New Beginnings: It’s so fluffyyyyy!

Today's "New Beginnings" tells the story of a doggie who was lost and found her way into a happy forever home! Mr Tan Ooi Hwa relates to us how Fluffy stumbled into his life and her many antics that captured his heart.

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We have always had big dogs like German Shepherds or mongrels, who acted as our playmates while growing up as well as guards against intruders. After our dogs passed away, we were not actively looking to adopt or buy another one as all my siblings had already grown up and spent most of their time in school. Fluffy (I'm sure you can guess why we named her fluffy (; ) came into our lives by a stroke of luck.

Yes, I'm called fluffy. -_-"

I remember it was in October 2011 when my girlfriend told me that she found a dog wandering in the car park near her place. We reported it to AVA and SPCA but no one came to claim her so after one month, we decided to adopt her. During this time, we also brought her to the vet and had to shave her bald as her fur was all knotted up.

(left) Bed: Conquered! (right) Couch: Conquered!

Fluffy quickly claimed our hearts with her lovability and obedience. Even our mum, who did not approve of her initially, was conquered within 2 weeks! The rules which our mum set, i.e. no sitting on the bed/sofa or going upstairs in the house, faded into oblivion as Fluffy charmed the matriarch of the family (in her bald state no less!).

And the winner of the most graceful dog award goes to...

Every day is a learning experience with Fluffy and we are still figuring out each others' quirks and habits even today. We learnt that Fluffy is especially adept at using her paw to command us humans to bring her out from the cage or open the door (she is a polite dog who knocks!). Her thoughtful "presents" (dead frogs and cockroaches) have been a little more difficult to swallow (my sister screamed the house down after receiving the presents).

Trying to get out of bathing...but lost the battle. ):

She absolutely hates showering and will do ANYTHING to get out of it - running away, playing dead, slinking away and hiding in a corner of the bathroom. Naturally, we have our ways of getting her into the shower! She also loves squeezing onto the bed with us. She always manages to find the tiniest corners of the bed to squeeze herself into and then push the person who was originally on the bed away with her paws.

(left) Learning how to shake hands! (right) Chicken drumstick?

Fluffy is really tame and came to us toilet-trained so we decided to teach her other tricks like shaking hands. This took a while as we did not have any experience in training dogs. We taught her how to lie down by lying down on the floor with her! We also borrowed books on training and learnt to make use of treats in the training process.

When I get tired, my owner carries me!

Fluffy may not know many tricks (in fact she only knows one: how to shake hands) but she has brought much joy to our lives! She is always there to welcome me with her eager face after a long day at work! Just look at her face! Don't you agree with me that she's a sweetie? (:

Good Read!: From Baghdad, With Love

Today, we will be reviewing the book, From Baghdad, With Love: A Marine, the War, and a Dog Named Lava by Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman. The story portrays the ugly conditions of the Iraq war and how Kopelman grew attached to a grubby stray puppy which led him through unexpected lessons about life and death.

Ratings: 4 Paws up!

If you are a pet lover and am looking for a heart-warming and inspiring book, then this is definitely one book you should be adding into your bucket list!

Adapted from: Book Reporter , Amazon

If you have any recommendations on books that you would like us to feature, feel free to share them with us on our Facebook pageor on our Twitter!

Beat The Monday Blues: Be Arty Farty!

We hope you're not having the blues as it's back-to-school week! And, it's also a short week since we'll be celebrating Easter on Friday! To get ourselves in the mood, let's learn to draw a cute cartoon version of the Easter bunny!

Have a great week ahead!

Pre-Event Highlights: Pets Day Out At ION Orchard and Singapore Pets Idol @ The Serangoon CC!

Cannot get enough of the adorable pets around us? Come on down to Serangoon and Ion Orchard this Sunday!

Event #1:

Venue: Pets Day Out At ION Orchard
Date: Sunday 24 March 2013
Time: 9am to 11am

If you are in town, do drop by the Pets Day Out @ ION Orchard and learn how to be a responsible pet owner. Don't forget to participate in the Mix and Match game and jigsaw puzzle at our booth to walk away with attractive goodie bags!

Event #2:

Venue: The Serangoon Community Centre
Date: Sunday, 24 March 2013
Time: 9am to 6pm

After having an eventful morning at Orchard, head down to support your pets idols at The Serangoon CC! Learn how you can be a responsible pet owner through our activities The event is FREE for both pets and owners! For more information about the event, click here!

