[Event Info] 2013 Cat Adoption Drives by Cat Welfare Society (September)

Day, Date: Sunday, 1 September 2013
Venue: The Pet Safari @ nex Mall
Time: 1pm to 6pm

Head down to The Pet Safari @ nex Mall this Sunday for the Cat Adoption Drive 2013 by Cat Welfare Society. Get up close with the adorable kitties that are longing for new homes.

Be sure to mark the dates of the upcoming drives in your calendar and spread the word around (:

Potential adopters will be screened for suitability and commitment. Successful adopters will each receive an exclusive starter kit worth $50!

For more information, visit Cat Welfare Society's Facebook page.

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New Beginnings: Fia says "Hello"!

Today's "New Beginnings" tells the story of Fia, a doggy who can fall asleep anywhere and enjoys chewing up handphone bills from a certain Telco.

P.S. Fia knows how to bark hello too!

(If you're keen to share your story or personal experience of adopting animals, do send us a message on Facebook!)

When I first laid my eyes on this beautiful stray girl (whom we rescued from an environment that was hazardous to her life), she was so filthily covered in dirt, smelled so bad, and seemed too weak and vulnerable. But we didn't let that last too long, she was scrubbed down, vaccinated and micro-chipped, weighing only 2.6kg at 2 months old. At that age, she would whine and cry throughout each night, to be fed and we had to wake up in the middle of each night to feed and comfort her (she was on replacement puppy milk) which was never a chore for us as we were aware of the responsibility that came with adopting a weaning puppy and were prepared to spend sleepless nights and 'zombie-mode' days at work for her.

Little Fia sleeping in her new bed!

We got her on 23 Dec 2011, just 2 days before Christmas and to my family as Christians ourselves, it was significant as she felt like the best gift we could have ever been blessed with for Christmas.

Little Fia cuddling up to us and snoozing on our bed.

We gave her a Celtic name 'Fia' which means 'flame - centre of attention 'and that's what she has been in our lives all this while (and will always be), the little girl who is in the centre of everyone's attention, be it my family, friends or even strangers who walk past her while she struts by. (:

Fia can sleep EVERYWHERE!

She was just like any other puppy, eating, whining, playing, biting and mostly sleeping. She could sleep all day long after a short play-time and mind you, she could sleep anywhere and anytime! There was once she even fell asleep in the midst of her walk. I had stopped for a while to drink water, only to look down and discover that she had fallen into a deep slumber and I had to carry her back home. Zzzzzzz.....

"Yummy cage!"

Apart from the cuteness, like all puppies, Fia, had to be taught how to play without hurting others unintentionally, with her sharp curved puppy teeth which could hook into anything too easily. We practised loads of positive reinforcement training methods to curb her teething issues. We wanted her to be well socialised with people and other animals so that she wouldn't have any aggression issues due to unfamiliarity when she got older and I am proud to say that we did very well in that (some victims of her wet kisses and giant hugs might even call her over-socialised)! (:

Fia also has a inexplicable love for biting paper, specifically my dad's Starhub handphone bills. You know how people sometimes say "my dog ate my homework"? Well, in our case it's true! My dad had to explain to Starhub that our dog ate our bills. -_-"


Days went by and she grew bigger and stronger, filled with genuine affection for humans and other animals alike except for her weird fixation on things that can fly. Oh yes, that includes birds, as she used to sit by the gate for hours and intently watch them fly before she lazily goes back into her 'dream land' (puppies can be very easily entertained sometimes).

"Do I look fierce?"

Anyone who knows Fia will tell you that she is such a gentle soul, although people tend to harshly judge her for her big and black demeanour with markings on her face that apparently makes her look fierce. (It's quite funny to even use that word on such a clown-of-a-silly-cute dog like her!) (:

Fia giving one of her bigggg licks!

She was mainly socialised with our neighbours' dogs and also with other dogs that I had fostered (picture on top one of the dogs we fostered, a stray pup whom we named "Zara", she was adopted out by adopters from ASD).

Fostering young stray pups in my house also inevitably, contributed to Fia getting ill last year and she had to go through a series of tests to ascertain what was it that was causing her fur to drop in patches (the doctor suspected it was 'Mange') and ultimately, she was diagnosed to have contracted ringworms. This was a difficult period of time, as apart from work, I had to monitor her closely and put her in air-con room as much as possible so that she won't feel warm and start scratching. This well highlights that keeping a pet is definitely a great responsibility, through sickness and in good health that one should not take lightly.

We weren't kidding when we said Fia likes sleeping. Hehe.

