Beat the Monday Blues: Right here waiting for you

A woman was killed in an accident while walking her dog, Poco. Although her body was eventually removed, Poco continued sitting patiently at the accident site, hoping for the return of his owner.

It is clear that Poco and his owner had a really special bond prior to this tragic event. Pets have feelings too and they know it when you spend a lot of time with your pet and shower him with lots of love.

Pet Adoption Friday: Sparrow and Ginger from Agency for Animal Welfare


Name: Sparrow
Age: 4 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Local

Sparrow was found in a drain when she was just a few weeks old. She became an orphan when her mother was killed by a dog. Today, Sparrow is a very friendly and intelligent girl. If she knows you well enough, she may even start having "cat-versations" with you!


Name: Ginger
Age: 4 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Local
Toilet-trained: Yes

Ginger was abandoned in a carton box outside a school gate when she was just a baby. Independent and friendly, she gets along with other cats as long as they don't bully her.

This is their second time being featured in our Pet Adoption Friday column. Both Sparrow and Ginger are still longing for a new home. If you wish to adopt any of them, please send an email to or visit Agency for Animal Welfare (AAW)'s Facebook page.

Join us at the HomeTeamNS Pet Adoption Carnival this Sunday! See you!

Home Team NS Pet Adoption Carnival 2015

Home Team NS Pet Adoption Carnival 2015

Pet Care Tips: How to teach a cat to walk on leash

All cats love to go outside for a roam. But free-roaming is irresponsible and may injure your pet cat. How about training her to walk on a harness and leash?

Beat the Monday Blues: Love from a different kind

She made headlines in 1984 by being the first animal in the world to adopt other animals. Now at 44-years-old, Koko the gorilla has once more been given the chance to show off her pet parenting skills with some cute kittens!

It is not every day that we hear news about animals looking after other animals. While Koko is not able to provide all that the kittens need, she makes sure that the kittens feel safe for as long as they are with her.

Pet Adoption Friday: Dee Dee and Hearts from Animal Lovers League

Dee Dee

Name: Dee Dee
Age: 6 months old
Sex: Female
Sterilised: Yes


Name: Hearts
Age: 6 months old
Sex: Male
Sterilised: Not yet
HDB-Approved: Too young to tell

Both Dee Dee and Hearts are looking for new homes they can call forever. If you wish to adopt them, write in to Animal Lovers League(ALL) at

Alternatively, you may also send them a private message at ALL's official Facebook page.

Pet Care Tips: Resource guarding in dogs

Think it's fun to take away your dog's precious toy? Put yourself in his shoes and think again. Resource guarding can be dangerous for people living/coming near the dog. This simple analogy helps you understand what resource guarding is and how to motivate a dog not to guard. If your dog resource-guards, we highly recommend you get in touch with a trainer

Beat the Monday Blues: A dog's bucket list

When a man learnt that his dog did not have much time left to live, he decided to make every single moment count. What better way than to take his dog, Poh, on an adventure!

What Poh's owner is doing for him is truly touching. It describes how a dog is really a man's best friend.
If you want to follow's Poh on his adventures, be sure to follow him on Instagram

Pet Adoption Friday: Sinbad and Sabrina from Action for Singapore Dogs


Name: Sinbad
Age: 3 months old
Sex: Male


Name: Sabrina
Age: 3 months old
Sex: Male

Sinbad and Sabrina are from a litter of 5 puppies born to a stray mother living in the forests of Seletar. Their 3 other siblings have found furever homes.

Both puppies are very comfortable with people and love cuddles. They are not overly active but are very playful when they are together.

For adoption queries, please contact Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) at 6100 2737 or
send an email to

Pet Care Tips: What not to feed your chinchilla

Although wild chinchillas may consume bugs and insects, domesticated ones are mainly herbivorous. Feeding them the wrong food can cause them a painful death. Find out what they cannot eat in today's Pet Care Tips.

Beat the Monday Blues: The great kitten rescue!

Imagine being a kitten who is stuck underneath a huge boat, holding on to your dear life as you hope to be rescued. The kitten in today's video was eventually rescued by a heroic onlooker and he was brought to safety.

It must have been a tormenting experience for the kitten. Towards the end of the video, we could see how the man held the kitten very close to him. Not only was he providing him warmth, he was also showing care and affection for the kitten. If you have a pet, let them know how much you love them.

Pet Adoption Friday: Dale and Charlie from SoSD Singapore


Name: Dale
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Singapore Special

The friendliest and calmest of the lot from the last kampong in Singapore, Lorong Buangkok, Dale quickly warmed up to the volunteers and responded well to the leash. Easy-going boy who would do well in a family with children or old folks alike.


Name: Charlie
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Singapore Special

Charlie came to SoSD with a huge maggot wound. Despite the pain that he was in, this brave boy did not flinch every time the volunteers tended to his wound. Charlie walks with a limp which could be due to an old injury he had. Though a lot has happened in his life, the boy is positive, cheerful, and most of all, loving.

If you wish to adopt Dale or Charlie, please contact SoSD Singapore at

Pet Care Tips: Toys and fun things for rabbits

Rabbits may not vocalise but they're certainly not boring creatures. In fact, they love to play just as much as cats and dogs. What are some fun things you can include in their playpen to keep them occupied?

Beat the Monday Blues: Come fly with cat!

This is probably a first of its kind. And no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Just click on the play button...

Make sure you do a proper check before starting your vehicle. For example, cats like to keep themselves warm in car engines. They can be crushed to death if nobody know they are hiding inside.

Have a good start to the week!