Pet Adoption Friday: Wells and Tic Tac from SPCA Singapore


Name: Wells
Age: 4 Years and 11 Months old
Sex: Male
Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Tan/White
HDB-approved: Yes

Life in a shelter can be pretty mundane for a grown boy like Wells. Everyday, he looks forward to two things - going for a walk and returning to curl up in his bed! Wells learns well (no pun intended) when situations or challenges are turned into games - this was how he overcame his fear of climbing overhead bridges. He may be a little harder to please when it comes to food, but once you find out what appeals to him, you will find him clamouring for more! Being slightly smaller than most Singapore Specials, Project Adore has given Wells a better shot at finding a place to call home, and should be seriously considered by HDB-owners looking to adopt a dog.

Wells is available under Project ADORE.

Tic Tac

Name: Tic Tac
Age: 4 Years and 9 Months old
Sex: Female
Breed: Local
Colour: Tabby/White

So very gentle and sweet, Tic Tac is an ultra sweetheart. This delightful cat mews in the softest way. Meek and mild, she will make a lovely pet for calm older children.

If you wish to adopt Wells or Tic Tac, visit them at SPCA's shelter during their opening hours:

Viewing Hours:

- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - 10.00am to 4.00pm
- Sunday and Public Holidays (PH) - 11.00am to 3.30pm
- Thursday - Closed (unless it is a Public Holiday)
- On the eve of Chinese New Year, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the shelter, administration office and clinic will close at 12.30pm. The reception will remain open
- As the process of adoption takes at least half an hour, SPCA is unable to process any adoption within 30 minutes to the stated closing time for that day.

Interested parties can also call 6287 5355 ext. 24 (during opening hours) to check if the animals featured are available for adoption (this is because the animals featured may have been adopted by the time the post is published).

Do also visit SPCA's website and Official Facebook page!

Jackson Galaxy: 6 Things Your Cat is Saying to You

See a swishing tail and think the cat is excited to see you? You're so wrong. A cat's behaviour is rather different from that of a dog. Here's 6 common behaviours you often see in cats but perhaps never really knew what they mean.

Jackson Galaxy is coming to Singapore this Satuday, 1 August at the Star Vista. AVA is proud to be a supporter of this event to promote responsible cat ownership. We will be setting up our education booth and children's corner at the event. Cat Welfare Society will also be there with their cats who are up for adoption.

The "My Cat From Hell" star will be making stage appearance at 2pm and 6pm at Star Vista this Saturday. Come on down to meet the cat listener in person!

Jackson Galaxy

Beat the Monday Blues: Things we can learn from dogs

The heartwarming video we have for you today will show you a perspective that you might have missed when life seems to be going downhill. Our dear doggy friends are going to show us how much life is worth living for.

Having a pet has a lot of benefits. They don't just provide companionship, but they teach us the positivity of life too. Treat them with care and shower them with lots of love.

Pet Adoption Friday: Autumn and Wanda from SoSD Singapore


Name: Autumn
Age: 5 Months old
Sex: Female
Breed: Mongrel/ Singapore Special
HDB-approved: Unknown

Autumn is an intelligent girl who has mastered basic commands such as "sit" and "paw" in just a week. Being an active pup, she gets excited easily and tends to jump on people for attention. She is both paper and grass-trained. She is very affectionate to humans and gets along well with other dogs. As she is in her teething stage, she tends to nip her humans on their hands, legs and ankles. But overall, she will make a lovely pet to a loving family.

Adoption contact details
Interested parties can fill up this form-


Name: Wanda
Age: 7 Months old
Sex: Female
Breed: Mongrel/ Singapore Special
HDB-approved: Yes

Shy and reserved at first, Wanda warms up pretty fast once she's more comfortable. She shows affection by following her humans around the house, lying down by their side and showering them with occasional licks. Unlike a typical puppy, she doesn't crave for much attention from her humans. Although her energy level is quite low, she loves going for walks! At times, she needs her personal space. Wanda is paper-trained and is rather independent. You can definitely trust her with your house when no one's home as she is such a good girl.