With much commitment, consistent care and great time invested, she soon recovered well but she now seems to have a strong reluctance to visit the vet any longer for her annual boosters and checks as the vet had previously scraped a portion of her skin out for the tests which might have contributed to her fear of visiting the clinic.

Amidst the huge responsibility and costs of cleaning, grooming and caring for Fia , the journey so far has been nothing short of pure joy for me and my family as the bond that we share is something no words can describe. Having a pet that loves us unconditionally has indeed taught me many things in life and looking at my dog derive great happiness (and off course, clumsy over-wagging of her tail) over simple things such as seeing a leaf fly by, being dragged by the wind, reminds me how much things we have in life to feel contented for and I'm forever grateful to have had Fia 'adopt' me as her family member! The once weak and small little puppy that is now so grown up and full of character will always and forever be my little girl, my best friend and my greatest companion, for life indeed! (:

Pet Adoption Friday: Sahara and Sasha from SPCA


Name: Sahara
Gender: Female
Breed: Local
Colour: Tabby
Age: 4 years old

Sahara may no longer be a kitten, but she sure is as energetic and lively as one! She's looking for a good family who understands a cat and her needs, and will keep her safe at home. Are you ready for a 20-year commitment to Sahara?


Name: Sasha
Gender: Female
Breed: Jack Russell
Colour: White/Brown
Age: 4 years 6 months old

Like all Jack Russells, Sasha has tonnes of energy and loves to explore! She may not be a puppy, but she's definitely not giving up on bounding, leaping and flying off the walls. Are you ready to welcome her (and her boundless energy) into your home, and will you take good care of her forever? Come meet her soon!

If you wish to adopt Sahara or Sasha, visit them at SPCA's shelter during their opening hours:

Viewing Hours:

- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - 10.00am to 4.00pm
- Sunday and Public Holidays (PH) - 11.00am to 3.30pm
- Thursday - Closed (unless it is a Public Holiday)
- On the eve of Chinese New Year, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the shelter, administration office and clinic will close at 12.30pm. The reception will remain open
- As the process of adoption takes at least half an hour, SPCA is unable to process any adoption within 30 minutes to the stated closing time for that day.

Interested parties can also call 6287 5355 ext. 24 (during our opening hours) to check if the animals featured are available for adoption (this is because the animals featured may have been adopted by the time the post is published).

Do Visit SPCA's website and 'Like' their page on Facebook!

This information is also available on our A Pet is For Life Facebook group. Do also send us your tweets on Twitter.

Join us in celebrating World Animal Day with SPCA at United Square Shopping Mall! (Updated 12 September!)

Our second RPO event will be happening in conjunction with SPCA's World Animal Day this September school holidays at United Square Shopping Mall! We're most happy to be partnering SPCA in this exciting event! Join us in a series of exciting programmes, games, interactive exhibits, children's activities, etc. which will equip you with the necessary RPO knowledge (how to be a considerate pet owner, resolving pet issues amicably with your neighbour, etc).

Click on the poster for more details!

The three-day event will include an adoption drive by some of the Animal Welfare Groups, stage shows and craft activities for the children. So mark your calendars and join us at this fun-filled event!

Learn about the history of World Animal Day in our special feature: "WAD" is WAD?!

Check out the activities we have in store for you in our special feature articles:
World Animal Day: Activities Galore! Part 1 (Saturday)
World Animal Day: Activities Galore! Part 2 (Sunday)

Do take note:
The Mall management will not allow pets in the shopping centre unless they have been pre - registered for the day's stage competitions.

Relive the moments from last year's World Animal Day celebration by checking out the post here.

See you there!

For more information, visit SPCA's website and Facebook page.

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Pet Care Tips: Fish for Beginners

As a noob foraying into the whole new world of keeping fish as pets, you may be concerned about what sort of fish would thrive together and what you would absolutely want to avoid pairing with each other. We'd like to help by introducing you to some hardier and sturdier fish that may be more suitable for newbies like yourself.

(Tiger, Green Tiger, Albino, etc)
These fish are very hardy though they may also be aggressive. Keeping them in a school can lower their aggressive tendencies but this rule is not always the case as a few individuals can be feistier than the rest!

(Rosy Fin, Black Phantom, Congo, etc)
Tetras are schooling fish and should ideally be kept in groups of six or more of the same species. They are non-aggressive and are a great addition to a peaceful community of species similar in size. Tetras are sturdy and very active fish that enjoy inhabiting all areas of the aquarium.

Cory (Corydoras) Catfish
(Albino Corydora, Sterbai Corydora, Panda Corydora, etc)
The catfish are a good community fish for beginners too. Not only are they hardy and adaptable, they're also active and that makes it interesting to observe them. Last but not least, being scavengers, they help keep the bottom of the aquarium clean!

