Beat the Monday Blues: Where did my treat go?

Some call it an illusion, others call it magic. The real question is, where did the dog treat go? In today's video, watch the priceless reactions of some doggies as a magician tries to impress them with a trick that's almost too good to resist.

Pet owners, you can consider trying this out! Amaze your furry audience. (Plus, you won't have to worry about any harsh criticisms from your furry friends!)

Pet Adoption Friday: Kristen and Kirstie from Action for Singapore Dogs


(left) Kristen and (right) Kirstie

Name: Kristen and Kirstie
Sex: Female
Age: 2 months' old

Sisters Kristen and Kirstie are two cute and adorable puppies that are active, playful and affectionate. These girls would make a great addition to your family.

If you wish to adopt these lovely puppies or know more about them, please contact ASD at 6100 2737 or send an email to

Do visit ASD's website and Facebook page for more information.

Post-Event Highlights: Greatest moments from Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint roadshow 2014!

If you have been on the edge of your seat eagerly waiting for the photos from our Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint roadshow, wait no further! Presenting to you the highlights from the two-day event! 613 We spotted this bunny getting its very own "manicure". 2Some of the bunny friends that were up for adoption.5There were colouring contests for the little ones. Here's a photo of our daily winners!7A volunteer with Cat Welfare Society sharing with members of the public about the adoptable kitties. 4We would like to thank everyone who has attended the event. We hope you have had a wonderful experience! Look out for more RPO fun in the coming months! (:

Relive the greatest moments from Pet Expo 2014

Post-Event Highlights: Greatest moments from Pet Expo 2014

We know this took longer than usual but here's all the excitement from the Pet Expo 2014 that was held at Singapore Expo in end-February/early March!

8"Will you take me home?" We had over 30 animals up for adoption and almost half of them have found new homes!3One of our officers sharing with a member of the public the mechanism of the passport activity. The card takes them through a journey toward becoming a responsible pet owner.10Visitors at the event get to watch our RPO animated videos as they try to complete the passport activity. You can watch the videos here.

6 Upon completion of the activities in each zone, our friendly student volunteers from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic will give a stamp onto the passport activity cards5Potential pet owners who are ready to welcome a new pet into the family considered adopting animals from participating Animal Welfare Groups.2So what's in a goody bag? Everything you see here! About 1,300 bags were snapped up by the enthusiastic crowd.

7Lots of fun and playtime for children at our the Activity Corner!

9The AVA Information and Redemption counter had a guest visitor! She's such a lovely bunny! 1

Want to learn more on pet care or how to live harmoniously with animals in the community? Just pick up a copy of these books! Alternatively, you may also download the digital copies here.

4Lovely kittens that were waiting for their forever homes.

Look out for our next photo spread when we bring you the highlights from our Animals & Our Community Roadshow @ Northpoint!

Pet Care Tips: Why does my dog eat poop?

if you're a dog owner, this would not be news to you. Remember your reaction when you saw your dog eating his poop for the first time?

Now, what causes a dog to eat his own poop and how can you stop this behaviour? This entertaining video coupled with easy-to-follow-through tips might just be your saviour!

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Beat the Monday Blues: Handle me with care

Given its small size, it is very important to handle the hamster carefully to prevent injuries to it. The video we have today shows a simple technique of handling and socialising your little critter.

Hamsters make really wonderful pets. They also have an interesting ability to hoard food in their cheek pouches. This unique trait has a connection with its name. Curious to find out more? Look no further. Check out our special feature article here.

Pet Adoption Friday: Chip and Chess from SPCA

(left) Beautiful Chip and (right) Handsome Chess

(left) Beautiful Chip and (right) Handsome Chess

Name: Chip
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year and 6 months old
Breed: Local
Colour: White/Gray

Name: Chess
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year and 6 months old
Breed: Local
Colour: Black/White

"Chip and Chess hang out together in our shelter and boy are these two curious! It'll be most preferred if they can go to the same home and continue to enjoy each other's company as rabbits form very strong bonds with each other. Are you ready to provide them with a generously-sized playpen so they can explore and live in safely?"

If you wish to adopt Chip and Chess, visit them at SPCA's shelter during their opening hours:

Viewing Hours:

- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - 10.00am to 4.00pm
- Sunday and Public Holidays (PH) - 11.00am to 3.30pm
- Thursday - Closed (unless it is a Public Holiday)
- On the eve of Chinese New Year, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the shelter, administration office and clinic will close at 12.30pm. The reception will remain open
- As the process of adoption takes at least half an hour, SPCA is unable to process any adoption within 30 minutes to the stated closing time for that day.

Interested parties can also call 6287 5355 ext. 24 (during opening hours) to check if the animals featured are available for adoption (this is because the animals featured may have been adopted by the time the post is published).