Mark your calendars and we will see you there!

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Pet Adoption Friday: Martin and Kitty Boy from Animal Lovers League

Martin, who was featured just recently in our RPO Roadshow Feature #13: Pets for Adoption (Part 2) is still looking for a new home!

Name - Martin

Name - Martin

Gender - Male

Breed - Cross Breed

Size - Medium

Health - Good

Age - 9 yrs 8 mths

Vaccinated - Yes

Sterilized - Yes

Paper Trained - No

Basic Commands - Yes

Good w/ Children - Yes

Good w/ Pets - Partial

History - Martin was rescued from the streets which he used to roam.

Personality - Martin is a gentle fur ball. He is sweet and LOVES to be cuddled. He is also very easy to walk and manage. He would make a great buddy for a family who is looking for a calm, gentle and sweet dog. Martin is one of the MOST handsome dogs we have. He has a unique coat and is so good looking!


Name - Kitty Boy

Gender - Male

Breed - Mixed

Size - Small

Age - 2 yrs 3 mths

Vaccinated - Yes

Paper Trained - No

Good w/ Children - Yes

Good w/ Pets - Partial

History - Kitty Boy was rescued when he was a tiny kitten and was bottle fed till he became the healthy and strong young tom he is now!

Personality - Kitty Boy is sweet and adorable, but he takes some time to warm up to people. Once warmed up, however, he'll never want to let you go! Kitty Boy enjoys playing but can be a little rough at times. He is very mild mannered and may be bullied by more dominant cats.

Special Needs - Kitty Boy will need a nice space to roam in. He is currently living in a kennel space with other cat friends but will certainly love more space to himself!

If you are keen to adopt Martin or Kitty Boy, please contact Christine @ 97937162 or Marcus @ 96973491 or send us an email at should you be keen to adopt them. Please send in some information about your family, housing and pets (if any).

For more information, visit Animal Lovers League's (ALL) Facebook Page.

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Name The RPO Hero Contest: And the winners are...

We are proud to announce the winning names of our Name The RPO Hero Contest!

Pat the Rabbit
Hamochi the Hamster
Aiden the Cat
Cherish the Dog

To learn more about the names, click here.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who have supported this competition!

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Sticky Post: Our RPO Exhibits' Next Pit Stop: The Jelutung Community Centre!

Finally, all 4 of our RPO exhibits are at our heartlands! Yay!

And we are pleased to invite you to visit The Jelutung CC to discover useful tips on the interactive exhibits!

Venue: The Jelutung CC @ Canberra (2 Sembawang Crescent, #01-01, Singapore 757632)

Time: From 9.00am to 10.00pm daily

Grab the opportunity to learn, have fun and bond with your friends and neighbours through our RPO exhibits today!

Snap alongside the exhibits and tag us your photos on our "A Pet is For Life" Facebook group!

Click here to find out where did our RPO Exhibits went to!

Pet Care Tips: So why get a Hammy?

Hamsters are very popular pets, the common breeds are the Syrian, Winter White, Roborovski and Dwarf. Today, let us look at some reasons for their popularity (other than their irresistible cuteness!).

1. They are easy to care for!

For their feed, you can get a complete hamster mix that includes nuts, seeds, dried fruits and vegetables from your regular pet shop. As you only need to feed your pet hamster once daily, you do not need to worry about missing their meal times.

Hamsters clean themselves with their saliva and paws, so they do not need a bath. If they are really dirty, you just got to bathe them in Chinchilla sand (not dust!).

2. They rise and shine at dusk!

For working adults and schooling children, you can look forward to coming home to play with your pet hamsters who are in their active mode in the evening!

3. They are "fun-sized"!

You can "house" your tiny hammy in comparatively smaller cages like the one below but do note that a spacious cage is always good for your hammy too. And remember to place it indoors, away from the sun and rain! (:

A hamster may be fun to have and easy to care for but be sure to only get a hamster when you are committed to take care of it for its entire life!

RPO Roadshow Feature #15: Post-Event Highlights

Hello everyone! We hope you have enjoyed last weekend's RPO Roadshow as much as we did! If you have missed out on the fun and excitement at the Roadshow, do not fret! These are some interesting snapshots captured at the event!