In order to keep your catfish happy, you should get at least 5 to 6 of them for companionship. They love to hide, so it'll be a good idea to place objects like driftwood and decorative cave for them to play around.

As with many things that we commit ourselves to, making the conscious decision to be a responsible pet owner should be a priority for anyone who wishes to keep a pet - and this includes even the fish!

Resources: Qian Hu, fish4beginners

Images: Teo Way Yong & Sons, Merlin Marina, Aqua-fish, Fish Tank Forum, Animal-World, Fish Link Worldwide, Planet Catfish, Seriously Fish, Live Fish Direct

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Beat the Monday Blues: Chandi - The Dancing Dog!

Dance your Monday away with today's video featuring Chandi - the incredible dancing dog! Get ready to be impressed as you watch her performance on the show Britain's Got Talent (:

Chandi and her owner, Tina, have taken part in numerous competitions and have a few awards under their names. But how did Chandi managed to perform so well? There's no hard and fast rule but we're pretty sure that her owner have dedicated a lot of time and commitment in training her. If they can do it, so can you!

Have a great week ahead!

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Pet Adoption Friday: Larry and Kayla from Save Our Street Dogs


Name: Larry
Gender: Male
Breed: Local Cross
Age: 4 months old
Size (current): Medium
Personality: Laidback, gentle, rolls over and obedient
Good with people: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Health: Good
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: No (but he will need to as soon as he is 6 months' old)
Toilet-training: grass & paper trained


Name: Kayla
Gender: Female
Breed: Local Cross
Age: 3.5 months old
Size (current): Medium
Personality: Outgoing and curious
Good with people: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes, with some time and patience
Health: Good
Vaccinated: Soon-to-be
Sterilized: No (but she will need to as soon as she is 6 months' old)
Toilet-training: grass trained, working at training to pee on paper indoor

Both Larry and Kayla can be adopted separately. If you wish to find out more about them, please send an email to rehoming@saveourstreetdogs.com.

To visit Save Our Street Dogs' Facebook page, click here.

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Pre-Event Highlight: Grand Bukit Timah Bazaar @ The Grandstand

What: Grand Bukit Timah Bazaar
Where: The Grandstand (former Turf City), 200 Turf Club Rd, Booth 5A (near the main stage)
Saturday, 24 August and Sunday, 25 August 2013, 9am to 6pm

It's going to be a jam-packed weekend as two of our Public Education programmes will be part of the Grand Bukit Timah Bazaar at The Grandstand! Test your skills on our popular mix and match, jigsaw puzzle and giant board game at the RPO booth and bring home exciting goodies!

Click on the poster for more details!

Plus, we will also have our interactive Food Safety bus on site throughout the day so be sure to hop onboard to learn tips on food safety!

Other highlights of the event that you can expect:

- Lively music
- Great food
- Activities for the children

and so much more! There are about 60 booths for you to visit. Make ours one of them (:

See you there!

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Pre-Event Highlight: Launch of Save Our Strays SG and Six Legged Walk

What: Launch of Save Our Strays SG and Six-Legged Walk
Where: Blk 224 Bukit Batok Street 21 Basketball Court
When: Sunday, 25 August 2013, 3.30pm to 6.30pm
Admission: FREE

In support of the Save Our Strays SG launch and Six-Legged Walk event, join us this Sunday as you bring your waggies out for a walk around the Bukit Batok Fuji Hill.

Visit AVA at our booth and learn about RPO through a range of exciting activities and you will get to walk away with a goodie pack just for playing! Be the first 100 people to arrive early and you could also bring home an RPO goodie bag filled with lots of great stuff including ours! Be sure you get them both as the items you might find in the bag are only available exclusively to the bags itself. While stocks last! For more details, do refer to the event poster.

As a gentle reminder, do keep your canine friend leashed and have that poo bag handy at all times.

We hope to see you and your entire family!

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Pet Care Tips: The cool, furry critter

Native to the cool Andes Mountains of South America, our domestic chinchilla pal has won the hearts of many famous people, including lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. Extensively hunted and trapped illegally for their luscious pelts, the population of wild chinchillas has declined drastically by more than 90% over the last 15 years.

Commercial breeding of wild chinchillas into domestic pets happened in the early-twentieth century, and that is where most of our pet chinchillas originate from.

So what is an animal that lives in the cool region doing in warm and humid Singapore? If you already have a chinchilla or are looking to adopt one, what is it about the temperature that you have to take note of?

