Pet Adoption Friday: Larkin from Action for Singapore Dogs

Name: Larkin
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Local cross breed
Sterilised: Yes
HDB-approved: Yes (under the Project ADORE scheme)

Larkin is a sweet and calm boy who is good with both humans and other dogs. He is very affectionate too!

If you wish to adopt Larkin, please send an email to Action For Singapore Dogs (ASD) at

Pet Care Tips: Post-operative care for a sterilised pet

Give yourself a pat if you've decided to sterilise your pet (it rhymes!). There are lots more benefits to a sterilised pet than one without as we learnt from last week's video.

As with every surgery, there will be a recovery period. During this time, how should you care for your pet? We hope today's video will be useful in sharing this information with you.

Beat the Monday Blues: Bathtime with doggy!

Last week, we showed you our kitty pals and their antics as they attempted to take a bath. Today, we turn the spotlight on to the dogs, this particular dog, in fact. Don't say we didn't warn you but you're in for a good giggle!

Every pet owner wants the best for their pets. When dogs are out for their walks, they are exposed to germs around them which may cause infection or diseases. By giving your dog a bath, you're not only helping to keep them clean, but healthy as well!

Pet Adoption Friday: Valentine and Bliss from Voices For Animals

Name: Valentine
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years old
Breed: Shih Tzu

Valentine is a very sweet and gentle girl who hopes for a caring owner who will love her for life.

Name: Bliss
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years old
Breed: Chow Chow
HDB-approved: No

Bliss walks well on leash and is very responsive. Despite being larger in size, this girl enjoy feeling small (like a Chihuahua). Her favourite pastime? To sit on your lap.

If you wish to adopt Valentine or Bliss, please send an email to Voices For Animals (VFA) at

Pet Care Tips: Why you should sterilise your pet

There are a lot of misconceptions about the sterilisation of pets - the animal is going to get fatter, less fun... Some people feel it would be such a joy to see their beloved pets have their own 'family' and that they would share the same happiness.

Sorry to disappoint you but animals don't really need to start families. Moreover, where can the babies go if there are no responsible humans who are willing to take care of them?

Lastly, an unsterilized pet risks getting more critical illnesses such as cancers of the reproductive organs.

We highly encourage that you sterilise your pet. If you have further concerns, please get in touch with your pet's vet to find out more.

Beat the Monday Blues: Bathtime with kitty!

We often hear how cats hates water and trying to bathe them can be such nightmares! Today, we bring you a compilation video of cats who, interestingly, adore being in water!

Part of grooming involves giving pets a bath. Just make sure that the water temperature is not too cold for the cat and blow dry them well after that. As cats are natural groomers (they lick themselves), they don't require as frequent a bath as the dogs. Remember, a pet's hygiene is as important as ours.

Pet Adoption Friday: Rover and Sweets from SPCA Singapore

Name: Rover
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Cross Breed
Colour: Brown/Tan
HDB-approved: Yes

Rover is an energetic boy who loves to go on his walks. He's currently learning good manners to be calm and polite while interacting with humans and is showing progress. A vocal boy, Rover barks to tell you what he wants. Rover is not picky with food and will give his utmost attention to you during training when food is used. Also, give him a bone and he will be super happy and contented! This bubbly boy would like a human buddy to play with him and pet him. Give him a good rub on his neck and back and he will reciprocate with tons of love!

Name: Sweets
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old
Colour: Black/White

This kitty is quite independent and is looking for a home with experienced cat owners who can understand the feline personality. Sweets is a loner who is best in a one-cat home. Very pretty, her black and white coat will complement a warm, loving home!

If you wish to adopt Rover or Sweets, do visit them at SPCA's shelter during their opening hours:

Viewing Hours
- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - 10.00am to 4.00pm
- Sunday and Public Holidays (PH) - 11.00am to 3.30pm
- Thursday - Closed (unless it is a Public Holiday)
- On the eve of Chinese New Year, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the shelter, administration office and clinic will close at 12.30pm. The reception will remain open
- As the process of adoption takes at least half an hour, SPCA is unable to process any adoption within 30 minutes to the stated closing time for that day.

Interested parties can also call 6287 5355 ext. 24 (during our opening hours) to check if the animals featured are available for adoption (this is because the animals featured may have been adopted by the time the post is published).

For more information, visit SPCA on their website and SPCA Singapore (Facebook).

Pet Care Tips: How to give medication to a rabbit

It's painful to watch when your pet is unwell. It can also be a nightmare trying to feed your pet his medication. How do you actually offer liquid medication to your rabbit? This very useful video shows you just how.

You know what we think? Stay calm and give Bun-Bun his medication. You can do it.

Beat the Monday Blues: The Dancing Dog

What? A dancing dog? Absolutely! Check out this remarkable dog who has got the 'dancing paws' and his perfect steps may just put some of us to shame.

Training a pet requires a lot of commitment. Through training, your pet may surprise you with talents that you never knew he is capable of. Training is also a good form of bonding between the owner and the pet.

The incredible hamster cheek pouches

Possibly the first ever, you get to see a motion x-ray of a hamster stuffing food into his incredible cheek pouches. To keep the food fresh, the hamster does not secrete saliva while stuffing.

It is important to note that you should not be giving your hamster any food that is sharp and overly sticky that may cause injury and damage to their cheek pouches.

Beat the Monday Blues: Sitting is for the weak!

Like us, pets need water to hydrate themselves and wash down their food. Although cats typically don't drink a lot of water, the way this cat drinks his water really caught our fancy. Click on the 'play' button and you'll understand what we mean...

Not a common sight to see but this video shows that cats, like all pets can have personalities. If he was trained, the time spent by his owner has definitely paid off. Or if he is naturally this amusing, then this has got to be one funny cat.