Awesome Pawsome showed the audience what a trained dog could do!
Our Student Ambassador taught our participants how to play an educational game.
Have you tried our E-game on Pet Central yet?

If you haven't, click here!

Nparks educated the public on why domestic animals should not be released to the wild.
Betty from HRSS shared information on caring for rabbits with the public.

ASD demonstrated how their umbrellas could protect you and your pet from the sun and rain (:

ALL's booth showcased ways the public could contribute to animal welfare.
Our colleague, Terra guided a visitor to join our Facebook group - A Pet Is For Life.
HRSS educated the audience on how they could have happy rabbits!
The SKC Obedience Demo showed us how a trained dog could be such a bliss!
Cats up for adoption!
HSS's woofies were delighted to have the chance to be re-homed. (:
Selina from SPCA gave an educational presentation on how to be a considerate dog & cat owner.
A family of 3 generations bonded through our colouring activities.
CWS shared how a complete healthy diet and proper grooming could result in "Healthy Happy Cats".
Have fun while you learn about RPO!
Check out the little "mailboxes" on our interactive panels for useful RPO tips!
HSS presented to the audience on the importance of being responsible for a dog from the point of purchase.
Children participated in a life-sized boardgame conducted by CWS to learn about what it meant to be a responsible cat owner.
Finally, it's our in-house guest - Mr Wals' time for story-telling!

Come back to our page as we update it with photos taken from day 2! (:

Beat the Monday Blues: Do you need to own a bunny to have a fulfilling Easter?

Good afternoon everyone! We hope all of you had a fun-filled Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) weekend! (:

Easter is approaching this weekend (Woohoo!) and you might be thinking of getting a cute, furry bunny as a perfect gift!  Before getting one, do check out the list of things you need to commit to!


If you cannot care for your bunny for its entire life, do not get one (or any other pet in particular!).

RPO Roadshow Feature #14: Photos from “Animals & Our Community” event at Toa Payoh!

The crowd at our roadshow!

It's the first day of our "Animals & Our Community" roadshow at Toa Payoh HDB Hub! If you did not manage to make it to our event today, here are some snapshots of today's highlights.

Awesome Pawsome's talk on responsible dog ownership and live demonstrations

An Awesome Pawsome trainer showing what obedience training can achieve.

The day started with Awesome Pawsome's talk on the importance of responsible pet ownership for dog owner where Awesome Pawsome's trainers demonstrated what obedient dogs can do when they have been trained well. After the talk, the children in the audience were delighted by Awesome Pawsome's hands-on session on how to interact and care for doggies.

Children petting a pooch after grooming it.

Our visitors also got a chance to try out our games and interactive exhibits to learn more about building a harmonious community for both humans and animals.

A father and son learning more about living with animals in the community.

Things were also getting exciting at our animal welfare partners' booths. Aside from providing information on why wild animals make unsuitable pets and tips on caring for animals, our animal welfare group partners also brought down some really adorable animals that are looking for new homes.

A NParks staff explaining to young ones why wild animals like the pangolin cannot be kept as pets

A volunteer from Singapore Kennel Club demonstrating how to clip a dog's nails

Kitties at Cat Welfare Society's adoption booth

If you have missed out today's events, don't worry, there's still tomorrow! Just remember to grab a copy of our ecoupon so that you can flash it at our information booth to get a mystery gift. Hope to see you at our roadshow! (:

For more photos, visit our Official AVA Facebook Page.

New Beginnings: Dogs of Our Lives

Ready for another "New Beginnings" post? This week, we have Miss Ang Yujia, who adopted not one, but two local dogs. Read on to find how why she chose to adopt them. Enjoy!

(If you're keen to share your story or personal experience of adopting animals, do send us a message on Facebook! (: )

Dollar (black) and Mulan (brown) as puppies

We used to own 2 mixed-breed dogs, Muffin and Lady. When Muffin (aged 13) and Lady (aged 15) died, our house felt so empty and void of life and it was unbearable. When we were growing up, my brothers and I always had dogs (and a variety of other animals) to accompany us. After much deliberation, we finally decided to adopt another two dogs. (Yes, Muffin and Lady were adopted.)