Chin's a cool dude/dudette
You bet your chinchilla is cooler than you. While we enjoy the coolness that air-conditioning brings, we know we can also go without one as we transit from the shopping mall to the hawker centre, etc. For Chin-Chin, however, air-conditioning in Singapore is almost a certainty because of our hot and humid weather.

The optimum temperature for the chinchilla is between 18 and 21 Deg Celsius, an occurrence that will never happen in hot and humid Singapore. Therefore, if the hefty electricity bill is going to scare you, it's best that you do not keep a chinchilla as pet.

Heat stroke
At higher temperatures, especially in Singapore's hot and humid climate, a chinchilla can suffer from heat stroke, which if left untreated, can lead to death. Even in human, heat stroke can kill. Besides keeping your chinchilla's living area cool and comfortable, here's some tips on what to do if you sense that Chin-Chin is over-heated.

1. Contact your veterinarian immediately.
2. Wrap a wet towel (not ice-cold) around your chinchilla to bring down his temperature.
3. Turn on the fan and have it blown at your chinchilla. It's best to have a portable fan so this process can be done en route to the vet.

Cooling properties
Keep some of these things in the freezer and offer them to your chinchilla as a spa treat or a back-up cooling agent should the air-conditioning decides to fail on you (it is possible for the electricity to trip!).

- Ceramic floor tiles
- Marble tiles
- Bricks
- Pebbles

The next thing you need to do? Fix the air-conditioning or bring the electricity back on!

Read about our colleague's experience with her pet chinchillas here!

Resources: IUCN, Chinnitude, Heidi L. Hoefer

Images: Rainforest Adventures, Live Science

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Beat The Monday Blues: Introducing, mighty kitty!

Who says cats can't be trained? With a bit more patience and lots of commitment, you can train your cats to perform simple tricks! Take the hint from the following cat owner you are about to see as he shows you that training in the form of gameplay can be a fun affair!

As you spend time training your pet, realise that you are actually bonding with it as well. So if you have not been on the training wagon, try it the next time you spend those precious moment with your pet.

Here's to a great week ahead (:

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New Beginnings: Kitkat Moments

It's finally Friday! Take a break and read more about Kitkat, a pooch adopted by Ashley Nicole Leong, a university student, in this week's "New Beginnings".

Remember, if you're keen to share your story or personal experience of adopting animals, do send us a message on Facebook!


I first got Kitkat around 9 year ago. I remembered being on a family trip in Malaysia and my parents were discussing about taking in a dog. I was beyond excited! Kitkat's previous owners were unable to keep her any longer due to some issues with their house and were spreading the word about Kitkat being up for adoption.

Pillow thief

When Kitkat first came into our lives, she was merely a little puppy! And a very timid one at that. She cried for one entire night the first time she was moved to my house. What I remember most vividly about her puppy days was how she would be my constant alarm clock! She would stand up on her hind legs and lick me awake every morning at 6AM without fail to wake me up for school. Unfortunately she soon grew out of that habit and now jumps up onto my bed and sleeps the whole morning away. Now I wake up in the mornings to find that half of my pillow has been stolen.

Kitkat is really spoilt rotten by me and my family and is very, very, very mischievous. She entertains herself by sniffing out for food around the house no matter where it is! I have many bags with holes chewed through as evidence of that. Once she even chewed open a plastic container we left on our dining table which was filled with chocolates! Thankfully she showed no adverse side effects from chocolate which is toxic to dogs. However, the sugar rush she got kept us awake the whole night as she ran around the house constantly until the wee hours of the morning!

Kitkat is also a really picky dog especially when it comes to dog food. Her dry kibbles have to include some sort of meat or gravy, otherwise she would take hours to finish her own food. She also gets upset when dinner isn't served promptly at 7PM and would show her displeasure by jumping all over you and forcing you to stop whatever you are doing.

Is that a treat for me?

As a university student, studying through the night is a common experience for me. It gets lonely sometimes so I am always comforted whenever Kitkat joins me while studying! She does have a very bad habit of plonking herself right down on my notes and actually gets disgruntled when I try to shift her away.

Studying time

Having Kitkat taught me that keeping a dog really takes a lot of commitment. Plans have to be made around her, for example whenever we go on holidays; we have to arrange in advance for a pet hotel to be available for her. We also have to bring her down for walks regularly even though we are tired from work or school. All these little things that we think nothing much of in the initial stages, do add up.

However Kitkat is definitely worth every effort that me and my family puts in to take care of her. Simple things like greeting us enthusiastically when we come home no matter what the time and being contented even with a simple biscuit or belly rub is how she shows her appreciation for us taking care of her. I do hope that more people would consider the time and effort it takes to keep a dog and that it is not a commitment you can break because of 'house issues' or lack of time.