To find out more about Autumn or Wanda, please fill in the adoption form here. Do also visit SoSD Singapore's website and Official Facebook page.

Jackson Galaxy: Set Up Your Cat's Litter Box for Success

For some cats, having just one cat litter seems to do the trick. But for others, past bad experiences and an insecure personality may require you to put in more work on his litter business. Find out how you can soothe the issue of litter problems with today's video.

Jackson Galaxy is coming to Singapore on Satuday, 1 August at the Star Vista. AVA is proud to be a supporter of this event to promote responsible cat ownership. We will be setting up our education booth and children's corner at the event. Cat Welfare Society will also be there with their cats who are up for adoption.

The "My Cat From Hell" star will be making stage appearance at 2pm and 6pm. If you want to win meet & greet passes and take photos alongside Jackson Galaxy, take part in this contest now!

Jackson Galaxy

Beat the Monday Blues: If cats can do it, what's your excuse?

Are you one of those who constantly tell yourself that you will start working out next week but end up not doing anything? Hopefully, the video you are about to see would inspire you to start working out!

Pets do need enrichment like play and exercise to keep them occupied and of course, healthy! A healthy diet is important as well. You may speak to your pet's vet to get recommendations on suitable food for your pet.

Pet Care Tips: The sounds of a guinea pig

Wheek! Guinea pigs are super adorable and make us go gaga and squealing like one of them whenever we meet one. Watch this video to find out the range of sounds they actually produce and what they mean!

Beat the Monday Blues: And the best employee award goes to…Heidi, the English Sheepdog!

After 12 years of providing stress relief services to staff, it is time for Heidi the English Sheepdog to celebrate her retirement.

Pets are known to be good companions and their companionship has been proven to help their owners relieve stress. If you are not ready to be a pet owner, there are other ways you can interact with pets. You can spend time with the animals at the shelters helping out with your friend's pets.

Pet Adoption Friday: Psy from Noah's Ark CARES


Name: Psy
Age: 2 years and 10 months old
Sex: Male
Breed: Singapore Special
Good with Children: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
HDB Approved: Yes

Psy was at this year's The Pawfect Match - An 'I Adopt...Love' Adoption Drive by AVA @ Pet Expo event hoping to find a suitable life companion. Many saw him and they loved him for having an active, playful and sweet personality. However, he longs for a permanent place he can call home. Please consider giving him a place in your home (and your heart) if you are able to.

To find out more about Psy, please send your email to or visit Noah's Ark CARES' Official Facebook page.

Pet Care Tips: How to brush your dog's teeth

Hands up if you're one of those dog parents who has never been able to successfully brush your pet's teeth! This short video makes brushing your teeth seems so convincingly easy... there's no reason not to try again!

Beat the Monday Blues: Bebe be good!

We start off this week with a beautiful story of Bebe the cat. This special kitty was diagnosed with the Manx Syndrome from birth which affects his ability to control his bowels. Fosterers thought he was going to spend his life in the shelter but thanks to the internet, he eventually found his owner. Get ready to be teary-eyed.

When a pet is disabled, it does not make him any less special. He may require more care and attention but that makes the bonding between owner and pet even stronger. If you're thinking of getting a pet, consider adoption first.

It's random but we love those cute little diapers. (:

Pet Adoption Friday: Clement and Cottontail from House Rabbit Society Singapore


Name: Clement
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Local

Clement is an active and easygoing boy. He enjoys the companionship of a loving and gentle rabbit parent.

Cotton tail

Name: Cottontail
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 years old
Breed: Angora & Dwarf Mix

Personality: Active and very easygoing. His long fluffy fur will need regular brushing and loving.

To find out more about Clement or Cottontail, please email Ms Betty Tan at or visit House Rabbit Society Singapore's Official Facebook page.