Beat the Monday Blues: Cat and Dolphins unite!

A cat and a dolphin meet for the first time. Sounds like a classic tale? Watch today's video to see the start of and epic friendship. (:

There's no wonder why novelist George Eliot said this, "Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms."

Go hug your pet, now and say a big "I love you". : D

#spcaavawad2014 Pet Care Showcase – The Kitchen, Corridor and Void Deck

We're super excited that the SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day 2014 is just ONE DAY away! If you wish to know more about this event, please remember to visit our Facebook Event Page.

In the earlier blogs, we've shared with you that there's going to be this really interesting and interactive Pet Care Showcase at the United Square basement atrium this weekend. It's a mock-up of an apartment and the neighbourhood. There, you'll be able to learn more about pet care and today, we're going to look at the remaining places at the Pet Care Showcase.

BUT! Before we do, let us share with you the benefits of going through the rooms. If you complete the activity sheet at our event this weekend (fill in the answers), you will walk away with very attractive event goody bags! There's the event signature drawstring bag and portable pet bowl, AVA collaterals, PETS magazine, vouchers from our sponsors and more!

IMG-20140925-WA0010 IMG-20140925-WA0008

This is THE place where scrumptious meals are prepared for the family. It should not be any different for our pets! A healthy, balanced diet is so crucial to the wellbeing of your pet. Additionally, there are some foods/ingredients that are poisonous to animals. Do you know what they are? All these and more, you can find them in this room.


The corridor is a common shared place, it's not yours and yours alone! Please do not allow your pet to play around here. On another note, this is an unsuitable place to keep your pet because the poor animal gets subjected to the weather without the best shelter (that's your home!).


Void Deck
The place you never miss when you make your way home! Besides caring for your pets, it's important to be a considerate neighbour as well. Your dog should never pee/poo and just walk away from it - or at least not you! Cleaning up is the gracious thing to do. Also, letting your pet stray is never a good idea. Besides becoming a potential nuisance, your pet also runs (pun intended) the risk of going missing!

Void Deck

Pet Adoption Friday: Meet the adoptees at #spcaavawad2014!

If you are ready to take on the responsibilities of being a pet owner, why not consider adopting a rescued animal? Meet some of the adoptables at the SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day 2014 event this weekend whose sole wish is to find a furever loving home!

Here are some of the cuties from SPCA that you will get to meet...

Boyboy - Hamster_LR

Name: Boyboy
Age: 8 months old
Sex: Male
Breed: Winter White
Colour: Grey/White

Boyboy was surrendered by his owner and is now up for adoption. Take home this lovely and active boy, He's fun, inquisitive and very charming. Boyboy and his other hamster friends will all be at the event!

Atlas - Guinea Pig_LR

Name: Atlas
Age: 8 months old
Sex: Male
Breed: Abyssinian
Colour: Tortoiseshell

Atlas is one of four guinea pigs who were surrendered at the SPCA after their owner could no longer take care of them. They are now all looking for new homes to go to where their new owners can take care of them for life.

Yumyum - Cat_LR

Name: Yum Yum
Age: 3 months old
Sex: Male
Colour:Tabby White

Yum Yum is looking for a new home to go to. This little boy is on the shy side but is also incredibly inquisitive. He'll make a wonderfully active cat in the future but for now, this little guy has a lot of growing up to do. Take a chance on Yum Yum.


The siblings are each

- 4 months old
- Cross Breed
- Brown in colour
- Not HDB-approved

Laksa, Pudding and Sushi were found wandering around a construction site. They take a little more time to get to know you but with a little bit of patience, they will make great and loyal companions.

There are also pets from the other animal welfare groups that are looking for furever homes. We have dedicated a special video presentation for them at the event (:

Pet Care Tips: Striking a friendship with your new chinchilla


After scouring the net and relishing every morsel of information you can get on chinchilla care, you are certain you fit the mould of the perfect chinchilla owner. And, you brought your first chinchilla home.

Now, as information would have told you, the chinchilla is an energetic critter that loves human interaction. However, it has to be introduced properly and never rushed.

We would not be surprised if you've seen this video too. But we thought it'll still be helpful to share this with everyone else on Pet Central in case, they too, are thinking whether a chinchilla is a suitable pet for them.

Cheers to 15 years of fabulous friendship and more!

#spcaavawad2014 Pet Care Showcase - The Living Room, Bathroom and Clothes Rack

Last week, we let you in on two of the rooms at our Pet Care Showcase. Click here if you missed that article! Today, we will reveal 3 more rooms around the house just for you! Here we go!

Living Room

Many of us would associate this area as one that is fun for the whole family to gather and catch up for the day. Don't let your pet feel left out or neglected! The living room is where you can spend time with your pet while playing toys with him. However, please be sure that your windows are meshed otherwise kitty may try to jump out and hurt himself.

Living Room

In the Bathroom

Be sure to practise good hygiene! Be it protecting yourself or your pets, one can never be too careless about hygiene. You do not want to transfer diseases to them and vice versa.


On the Clothes Rack

These "T-shirts" are not just funky, they're filled with meaningful messages! They will be screaming out for attention right outside the house.

