't worry. However, if you have other cats at home, they may be infected by a FeLV or FIV-positive cat.

Your vet will be able to share more with you on the viruses and the care required if your cat is tested positive.

Adopting a community animal is a kind act and we say, "thank you!"

Beat the Monday Blues: Eating #likeaboss...

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Take it from this doggy right here!

It must have taken lots of practice and effort on the owner's part to train the dog to 'act' with him. If you're thinking of feeding bananas to your dog, you can but only do it in moderation as they are high in sugar.

Pet Adoption Friday: Wynn and Belle from Cat Welfare Society


Name: Wynn
Age: 6 years and 5 months old
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: White

Wynn used to live with an old lady who loved him very much. Sadly, he had to be given up as his owner was getting old and not able to care for him. During the time they were together, he would keep the lady company by sharing the same bed with her. This fella is all set and ready for a new home.

If you wish to adopt Wynn, please send an email to or click here for more information.


Name: Belle
Age: 1 year old
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour Black
Sterilised: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Dewormed: Yes

Belle was rescued from a high risk area. She enjoys toys that move and gets along with other cats.

Adoption criteria and screening applies.

If you wish to adopt Belle, please contact Snowy Tan at 9620 9976.

Pet Care Tips: What is Heartworm Disease?

What is Heartworm Disease and why is it important to take prevention against it for your dog? This very easy-to-understand video should persuade you to bring your dog to the vet as soon as you finish watching it.