Pet Adoption Friday: Moon and Tian Tian from Noah's Ark CARES

Moon was found on 31st July 2013 loitering at Toa Payoh Lorong 8. As she had quite a number of decaying teeth, she had to be sent for dental scaling. She has also been sterilised as well. Moon is a low maintenance darling at an estimated age of 10 years old. She will quietly sit by your side and will be a lovely companion for those who can see the beauty in older dogs. (:

Tian Tian was rescued from a factory and was already blind. He had to have both eyes removed as infection was setting in. A blind dog is not a disabled dog but he does need more time to settle into a new environment. Tian Tian is estimated to be about eight years old and has a fantastic temperament. He still has lots of love to give and loves to lick people too!

For more information on how you can adopt Moon or Tian Tian, please drop an email to noahsarkcares@gmail.com.

Do also check out Noah's Ark CARES blog and their official Facebook page.

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Pre-Event Highlight: SKC Discover Dogs 2013 @ Singapore Expo Hall 7, 18 August 2013

Singapore Kennel Club's Discover Dogs 2013 is back! This Sunday, spend your day with us at Singapore Expo, Hall 7 from 10am to 8pm for an exciting day of activities for you and your canine buddies!

Join us at our booth as we share with you tips on responsible pet ownership through some of our games like the ever popular Mix and Match game and the Jigsaw Puzzle! We have goodie packs are for you to bring home as well when you have completed the games!

What you can expect at the event are:

- Working dog performances
- Grooming competitions
- Obedience and agility trials for the dog owners

and much, much more!

Admission Charges:

$8 (Between 10am to 6pm)
$4 (Between 6pm to 8pm)

$1 (All-day)


FREE for children aged 12 and below

You can purchase your tickets online by clicking here.

We are psyched to be back again this year for Discover Dogs 2013. We hope to see you and your entire family (including your furry friends!) at the event!

For more information, log on to www.discoverdogs.com.sg or visit Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) Facebook Page.

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Pet Care Tips: Cracking the code – a gerbil’s body language

The very sociable gerbil is not only a cute critter to behold but he also displays some very interesting behaviour that most people are not aware of (unless you're a gerbil owner, of course). Besides the public display of affection (ahem) via grooming, they too will play, chase each other around, wrestle and cuddle up snugly against each other.

It's best to keep gerbils of the same gender so they do not breed. After all, gerbils are rodents and can multiply quickly. Keeping numbers low would also minimise fighting as gerbils can be highly territorial.

Let's get into cracking the codes of a gerbil's body language!

Besides grooming themselves, gerbils also groom each other. Quite like the monkeys, this exercise allows them to bond with each other but more importantly, reinforce the social links between clan members.

Gerbils are prolific burrowers, and would dig complex tunnel systems in their natural habitat. It is essential to provide them with a substrate thick enough (at least 15cm!), and have fun watching them embark on their tunnel building projects.

Rhythmic foot thumping, when excited or stressed, is a natural way gerbils communicate with each other. Often, if one gerbil begins thumping, others in the enclosure will also join in. Young gerbils thump quite a bit but more to hone the skill more than anything. Thumping is also an important part of the mating ritual.

Like a kangaroo, gerbils may stand on their hind legs and punch each other with their front legs. This is a display of dominance and allows gerbils to sort out hierarchy without fighting or injury. Males do it most often but females can also display this behaviour.

Scent Gland Marking
No, your gerbil is not attempting to slide across the tank. Because his scent gland is on his abdomen, he has to rub his stomach on cage furnishings to mark his territory.

In gerbil hierarchies, the dominant gerbils get to mark their territories. If one gerbil constantly scent-marks another gerbil, it may be a sign of a dominance issue and could lead to fighting. Keep a constant close watch if it is so. To prevent these problems, gerbils should be introduced to each other before maturity, ideally before 10 weeks old.

In the wild, a gerbil would be able to quench his thirst by licking the morning dew that has condensed on the walls of the burrow. This behaviour can also be seen in domestic young pups when they cannot reach the water bottle or have not worked out how to use one yet. Even when hydrated, they may lick the tank habitually. Still, it's best to make sure the water bottle is working properly and placed at an accessible height.

There you have it! Till the next Pet Care Tips, thump thump (out of happiness, of course!)!

Resources: The Gerbils, About.com, eGerbil

Images: Cute Home Pets, Wise Geek

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Beat the Monday Blues: An interview with the guinea pigs

Imagine if your pets could talk. What they would say about you or even your house? Watch two talking guinea pigs as they break their silence and engage in a conversation about some 'mysterious sightings' they have observed around the house. Guarantee to tickle your funnybone and chase off those Monday blues!