Clothes Rack

We would like to thank our sponsor Hill's Pet Nutrition (for Pet Food) and KC & Watson (FE) Pte Ltd (for Pet Accessories) for sponsoring our Pet Care Showcase.


Do stay tuned as we bring you more scoops from this year's World Animal Day 2014 event.

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[E-quiz] Take part in “The Care for Your Pet” Challenge!


Always think you know a lot about what responsible pet ownership means? Take the challenge to find out! If your answers are correct, you stand a chance to enter the lucky draw and win yourself some prizes!

If you're dying for double chances to win, hold your horses and head down to our SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day event at United Square Shopping Mall this weekend! Using the iPads stationed there, you can up your winning chances two times!

Contest ends 6 October 2014.

Beat the Monday Blues: Mocha the Rockstar!

We have shown you a video of dogs that dance. Are you prepared to see a dog who plays the guitar? Meet Mocha the guitar-playing toy poodle!

We're not musicians but we can tell that Mocha obviously enjoys spending time with his owner this way. Perhaps you too, would like to try this with your dog?

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[Quiz] SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day 2014 @ United Square

It's Quiz Time!


Stand a chance to win great prizes from us just by answering this simple question below:

Question: In the bedroom, what is the message that is written in the hamster's speech bubble?

Submission of answers: Simply visit our Offical Event Page and send us your answers in the comment box!

The first correct answer will win a pair of movie tickets and premium!

Closing date: Sunday, 21 September, 11.59 pm.

Winners will be notified by Monday, 22 September 2014, 5 pm via Facebook.

If you're scratching your head trying to find the answer, we strongly suggest that you refer to our special post: SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day 2014: Pet Care Showcase - The Bedroom and The Park!

Stay tuned as we more prizes to give away next Thursday, 25 Sept!

Pet Adoption Friday: Hanna and Floppy from Causes for Animals Singapore


Name: Hanna
Approx. 3 years old
Not yet
HDB-approved: Not HDB-approved
Good with children: No
Good with other dogs: Selective dogs

Hanna was found abandoned under a void deck with a raffia string tied to her collar. She is gentle and loving and will need training. She also has a beautiful cream colour coat with lovely eyes. Is she the one for you?


Name: Floppy
1 year and 2 months old
HDB-approved: Not HDB-approved
Good with children: Yes

Floppy is a happy-go-lucky boy with a unique wired-hair coat. He appears shy at first when he meets strangers but his wriggling body shows he desperately wants to make some sort of positive connection with them. He is big, happy, clumsy and loving. Floppy loves walks and being with people. He would make a great addition to any family.

To learn more about Hannah and Floppy, send an email to

There are more pets looking for homes. Check out CAS' website and Facebook page for more details.

SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day 2014 @ United Square: Pet Care Showcase – The Bedroom and The Park

Next weekend, we welcome you and your family to join us at the SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day 2014 event at United Square Shopping Mall from 11 am to 8 pm! There will be a pet adoption drive, stage activities and also a brand new feature that we are bringing to you, the Pet Care Showcase!

The Pet Care Showcase

Modelled after a home and neighbourhood, this is where you can learn all about the various aspects of pet care from feeding to grooming and even playtime with your pets. Say 'hello' to our volunteers who will be there to assist you as you make your way through your new 'home'.

To get you all psyched up, here's a look at 2 of the rooms that you will get to see at the event!

In the Bedroom

Aah...the bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. Like you, pets enjoy a comfortable place to rest.


@ The Park

More and more parks are becoming pet-friendly by having dedicated areas for dogs to run and play without having to be leashed. If you have never been to a real dog run area, this is one place where you can imagine yourself standing in one.


Goody Bags

As you go on your journey through the Pet Care Showcase, there will be questions for you to answer. At the end of this journey, you get to walk away with exciting goodies! Here's a preview for one of the items:

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag

We would like to thank our sponsor Hill's Pet Nutrition (for Pet Food) and KC & Watson (FE) Pte Ltd (for Pet Accessories) for sponsoring our Pet Care Showcase.


Do stay tuned as we bring you more scoops from this year's World Animal Day 2014 event.

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Pet Care Tips: Build your very own gerbil/hamster maze!

They call them pocket pets for a reason. While you may not be able to cuddle your hamster/gerbil like you do with a dog or a cat, you can fashion lots of miniature stuff for your rodents - and this, you cannot really do it with the bigger pets.

Today, let's learn how to build the Amazing Maze for your cutey little pets with Howcast on YouTube!

Before we leave you for the day, we just want to highlight a couple of things:
- If you're a young kid, please do this under the supervision of an adult
- As much as you're excited to try this out, please wait for the glue to be completely dry before you use it.
- If using duct tape, please make sure all sticky bits are covered properly,
- Always be there to watch your gerbil/hamster when he tries out the maze and ensure that your pet does not eat the duct tape or glue.

Have fun!