Do visit SPCA's website and 'Like' their page on Facebook!

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Pet Care Tips: How to sex a goldfish

If you're a goldfish owner and wondering if your goldfish are going to have babies, this YouTube is just right for you.

Do understand that there's a few things that may hamper the process of identifying the sex of your goldfish:
1. Gender difference only appears once the goldfish reaches maturity - some takes only 9 months, others take 3 years.
2. There is no foolproof sexing method - the best is still to observe the spawning process.
3. It's best to identify the sex of your goldfish by observing multiple signs and not just from a single sign.
4. These methods only hold true for healthy and well-fed goldfish.

Don't want to have baby goldfish of which you don't know how to care for? It's then best to separate them quickly.

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Beat the Monday Blues: Keep your paws off my food! looks like one of the kitties is being bossy here. In today's video, watch how the dominant ginger cat tries to rule his other feline friends' food bowls and not let them have their share.

Cats are naturally territorial. If this is the case in your house, you might want to stop free feeding and/or separately feed your cats in different rooms.

Pet Adoption Friday: Soda from Save Our Street Dogs


Name: Soda
Age: 5 months old
Sex: Male
Vaccinated: Yes
Pee-pad trained: Yes
HDB-approved: No

At a tender age of just 5 months' old, Soda, the brown male puppy is surprisingly calm, quiet and very independent for his age. Demanding very little attention, nothing pleases him more than sitting in a corner while chewing on his bone and watching the world pass by. Soda would make a perfect furry companion for a first-time pet owner. (:

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
- Roger Caras

If you're interested to adopt Soda, do leave your particulars at the following link:

Pet Care Tips: Birds for Beginners

While most people keep dogs, cats and small critters as pets here in Singapore, there is a pool of pet owners who are extremely devoted to their feathery pets. Birds can be very colourful, fascinatingly entertaining, intelligent and loving.

If you're looking to get a bird but have never kept any before, this short video might be helpful.

We would like to remind you that pets are for life and they should not be abandoned when you don't want them anymore.

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2014-03-10 09:25:15

It may only be just 20 days old but this puppy is already following the footsteps of his elders. Meet a puppy with a big voice giving a go at howling that would most likely blow your Monday Blues away!

As you watch your pet grow up, remember to cherish those moments by spending time engaging in activities where both you and your pet enjoy. (:

Pet Adoption Friday: Meet the adoptees at Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint 2014 Roadshow!

If you are ready to take on the responsibilities in welcoming a new member into the family, why not consider adopting a rescued animal? Meet the adoptees at Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint 2014 roadshow this weekend whose sole wish is to find a permanent loving home! There will be cats, rabbits and hamsters from the following animal welfare groups (AWGs):

Cat Welfare Society
House Rabbits Society Singapore
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Here's a sneak preview of the pets from...

Cat Welfare Society


Name: Sebastien
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Sebastien loves being with people and he's a really adorable fella too!


Name: Becky
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair

What's interesting Becky is that she has an obsession for rolling on the floor. This lovely girl is fairly small in size and has an interesting looking tail.

House Rabbit Society Singapore


Prue is a happy-go-lucky bunny girl. She's always curious and eager to meet and greet anybody new!

ShalomShalom is a local albino who is friendly, playful, and very sociable. He loves his play area and will make a perfect companion to someone who is ready to invest space, time and love on him. You'll never be short of his many amusing antics!

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


"Come visit our hamsters! The nocturnal hamster makes a suitable pet for someone who has free time in the evening to bond with this wonderful critter. Hamsters sleep in the daytime and are ready to play when people come home from work. Remember to always keep your hamsters in separate cages! Contrary to popular belief, they are solitary animals who fare better alone!"


"Gentle creatures who prefer calm and peaceful environments, rabbits do best with lots of space to hop around and explore. The usual cages available in pet shops are too small and owners need to ensure that their rabbit's living enclosure is at least 4 times their rabbit's length! The biggest misconception about rabbits? That they are good pets for children. Fragile creatures who require experienced and confident handling, rabbits can easily get injured by or injure an unwary handler. Ready for a 10-year commitment to a new furry family member? Come visit our rabbits!"

...and many more!

The pets you have just seen will be at the Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint 2014 roadshow along with their friends (who's a bit camera shy which explains why they're not here)! These lovely pets are all looking for forever homes!

Do also check out:

Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint: Activities Galore
Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint; Strike a pose!

Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint: Strike a pose!

If you love taking selfies and photos of possibly anything under the sun with your mobile phone and sharing them on the internet social sphere, then you may like our "Snap, #Hashtag and Redeem" instant giveaway!