Guinea pigs are social animals but from what you saw in the video, even friends tend do disagree sometimes but that just makes them even closer than ever (:

Here's wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead!

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Pet Adoption Friday: Donald and Sarah from Humane Society Singapore


Name: Donald
Gender: Male
Age: 4 Years 'Young'
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Toileting: Outdoor Trained
Sterilised: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
"Hi! My name is Donald. I'm a Jack Russell Terrier.

I am an exuberant and happy fellow. I love people and the outdoors. I don't really feel an affection towards other doggies though.

Jacks (Jack Russell Terrier) can be pesky, hyperactive, and not everyone's cup of tea. But I believe that there are families out there who adore us. And know how to bring out the best in me.

I believe that love is a thing of the present. It is not to be put off or scheduled in. Whether it's a pet, a partner or a parent, now is the time to pat them on the head and tell them you love them."


Name: Sarah
Gender: Female
Age: 1 Year 'Young'
Toilet-trained: Outdoor-trained
Sterilised: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

"Hi! My name is Sarah. It means "princess" in Hebrew.

My mom is a street dog. But who says I can't live like royalty? I think I'm irresistibly attractive in a luxurious creamy shade with golden highlights and soulful brown eyes. I am not too big, not too small - just the perfect size to love! If you go beyond looks (and good on you!), my joyful nature and unwavering loyalty should win you over."

If you wish to find out more about Donald or Sarah, please send in an email to Ms Judie Chang at judie.chang@humanesocietysingapore.org or call the Humane Society Singapore hotline at 6583 7371/ 6583 7372

More information can be found at Humane Society Singapore's Official Facebook page,

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Pet Care Tips: It’s time for manicure, wheek!

Guinea pigs, or cavies, make great pets. These sociable rodents are cuddlier than hamsters since they're bigger in size. Not only do they look super adorable, they're chatty too! Perhaps that's exactly what drew the late Princess Diana to Peanuts, her cavy. She even won a prize in school for taking good care of Peanuts!

You may not be a princess but you sure can treat your cavy like one. Let's give Abby a royal manicure treatment today!

There aren't many things needed to clip your cavy's claws:
- Small animal nail clipper
- Towel
- Styptic powder
- Food
- Yummy treats

Let's get clipping!
First, let us find a comfortable and safe place to clip Abby's claws. The floor would be just about right; she can't fall over and there would be enough space. Lay the towel on the floor to help catch any clipped nails and to put some of her favourite food to distract Abby.

Place Abby on the towel and while she's chomping away, stroke her to let her know you're touching her. Then, hold her hind foot with one hand and gently clip her nails, careful to avoid cutting the quick (the pinkish portion that has blood vessels). For cavies with black nails, it will be best to just trim the end of the nails. Repeat the same with the front nails.

If you've accidentally cut into the quick and there's blood, apply styptic powder and some pressure onto the area to stop the bleeding.

The other way to clip Abby's nails if she's particularly fidgety would be to ask someone else for help (a two person technique). One person carries her with one hand having a firm hold of her bottom and the other hand on her belly while resting her against his/her body, facing Abby outwards (as shown in photo). The other person can then concentrate on clipping her nails!

Here's an edutaining video on how to clip your cavy's nails:

Well, whether Abby has done a great job during the manicure session or not, we think she deserves a treat! End it on a high note and offer her a snack that she loves - would it be a slice of bell pepper, apple or a stalk of cilantro?

Wheek, wheek!

Resources: Guinea Lynx, Video Jug, Guinea Pigs Australia,

Images: Guinea Lynx, Guinea Pig Today

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RPO Giant Posters @ United Square Shopping Mall's Wisdom Wall

Make your way down anytime between now till December and check out our Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Giant Posters at United Square Shopping Mall wisdom wall!

What: Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Wisdom Wall
Where: Level 1, Connectz Area, United Square Shopping Mall
When: From now till December 2013, 10.30am - 9.30pm

Pick up useful tips and help spread the messages on how we can live harmoniously with animals and our community. There are a total of 4 giant posters so be sure to catch them all!

Snap a photo of yourself with the giant posters and tag us on our AVA Facebook page!

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Beat the Monday Blues: Keeping A Dog – a video from SPCA

The video we have in store for you today is still fresh! If you are pondering on whether you should keep a dog, we hope that you the video might be able to help you in your decision. Just hit the "Play" button and start watching!

We had to ask our friends at SPCA to share with us more scoop on this education and very visually appealing video.

Ms Ann Lek, the education officer at SPCA, shared with us that one of its volunteers came forward to offer his video production service. boon (oh yes, we checked and his name is spelt with a small letter 'b') requested for SPCA's dog care booklet and then went on to produce the video and finished it within a short duration! Ann contributed as the voice-over that you just heard.

A huge THANK YOU to SPCA Singapore for giving us an exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop towards the making of the video.

With the double celebration we will all be having this week, lets kick off those Monday blues and have a great (short) week ahead!

Do check our SPCA's website and Facebook page for more details.

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New Beginnings: Playful Roscoe

Remember Roscoe from Animal Lovers League, the adorable pup featured on our 'Pet Adoption Friday' last November? Well, today's "New Beginnings" features this lucky pooch who has now found a forever home with Alvin and his family.

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In early November of 2012, our dog of 14 years, Charcoal had to be put down due to his severe arthritis which was preventing him from even walking. Charcoal was a 1-year-old puppy when we adopted him from the SPCA. He was a part of the family and even our maid who has been with us for only about 3 years felt the sadness the day that he had to be put down.

My Mum and sister said that from that day forth it would take some time before we find ourselves another dog. Our family has always had dogs in our lives. From the moment I was born there was always a dog or a couple of dogs in our family.

About a month or so after that, someone posted some photos of puppies on my Facebook page. It was Pets Villa, a pet sanctuary that takes in stray animals and nurtures them up for adoption. In one of the photos, one of the puppies somehow caught my eye.

1 - 2 month look

I called them and it just so happened that they were about to do an adoption road show at Star Vista in Buona Vista and by chance the puppy that I saw and another one were to be brought there for their adoption drive.

I went over there a few days later and was introduced to that puppy who they named - Roscoe. He was about 3 months old at that time and he was napping when I saw him, totally exhausted from being looked at by so many people the whole day at the road show. The weather was dark and gloomy on that day and a big rain storm was about to come over Singapore. As I looked over his small little body and saw how peaceful he looked as he slept, a horrendous thunder rang in the sky above us. This not only startled us adults but this loud sound woke little Roscoe up and literally brought him up to his tiny feet/paws. As he stood up and realized it was just thunder, this brave little soul just plonked himself down and went back to sleep. His bravery and uncaring manner after he clarified the situation told me he was definitely - The One.

Smart look

Anyway, I was to be on-course for the next 2 weeks and told Christine (who literally runs Pet Villa herself as a volunteer, though she has a fulltime job as a school teacher) that I need to maybe see how he adapts to my home and if my Mum would allow another dog into the family. So I had to wait another 2 weeks before Christine was able to bring Roscoe over to our house in the evening. It was a very uncomfortable experience for everyone as my Mum was not happy at all with seeing another dog. To top the complication, my only other ally was my sister Karen, who I knew I needed to help convince Mum, but she was on a business trip and was not around when they brought Roscoe over.

Puppy Roscoe

By this time, I had already made up my mind that I was going to adopt Roscoe and I told my sister about it when she returned. She too was not happy with my decision as she was fully aware of my Mum's negativity and even asked me why this dog in particular. I said I could not explain it totally but there was something about him that has made me decided on him. I told my wife my decision and she wasn't too happy either considering that my Mum and even my sis weren't behind me on this decision. She was concerned about them and how they would react to my decision. Anyway I told everyone my decision was firm and there was nothing they could do to change my mind. You can imagine, it was a very tough time for me and Roscoe. When he was 'delivered' to my home on that day, we were literally treated like outcasts. My Mum ignored him totally and he kept by my side the entire time. My maid met him the first time he came for a visit and they bonded from the very beginning. So as the days unfolded, my wife, my maid and myself were his entire world. He would literally follow me wherever I went. A whistle and he would come. I didn't have to train him at all. It just came naturally to him.

All grown up

Within a week or so, his charm and cute little face got the better of my sister and soon, she was buying little puppy toys for him. Slowly but surely, my Mum also got 'infected' by him. This infection slowly became 'epidemic' and my Aunts and Uncles who live a few doors away from us, who comes over literally everyday for dinner, were soon feeding him treats and calling his name whenever they arrive.

Roscoe and I chilling at home

Fortunately, Pet Villa gave us some good contacts like Pet Groomers, Vets and even a 'Dog Runner'. One of them is Yennie, who runs her own dog running business and also has an animal lodging business that complements this. She basically takes groups of dogs out for runs, socialization activities etc. So ever since January this year, every Tues and Fri, Roscoe has 'day care/school'. He gets to meet other dogs and spends half a day doing stuff with them.

Play group friend

Napping after play

My sister even bought him a little blue 'school bag' which contains his little water bowl, two small Tupperware containers for snacks and some wet wipes for his paws. When our maid takes it out and he sees it, he now knows that it's 'school day' and he'll wait outside at the front porch for Yennie. What is also unique about Roscoe is that he loves to sit in the front seat of the car. Unlike other dogs and we have had quite a few over the years, he is probably the only dog I have ever seen, that will sit so still, very dignified looking, upright sitting position, staring straight ahead as if he's driving.

This shot was taken by Yennie, who was amazed by Roscoe's "driving" position

Come August 9th, it will be Roscoe's 1st birthday. We came up with his birthday roughly based on the time Pet Villa found him, we know roughly that he was born in August so why not make Singapore's National Day his birthday.

We have come to see him develop a really unique personality. Some of his unique habits are;

1) He loves to frustrate my wife. He'll put something in his mouth. He has chubby cheeks so you can tell when the sides of his mouth get inflated. That would mean that he has got something inside. The stuff that will freak my wife up if its stone, rocks, dried up mud, and at times branches, leaves and grass. He'll put something in his mouth, run up to my wife and just very innocently sit next to her, with his eyes looking from the side at her. Once she notices him and realizes he has something in his mouth, the game begins. She will try to grab him and he will run in circles and back to her, then as she gets close, run away. She will be screaming. He will be running. It's always an interesting scene.

2) He has a system in place. Because from the very beginning when he first came to us, we created a fenced-up area every evening that becomes his place to sleep at night. My Mum even bought him a little sleeping plastic bed with mattress and all, so we place that within this fenced-up area which is easily assembled and de-assembled every day. When it's evening time and time to go to bed he will be sitting in that area awaiting his 'room' to be made up for him.

3) He has a particular area in the TV/living room area where he puts all his toys. If you take one of his toys and place it anywhere else and he sees it, he will just simply wait for you to put it down and he will proceed to pick it up and bring it back to his 'toys only designated area'.

Toy collection

4) You just have to tell him - 'Who's that...Who's that' in an excited manner and he will bark and run to the front of the house to see who the intruder is. I have seen him wake up from his nap and run towards our piano tuner who went up to my Mum to hand her his service report after he was done. He is a very good guard dog.

Guarding the house

5) My maid, who is close to him also, would dress up when it's her once a month day off, when she is leaving in the morning to go out. He does not like it when she dresses up. He will bark and growl at her as if she is an intruder when she steps out from her room all dolled up and when she comes back; he will only stop bothering her when she changes back to her usual shorts and t-shirt.

As the days go on, we find new things that make Roscoe so unique. He has a personality like no other dog we ever had. He brings us a lot of joy and laughter and anyone who meets him are always taken by his looks and his demeanor. Such a remarkable personality for just a simple stray dog that was abandoned.

Handsome Roscoe

Pet Adoption Friday: Odeon and Molly from House Rabbit Society Singapore

Name: Odeon
Sex: Female
Age: Approximately 1 year's old
Breed: Local mix
Health Condition: Good
Sterilised: Yes
Litter-trained: Yes

Odeon is your Miss Personality, she is friendly, inqusitive, and loves being around people and getting attention. She is also a neat and clean girl and will do great with an active family who will enjoy interacting with her.

Name: Molly
Sex: Female
Age: Appx 2 years old
Breed: Lop
Health Condition: Good
Sterilised: Yes
Litter-trained: Yes

Molly is an opinionated little girl. She will need a patient and doting parent who will treat her like a little princess. But with that, you will also be rewarded with her silly and funny daily antics to keep you happy and stress-free!

If you wish to adopt these bunnies, send in your email to info@hrss.net. Odeon and Molly is to be adopted out separately.

For more information, visit www.hrss.net and 'Like' their Facebook page.

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Pre-Event Highlight: National Day Observance Ceremony cum Walk-A-Jog

Event: National Day Observance Ceremony cum Walk-A-Jog
Date: Sunday, 4 August 2013
Time:8am to 10am
Venue: Basketball court in front of Blk 332 Hougang Avenue 5

In celebration of our nation's 48th birthday, join us this Sunday morning for the National Day Observance Ceremony cum Walk-A-Jog.

What you can expect:
- Walk-a-Jog
- Lucky Draw
- Booth Exhibitions by AVA and some of our agency friends
- So much more...!

As you gear yourself up for the walk, do stop by our booth and have a fun time learning about RPO. Bring out that competitive spirit in you as you take on some of our games! You may refer to the poster for more details on the event. Plus, our friend Oscar, the Food Safety Otter will also be making an appearance and he cannot wait to meet all of you!

Be sure to have an early rest the night before as you will need the energy for the programmes that we have in store for you on Sunday (:

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