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Event Spotlight: SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day 2014 @ United Square (updated 26 Sept 2014)


Event: SPCA & AVA celebrate World Animal Day 2014
Date: 27 - 28 Sept 2014 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 11 am to 8 pm
Venue: United Square Shopping Mall, Basement Atrium

Back for a second year, join us as we celebrate World Animal Day 2014 together with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)! We have a line-up of great programmes and activities for the whole family. Learn all you need to know about pet care in our Pet Care Showcase! Animals from SPCA will also be up for adoption. Plus, there will be lovely merchandise by the SPCA for sale! Also, there will be goody bags to be given away!

Note: Sorry, your pets would have to stay home!

In case you missed it...

Pet Care Showcase - The Bedroom and The Park
Pet Care Showcase - The Living Room, Bathroom and Clothes Rack

For the latest updates, join us at the Official Event Page on Facebook!

Stay tuned for more highlights as we get closer to the event day!

Beat the Monday Blues: Sing it to me!

Her's a really sweet video of Chibi the Cockatiel singing a medley of tunes (Hey Soul Sister, Go Go Power Rangers, Star Wars, Beat Boxing, Jeopardy) to her best friend, Dora the rabbit. We hope this would cheer up your Monday (:

We assume Chibi gets along well with Dora. Just remember that not all pets are comfortable with one another, especially for pets of a different kind. It takes time for them to warm them up to each other. Be sure to keep an eye on them when they're together.

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Pet Adoption Friday: Walt and Disney from Agency for Animal Welfare


Name: Walt & Disney
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Singapore Special
Sterilised: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
HDB-approved: No
Good with children: Yes
Good with other animals: Yes

Walt and his brother, Disney were abandoned at Bishan Park as pups. The brothers are very friendly and loving. They also enjoy going for walks.

Walt and Disney can be adopted together or separately. If you wish to find out more, please contact Ms Alycia Yee at 9689 0777.

AAW's Adoption Contract of Care with pre- and post-adoption visits are required. No adoption fee is required.

Do visit AAW on their official Facebook page.

Pet Care Tips: Guinea pig breeds


Guinea pigs are cute, guinea pigs are adorable and guinea pigs are sociable!

The hoomans who keep them often rave about how lively and vocal these little critters are! Boy, are we not surprised. First domesticated as a source of protein, they soon overtook the world with their wonderful personalities and sweet faces to become one of the most popular pets in our hearts.

They come in largely one shape - rotund and stubby but in many different colours and fur coats. Have a look at the video to find out how many breeds of guinea pigs there are!

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Beat the Monday Blues: "Cat" you feel the love tonight?

Ever wonder how a cat shows his love for humans? Look no further as we have found a video that has all the answers!

While they are not able to express their love with words, pets have their own ways of showing affection. Even a simple act of brushing their fur against you is their way of communicating love to you. As the saying 'Love is a two-way street' goes, we need to always love our pets as much as they love us.

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Pet Adoption Friday: Leah and Ashley from Animal Lovers League


Name: Leah
Age: 8 weeks old
Sex: Female
HDB-approved: No
Sterilised: Not yet (She's still too young to be sterilised at the moment. She will need to be sterilised when she's 6 months old!)
Personality: Very friendly and sweet-natured


Name: Ashley
Age: 9 months old
Sex: Female
HDB-approved: No
Sterilised: Yes
Personality: Sweet-natured and affectionate

Both Leah and Ashley can be adopted separately. If you wish to adopt these lovely pooches or know more about them, please contact Animal Lovers League at

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Pet Care Tips: 9 interesting facts about hamsters

Think you know a lot about your pet hamster? We'd like you to re-think. We found some really interesting facts about hamsters and were blown away by them! Have a read and we believe you'll be fascinated too.


1. The name "hamster" actually comes from the German word hamstern, meaning "to hoard."

2. Syrian hamsters like to be on their own and can be extremely territorial. When put with other hamsters, they can become very aggressive and even kill other hamsters in the same environment/cage.

3. Hamsters are short-sighted and colour-blind; they rely on their sense of smell to find their way around. Using the scent glands on their bodies, they rub their scent on rocks and other things to lay a scent trail.

4. Hamsters can be easily trained to do all sorts of tricks and will respond to their names when called!

5. Hamsters normally live between 2 and 3 years. 1 human year is equivalent to around 25 hamster years!

6. The gestation period of a female Golden hamster is between 16 and 18 days, making it the shortest of any placental mammal in the world.

7. Hamsters are nocturnal mammals; they are more active at night and sleep during the day.

8. If you see your hamster grooming himself, yawning or stretching, these are sure signs that he is feeling content and secure.

9. The largest breed of hamster is a European breed (Cricetus cricetus) that can measure up to 34cm long. The smallest is the tiny dwarf (Phodopus) which can be as small as 5.5cm.

How sweet are some of these? So it was never by accident that our hamster, Flora always comes out to meet us whenever we call her by name. Now, leave us alone as we run to find Flora and gush all about this new wonder we've just learnt about her and her friends.

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Beat the Monday Blues: Don't be sad, Burt

There are days when life gets us down and we feel sad. Pets get those days too. Watch how little Jack tries to console Burt the dog who is missing his family. Get ready to go awwwwwww.....

Pets have feelings. Sometimes a change in behaviour can also mean that your pet is unwell. Take note and seek veterinary care immediately.

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