Hashtag and Redeem_amd

Step 1. Take a photo of you and your loved ones at our Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint roadshow with your smart phone

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Step 3. Upload your photo onto your favourite social media platform/s

Step 4. Flash your photo to our friendly crew at the AVA Redemption Counter to redeem your goody!

So start working on your poses and bring out your fabulous self this weekend!

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Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint: Quiz (Part 2 of 2)

It's quiz time!Quiz_button

Stand a chance to win a pair of movie tickets and premiums from us just by answering this simple question below:

Question: Name ALL THREE '#hashtags' that you have to use for the 'Snap, #Hashtag and Redeem' instant giveaway.

Submission of answers: Simply visit our AVA Facebook page and send us your answer in an FB private message!

Closing date: Friday, 7 March, 3pm.

Winners will be notified by Friday, 7 March 2014, 5pm via Facebook.

If you're scratching your head trying to find the answer, we strongly suggest that you refer to our special post: Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint: Strike a pose!

Pet Care Tips: How to spot a healthy shell

In this week's Pet Care Tips, we've found a succinct video on YouTube that shares with you what to look out for in your pet terrapin's shell. A healthy shell is critical to a terrapin. If you suspect that your terrapin has an unhealthy shell, please do not hesitate to bring it to a vet.

For more news and information, join our A Pet is For Life Facebook group and follow us on Twitter.

Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint: Quiz (Part 1 of 2)

It's quiz time!


Stand a chance to win a pair of movie tickets and premiums from us just by answering this simple question below:

Question: Name ALL THREE educational zones you can find at the roadshow.

Submission of answers: Simply visit our AVA Facebook page and send us your answer in an FB private message!

Closing date: Thursday, 6 March, 10am.

Winners will be notified by Friday, 7 March 2014, 5pm via Facebook.

If you're scratching your head trying to find the answer, we strongly suggest that you refer to our special post: Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint: Activites Galore!

Stay tuned as we have another pair of movie tickets to give away on Thursday! Look out for quiz #2!

Animals & Our Community @ Northpoint: Activities Galore!

The clock is ticking as we countdown to our next Animals & Our Community heartland roadshow! We are excited to share with you the array of activities that will be happening over the two days at Northpoint Shopping Centre! We promise that there's something for everybody!

@ the Educational Zones

Ever wondered what are the considerations needed before getting a pet? Is it necessary to be considerate to your neighbours to ensure a harmonious living environment for everyone? Or what are some things required to take good care of your pet? Discover what it takes to be a responsible pet owner at our roadshow!


Zone 1: A Pet is a Lifetime CommitmentZone2

Zone 2: Take care of your petZone3

Zone 3: Be a Considerate Pet Owner

@ the Adoption Booths

Cat Welfare Society, House Rabbit Society Singapore and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will be at the roadshow as well to promote pet adoption. There will be rescued animals here at Northpoint waiting for their forever homes. If you think you are ready to welcome a pet into your home, consider adopting one from these Animal Welfare Groups!



@ the Activity Corner

At the event, have fun with our all-day colouring activity, contests and games that will keep your kiddos (and even yourself) wanting more! Release that inner child in you as you too can be part of the excitement!

Paper models

The Scoop Challenge by CWS
Saturday & Sunday: 2pm - 2.30pm

Learn the importance of good hygiene and welfare of cats through the act of cleaning the litterbox daily! Participants have 20 seconds to scoop out ping pong balls out of a litter box to complete the challenge. If you are good with treasure hunt, this might be the game for you!


The Cat Transporter by CWS
Saturday & Sunday: 4pm - 4.30pm

It's time for a trip to the vet! Transport your 'cats' in little carriers using the proper handling techniques. The fastest transporter wins!


Colour Your Way to Responsible Pet Ownership with The SPCA

Saturday, 8 March: 2.30pm - 3pm
Sunday, 9 March: 1pm - 1.30pm

Colour your way to responsible pet ownership! Pick a picture of your favourite pet from our booth and learn what it takes to take good care of that pet before you go wild and colour away. Top three masterpieces will walk away with a prize!




Passport Activity

Passport Activity

Collect three stamps and bring home a goody bag just by taking part in our passport activity!

Here's a peek at what's inside a goody bag:

Goody Bag

This will definitely be a weekend of great fun and excitement for you and your family!

Beat the Monday Blues: Mouse-training is as simple as 1,2,3!

You don't have to be a professional to train your mouse to perform tricks. But you certainly need a lot of time and patience. Today's Beat the Monday Blues video will show you how you can train your mousey to exercise his motor skills and do more than just chilling in his little house.

It is pretty amazing to see how these rodents can also perform tricks, just like other household pets! Get your pet used to the training schedule as it is also a precious bonding time for both you and your pet (: