Pet Adoption Friday: Shabu Shabu and Bagel from Humane Society (Singapore)

Shabu ShabuName: Shabu Shabu
Sex: Male
Breed: Shiba Inu
Age: 1 year old
Size (Full Grown): Medium (Not HDB approved)
Good with other dogs: Yes
Health: Slight skin irritation
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Sterilized: Not yet
Personality: Jovial

"I was from a breeding farm and was given up by the breeder. When it comes to walks, I am always the first in line. Ready to welcome this sunshine into your house?"


Name: Bagel
Breed: Beagle
Age: 2 years old
Size (Full Grown): Medium (Not HDB approved)
Good with other dogs: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Sterilized: Not yet
Personality: Outgoing and easy-going but prefers to be the only dog at home.

"I was from a breeding farm and was given up by the breeder. Like a bagel, I go well with everything and anything."

Bagel and Shabu Shabu can be adopted separately. If you wish to find out more about them, please email Ms Judie Chang at or call the Humane Society (Singapore) hotline at 6583 7371/ 6583 7372.

More information is available at Humane Society (Singapore)'s Official Facebook page.

Adoption Drive: Exclusively Mongrels, Orchard Central, 18 October, Saturday


Have you adopted yet? If you and your family are looking for a Singapore Special, you need to head down to Orchard Central this Saturday (12pm to 4pm)!

Pet Care Tips: 7 Tips: How to choose an Arowana

arowana -AroFarMeR- via Compfight cc

The Arowana fish is probably the most majestic of all pet fish. They grow to impressive lengths and their scales shimmer brightly, adding on to their royalty.

This scaly pet is not exactly a fish for novice. On top of that, they tend to be pricey if not exorbitant. So, remember to do your research carefully before getting one.

We picked out seven things to look for when choosing an Arowana. We recommend you speak to the experts further before getting your Arowana.

Asian Arowana - Arowana Valley

Swimming Posture
- Should be swimming effortlessly
- Turning is smooth and graceful
- Body is horizontally-leveled
- Head should be very still with tail giving the fish its propulsion

Tail and Pectoral Fins
- Caudal Fin should spread open
- Pectoral fins should be spread widely
- Fin colour must be dark when you look directly at them (may be pale in juvenile fish)

- Should be straight and forward pointing
- Of equal length
- No damage of whiskers

- Clear
- Should not stick out too far from head and should not be sunken
- Should be proportionate to body

Body Shape
- Broad and deep with pointed head
- Slight incline between head and back

- Scales are large and well-defined
- Should be straight and well aligned to body

Gill Cover
- Should be flat to body
- Circular in shape
- Make sure fish is breathing correctly

Resources: Arowana Valley

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Beat the Monday Blues: The Gerbil Express!

Ever seen a gerbil go on a train ride? Here's one to choo-choo-chase those Monday blues away!

( train breakdowns for this lucky gerbil)

Gerbils are social, interactive and inquisitive by nature. Playtime is a must to keep these critters occupied. Check out our past issue of Pet Care Tips: Play with your gerbils for other playtime ideas that you may want to try (:

Adoption Drive: Torte Cafe, 12 October

Has your family been thinking of opening your home to a rescued pooch? If it's the case, you need to head down to the adoption drive organised by Exclusively Mongrels this Sunday!

There's going to loads of Singapore Specials dogs, from adorable puppies to sensible adults, for you and your family to connect with.

Adopting a pet is a meaningful affair. Embark on yours with Exclusively Mongrels if the family is ready. ( :


Pet Adoption Friday: Princess and Espresso from House Rabbit Society Singapore

This week, we have two beautiful rabbits from House Rabbit Society Singapore who are in search of fur-ever homes!


Name: Princess
Sex: Female
Age: Almost 2 years old
Breed: Local


Name: Espresso
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Local

If you wish to more about these cuties, please send an email to

For more information, visit and 'Like' their' Facebook page.

Pet Care Tips: Getting your bird to perch on your finger

In the last Pet Care Tips on birds, we shared a video on how you can pick a more suitable bird if you're a beginner in this field. This time around, we have another easy-to-understand video to show you how you can up the relationship ante and get your bird to perch on your finger! This is especially useful if you want to bring your bird out without the cage.

Before this step, you need to ensure your bird's wings are clipped so he will not fly too far away from you. This is best left to the avian-trained vet, so give your vet a holler soon if you haven't already.

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Beat the Monday Blues: Cause the doggies gonna play, play, play, play, play...

In case you missed the news, we recently launched the 6th Dog Run Park in Sembawang! Check out Mr Khaw Boon Wan - Minister for National Development's blog for more details! A dog run park is a place where doggies can run and play freely within a confined space. Otherwise, dogs do need to be leashed in public at all times.

And to show you just how much dogs all around the world love the idea of the dog run, here's a clip of a Husky who just does not want to go home after an afternoon of playtime with his doggy friends.

This public holiday, why don't spend some time with your dog at a dog run park close to you. Allowing your dog to socialise with other people and dogs helps with his obedience.

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[Event Info] National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop 2014

We're so happy that we're going to be there! See you!

NGC FPS 2014_EVENT LAYOUT NGC FPS 2014_Programme_4 Oct NGC FPS 2014_Programme_5 Oct

Pet Adoption Friday: Mr. Bon and Jewel from Cat Welfare Society

For this week's Pet Adoption Friday, we have two Puss-in-Boots looking kitties looking for homes! If you have room for one/one more, check them out and get in touch with CWS!

Mr Bon

Name: Mr. Bon
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Domestic Short Hair

*To be adopted as the only cat in the house


Name: Jewel
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Domestic Short Hair

If you wish to know more about:
- Mr Bon, contact Nebisa @ 9028 6819
- Jewel, contact Jo - Lin @ 9796 0604

Pet Care Tips: Your RES' shell needs cleaning too!


Just like a dog that needs a shower every week, your pet terrapin can benefit greatly from a clean shell too!

- Only use water! Please do not add any soap or detergent as they're poisonous to your terrapin
- Please use a dedicated tub for your terrapin to reduce any possible cross contamination of salmonella.