Although we do not care about the colour or breed of dogs, we chose to adopt mixed-breed dogs again because we wanted "hardy" dogs like Muffin and Lady. They were healthy and rarely got sick. We also wanted to adopt puppies this time round so we could experience training them. (Muffin and Lady were adopted when they were adult dogs.)

When we went to Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), they had a limited number of puppies. My Dad took an immediate liking to the hyperactive yet lovable Dollar and all of us were sure that we wanted Mulan as she was so obedient and cuddly. Not much is known about Dollar and Mulan's background as they were puppies that were picked up by ASD after they were found wandering in industrial estates.

Both Dollar and Mulan felt right at home once they stepped past our gates. They ran around our garden, sniffing at everything and were so at ease. When the ASD volunteers left, they were so busy playing, they didn't want to say goodbye!

Nom nom nom

Mulan soon tried to assert her dominance over Dollar and over the next few weeks, they would often get into fierce fights which would require us to pull them apart. Once they settled their "hierarchy", they calmed down and besides the occasional scuffle, all is well between them.

We have taught the dogs to sit and lie down on command, as well as other commands such as "Go" to return to their kennel. They have also learnt to run to us when we call them by name. It was not easy training them though. We had to keep reinforcing them to react appropriately to the commands and eventually they understood what the words meant.

As Dollar is more hyperactive and has a shorter attention span, it takes more time for him to be trained. Mulan, on the other hand, is more responsive to our training as she is eager to please and extremely obedient.

Dollar and Mulan have helped to bond my family because after dinner, my brothers and I will go out to the garden to feed them, train them or just play with them. We will also share funny stories about dogs and their antics never fail to make us laugh.

Whenever I'm out, I'll think of my 'Dollarboy' and 'Mumu' and I will want to go home to play with them. Dollar and Mulan have brought such joy into our lives, I am glad my family made the decision to adopt them.

Mulan checking out my brother's guinea pigs

RPO Roadshow Feature #13: Pets for Adoption (Part 2)

We are pretty sure most of you would like to know the pooches which will be up for adoption at our RPO roadshow this weekend.

Meet Re, So and Ti. They are brothers from a litter of 8 who were abandoned at a factory. These three 6-month old boys are extremely friendly and enjoy human interaction. Ti is the eldest of the three and just like any big brother, he takes care of his siblings and is rather calm at it. Re is very independent while So is quite a playful pup.

For Animals rescued her from a breeding farm. Surprisingly, this 4-year old gal looks much younger now! Today, Sophie's smiles are beaming. Her paw steps light & joyful. Always ready for play & belly rubs. Tammy and her 7 siblings came on a rainy day. Unfortunately, one of her siblings did not make it. This 10 month old girl is a ball of energy but is also a quick learner!

Han was rescued as a tiny pup from a warehouse in Mandai. He has been with Animals Lovers League since he was about a month old and is growing up into a very playful little boy.

He has such a personality on him! This playful boy loves people and gets along well with other dogs. He enjoys belly rubs and is happy to be picked up and cuddled. Han even knows “sit” and “stay”! This 6-month old boy is excellent on walks and certainly a bundle of joy to have around. A family with kids looking for a play buddy or even a family keen to take him on the many adventures of his life would be perfect!!

Martin was rescued from the streets which he used to roam. This gentle fur ball LOVES to be cuddled. He is also very easy to walk and manage. He would make a great friend for a family looking for a calm, gentle and sweet dog. Martin is one of the MOST handsome dogs we have. He has a unique coat and is so good looking!

Missed out on our Pets for Adoption (Part 1) feature? Check it out here!

RPO Roadshow Feature #12: Flash for a Freebie!

Do you like surprises as much as we do?

Here's a guide for you to be surprised this weekend:

1) Print/ Download and save this E-Coupon on your smartphone.

2) Take the bus/train/taxi, drive or walk to come down to Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

3) Make your way to the Redemption Counter at our RPO Roadshow at HDB Hub.

4) Flash this E-Coupon to any of us at the Redemption Counter.

5) And finally, you get to walk home happy after you receive your mystery gift from us!

Spread the word around! (:

RPO Roadshow Feature #11: Pets for Adoption! (Part 1)

Although it’s only mid-week, when we saw the cuties that will be up for adoption at our upcoming “Animals & Our Community” Roadshow, we couldn’t resist sharing some of their profiles with you first!

This Mama Cat and her two kittens were recently rescued from Farmart. Mama Cat is two years old whereas her kittens are about 2 months old. Playful and affectionate, this family of felines will make a wonderful addition to a loving family. For more details on how to adopt them, drop by the Cat Welfare Society’s booth at our roadshow.

If you’re looking for a smaller pet, do visit SPCA’s booth this weekend. Fie, Fo and Suki are three gerbils that are looking for a new home. Just make sure that you have a large aquarium for them to live in as they are social animals and prefer to stay together with gerbils they are familiar with. Furthermore, this trio are very active and are usually seen digging  when they are not taking quick naps. Gerbils make good pets for older children as well as for working adults. So if you’re looking for furry companions to return home to, do consider these three critters!

Pet Care Tips: Bust these rabbit myths before you get one!

Rabbits are fun-loving and can be good household pets. Every rabbit has a unique personality, just like us! However, there are some important things to consider, especially because rabbits are “prey” animals, which means that by nature they are generally timid and can be frightened easily.

Myth: Rabbits are children’s pets and they don’t take much time.

Truth: Rabbits are commonly pictured with children in adorable heart-warming poses, but in reality, rabbits generally require adult supervision and care and can be actually unsuitable for children.

The high energy of children can give rabbits a scare! Too much handling and noise is usually unwanted. Without adult supervision, rabbits can cause injury to young children who gives it too much wanted attention or is not be able to handle it properly. Click here to learn how you should carry your pet rabbit!

Rabbits require a gentle and patient owner to bring out their affection and natural curiosity. With this natural curiosity and love to chew, they also have to be monitored and trained so that they do not chew on carpets, furniture and electrical wires.

As the care of the rabbit also includes daily cleaning of the cage, feeding, training and possibly grooming, make sure at least one adult is committed to taking care of rabbit.

Myth: Rabbits don’t live for very long

Truth: Linked to the perception that rabbits are “children’s pets” is also the wrong notion that rabbits’ lifespans are short and thus the commitment is minimal. On the contrary, rabbits have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years! Some people find it difficult to care for a pet when they move, start a family or change jobs. Ensure that you are ready to make the commitment!

Myth: Rabbits never need to see the veterinarian.

Truth: Rabbits, just like any other pet, will need veterinary care when they are sick, for check-ups or for routine operations, such as sterilisation (find out the benefits of neutering your pet here!).

Myth: Rabbits can be kept in a small cage outside my house.

Rabbits should be housed in a spacious playpen setup that provides enough room to exercise, eat and sleep. Do not use a cage with wire floors as they are uncomfortable for rabbits and can damage their feet. A rabbit's housing should not be outdoors, and definitely not in public corridors! Keep your rabbit indoors, sheltered and away from direct sunlight and rain.

Myth: Rabbits need to be caged up all the time.

Do not just keep your rabbit caged up the whole day every day as this could lead to obesity problems, feet inflammation (pododermatitis), poor bone density and muscle tone, behavioural problems and abnormal excretion habits. You can also let your rabbits free roam (instead of keeping them in a cage) in a bunny-proofed environment.

So, are you and your family ready for a pet rabbit?

NEVER get any pets on impulse!

If you want a rabbit and are sure about committing to care properly for it for the rest of its life, you can consider adopting one. Adopting a pet saves a life and helps reduce the problem of stray and abandoned animals.

Adoption can be done through Animal Welfare Groups like SPCA and HRSS.

By taking home an older pet, you can avoid potential undesirable surprises, since the pet's personality, size and appearance are assured.

Adapted from: House Rabbit Society Singapore

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Beat the Monday Blues: Still not over your Monday blues?

Check out these cheery bunch of bunnies in action as they hop, roll, munch and pose for the camera!


We believe that, with a spoonful of joy from these jolly bunnies, a teaspoon of hope that your week will be fantastic and a pinch of faith in your family, friends and colleagues, your Monday mornings will be forever changed!

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RPO Roadshow Feature #10: Freebies at the RPO Roadshow

We hope you have marked our upcoming “Animals & Our Community” roadshow on your calendar. Because we’re all excited to meet YOU!

Collect all 3 EZ link stickers at our roadshow!

Aside from preparing plenty of fun games and activities for our guests, we have also prepared plenty of goodies to be given out at our event such as the ever-popular EZ link stickers, postcards and bookmarks featuring new designs.

Newly designed postcards to be given out at our roadshow

So do drop by our roadshow at Toa Payoh hub this weekend!

RPO Roadshow Feature #9: Programme Feature: Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

Have you witnessed or been involved in any conflicts between a pet-owner and a non-pet-owner? Or even a clash between two or more pet-owners?

Come to our RPO Roadshow on the 17th of March, the Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) will be there to share with you how you can manage the tension!


The Animals Amidst Us
7.30pm - 8.00pm, 17th March

Pet ownership is increasing. While more folks are beginning to care for animals as pets or community animals, there are still others who are not fond of animals or are fearful of them. So, as a pet-owner, do you know how to avoid complaints? As a non-pet-owner, do you know how to deal with pet/ stray nuisance?

Join us as we learn how we can create a harmonious living environment!

RPO Roadshow Feature #8: Programme Feature: Singapore Kennel Club (SKC)

If you are looking for dog care tips (especially on obedience and grooming techniques), then you are in for a treat!

The Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) will be conducting their popular obedience and grooming demonstrations during our RPO Roadshow!

Here are the details!

Obedience Demonstration

1.00pm - 1.30pm, 16th March

Dogs can be trained to walk on a leash as well as to obey commands. Training a dog can help to strengthen your bond with your dog and increase your understanding of your pet. It can help to keep your dog out of trouble too! Come down and learn how patience and repetition can enable your dog to perform commands perfectly!

Grooming Demonstration

12.30pm - 1.00pm, 16th March

5.30pm - 6.30pm, 17th March

On the 16th of March and during the first 30 minutes of the grooming demonstration session on the 17th of March, watch SKC's groomers at work and learn basic grooming techniques, such as toe nail clipping, cleaning the ears and more that can be done at home. Grooming is an essential part of pet care! It lowers the risk of your dog getting injuries or contracting skin problems. As a bonus, you get to show-off your well groomed dog!

Stay for the second half of the grooming demonstration on the 17th of March if you have always wanted to witness a well-groomed Poodle right before your eyes! Be amazed at the finer points of grooming a Poodle by SKC's groomers. Discover the official hair styles that are accepted internationally and find out how you can become a professional groomer too!

Don't miss out on these exclusive demonstrations!

RPO Roadshow Feature #7: Programme Feature: NParks

Are you a combination of a pet-lover and a nature-lover? If you are, this is the programme for you! Allow National Parks Board (NParks) to share with you what are some of the popular misconceptions about animal welfare protection and animal care tips.

1) Nature Keeper Programme (16th March edition)

5.30pm - 6.00pm, 16th March

Think that releasing animals (pets or otherwise) into the nature reserves, reservoirs, parks and waterways is good for them? Think again! This harms both the animals and ecosystem. Find out why in this informative talk.

2) Nature Keeper Programme (17th March edition)

7.00pm - 7.30pm, 17th March

Ever wondered why you can’t bring your canine friend to the nature reserve? Find out the difference between parks and nature reserves through this informative talk and why dog walking is not advisable nor safe in a nature reserve. Pick up ideas on alternative spots to have fun with your dogs, where they may even be able to go off-leash!

Also, find out important etiquette for dog walking in our parks, and how to prevent human to dog or dog to dog conflicts.

3) heART for Nature workshop

3.00pm - 3.30pm, 16th and 17th March

Art is a great and interesting medium to convey messages about nature. heART for Nature workshop is a series of nature-themed art activities, for children between 5 and 8 years old.

These sessions will present our natural heritage in a fun way that children can relate to, helping them understand why our remaining nature is worth saving.

Pet Adoption Friday: Pappu from Action for Singapore Dogs

Name: Pappu (Chip)
Age: 5 months
Gender: Male
Pappu is a playful and friendly puppy that likes to be around people. He can be naughty too but if you are firm yet gentle with him, he will be attentive and obey your commands. He is highly intelligent and learns quickly. At the moment, it is difficult to tell what size Pappu will grow to so currently he has yet to be considered HDB-approved.

If you wish to adopt Pappu or know more about him, please contact ASD at 6100 2737 or drop us a line at

Do visit ASD’s Facebook page and website for more information.

Also, become a member of our Facebook group and keep updated with all the latest happenings on Twitter.

Pre-Event Highlights: Geylang Serai Town Day 2013 and CATS Classified Pets Corner Event 2013!

This Sunday, you are in for a treat as we will be at not one, but TWO amazing events!

Event #1

Click on the poster!

Venue: Basketball Court next to Blk 10 Eunos Crescent
Date: Sunday, 10 March 2013
Time: 8.30am to 12.30pm

Spend your morning at Eunos Crescent for the Geylang Serai Town Day 2013! Learn what it takes to live with Animals and our Community through our Mix and Match game, Jigsaw and Giant board game! Our Food Safety friends will also be having their interactive bus. Make sure you head on board!

Plus, you will not want to miss your chance to witness the record breaking "Longest Snake Sculpture made from angbao (Red packets)"!

Event #2

Click on the poster!

Venue: East Coast Park E2 Angsana Green (Next to East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre)
Booth Number: 16
Date: Sunday, 10 March 2013
Time: 10am to 5pm

If you are looking for some fun time by the beach with your furry buddies, then this is the place to be!

An annual affair, AVA will once again be participating in the CATS Classified Pets Corner Event 2013 event where all pet lovers and pets gather. Aside from playing our exciting games, pick up wonderful tips on Responsible Pet Ownership from our friendly staff!

Register your pet for "My Pet Rocks!" or if you have a hamster, the "Fastest Hamster" race. Who knows, you might walk away as the proud owner of this year's champion pets!

And...for the first time, there will be a mass pledge-taking ceremony for all pet owners to commit to "hold, love and care" for their pets! (You'll get to walk away with a goodie bag each!)

Plus! You can also take part in contests, receive dog training tips and much, much more!

Admission is FREE

For more information, visit the event's official page!

(Check out the write-up about us on the page!)

Two great events for a beautiful Sunday with the family! We will see you there!

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Name The RPO Hero Contest Feature #3: Sur-Prize!

Let's see how being one of the winners of our RPO hero contest might feel like...

Imagine all the amazing things you can do if you have one!

1) Here’s reading the latest news from our Pet Central blog anywhere on the go.

2) Here’s the way you might capture that special moment with you and your pet!

Sound good? Well, stick around just a little bit longer because we have a new contest coming up! Take part and you might just be one of our four lucky winners!

So what can you do between now till time we open the contest? Well, you might want to start thinking of some cute names for some really adorable characters!

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Pet Care Tips: Purrrview of what you need to get ready before you get a cat!

Read the news about the cat adoption drive by Cat Welfare Society that is happening at the RPO Roadshow next weekend at Toa Payoh HBD Hub and thinking about opening your home to your very own pet cat?

That’s good, because cats can make lovely companions and adopting one is saving a life! BUT, hold on, have you thought about whether you and your house are ready for the addition of a new family member?

Now that you are ready, let's watch the video to find out if your home is geared up!


Below is a summary of how to prepare your home for your new cat from the video you’ve just watched:

1) Keep him confined in one room initially

When your cat first arrives, a confined space will be reassuring as everything will be new to him. The room you choose for your cat should have all the necessities your cat needs – bed, food, water and litter box – so that your cat will be able to find his litter box and know his way around. Ensure that the litter box is in within the sight of your kitty at all times.

2) Expand his boundaries gradually

Your cat may adjust and feel more at ease in your home after a week or two. This is his golden ticket to explore other parts of your house. However, allow him to discover new areas gradually to prevent him from feeling overwhelmed or lost. Move the litter box gradually too.

3) Have a scratching post

Have the scratching post where your cat can see it. If he has already begun scratching at a specific spot, it might mean that he prefers that spot and you can place the scratching post there. Try sprinkling some catnip on the post to encourage your cat to scratch it. Dangle a toy around the scratching post so that your cat's claws will get in contact with the post when he reaches out for the toy. Hopefully when that happens he will realise that scratching it is enjoyable and will want use it (instead of your curtains or furniture)!

4) Cultivate good habits

Reward your cat (with attention or something good to eat) if you want him to repeat a certain action, but make some experiences (like scratching your furniture) less fun if you want your cat to stop doing them. To protect your furniture, try placing items on it that cats don’t like to step on, for e.g. aluminium foil, which cats don’t like the crinkly feeling of.

Remember that a pet is a big responsibility as he needs to be taken care of for its entire lifetime. Be purrrfectly sure that you and your home are both prepared to house a new cat!

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RPO Roadshow Feature #6: Programme Feature: SPCA

Keen to learn more about Responsible Pet Ownership?

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has loads of expertise which they would love to share with all of you during the RPO Roadshow at the HDB Hub on 16 & 17 March 2013! Join them for their two programmes on both days of the event!

Here are the highlights!

1. Educational talk and presentation: Are you a responsible dog and cat owner?

1.30pm - 2.00pm, 16th and 17th March

Are we supposed to let our pet cats roam? What are our responsibilities are when we bring our dogs out for a walk? Knowing the answers to these questions can help to avoid unhappiness with our neighbours. Let’s not let our pets become famous (erm, notorious!) for being a neighbourhood nuisance! Come join SPCA to pick up tips on how to be a responsible and considerate dog and cat owner at this informative talk!


2. Colouring activity: Colour Your Way to Responsible Pet Ownership

2.30pm - 3.00pm, 16th and 17th March

Learn more about your favourite pet from our friendly volunteers before you go wild with your artistic talents and colour away! For each work of art, you will get an SPCA souvenir! Highly recommended for children and those young at heart!

Beat the Monday Blues: Kitty in a ball!

Ever wondered if you are able to fit yourself into a really small space, like a luggage or a box?

You are not alone! Tom Tom the kitty is one curious cat. Be entertained by him as he fits himself into the hamster ball! 

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New Beginnings: Miko, My Hubby and Me

A new month, a new series! “New Beginnings” is our new blog series featuring happy tales of animals that have been adopted. To kick things off, we have Ms Sharon Lee sharing with us how she came to adopt Miko, under Project ADOption and REhoming of dogs (ADORE).

As we are always looking to share stories of animals being adopted, do send us a message on Facebook if you would like to share your stories or personal experiences!

When my hubby and I first got our HDB flat, it was clear that we were going keep a pet as we both love animals. Initially, I had my reservations as I still could not get over the death of my first dog, even after 8 years. I remember crying and crying when Lucky, a Singapore special, passed on.

However, my chubby hubby talked me into keeping a pet again and after numerous trips to SPCA, we saw ‘Vera’, a Singapore special in Project ADORE (ADOption and REhoming of dogs).

We believed that it is God’s will that we chose Vera, which was later renamed ‘Miko’ by my husband because he thinks that she looks like a Japanese dog. We had seen Miko on our previous trips to SPCA, but her fact sheet did not indicate that she is HDB-approved. On the faithful day that she was adopted, we had planned to view another Singapore special in Project ADORE, ‘Paisley’ at SPCA. It was like a miracle when we saw a small blue tag on Miko’s fact sheet to indicate that she could be adopted under Project ADORE.

Although we still went over to view Paisley, we already had Miko engraved in our hearts. We were later informed that there was another family who was interested in adopting Paisley and we would be placed on the waiting list if we wanted to adopt Paisley. In our hearts, it was like God was indicating that Miko is the one for us. Without further ado, we went ahead to adopt Miko.

In order to adopt Miko, we had to go through a string of stringent checks, interviews and house visits, but we enjoyed them. In actual fact we loved the procedure! It was like having a personal coordinator to ensure that we are good pet owners and our flat is suitable for Miko. We didn’t want Miko to move in and live in an uncomfortable environment.

We also had to go through a basic obedience training course with Miko. We enjoyed the course because we learnt a lot on how to care for Miko and understand what she is trying to tell us. More importantly, we learnt how to ensure that she does not misbehave to prevent any conflict in our community. In an urban environment, the space we share with our neighbours is constrained and we also have to consider the different cultures in our multi-racial society.

We feel that it is necessary for all dog owners to send their dog for obedience training and learn the ways of responsible pet ownership. Your pets do not know what behaviours are acceptable or not. It is the owners’ responsibilities to ensure their pets behave appropriately.

Miko is here to stay and we have committed ourselves to the following:

a)      No matter what happens to us, Miko will not be abandoned; and

b)      We must be responsible owners.

No matter what breed of dog you keep, you are always responsible for your dog’s actions. Do not buy or keep a dog out of impulse only to abandon it later. Finally, remember this: dogs do not care what breed they are, it’s the human who do.

Pet Adoption Friday: Snowy (cat) and Chestnut (rabbit) from SPCA


Name: Snowy
Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: White
Age: 1 year old

Snowy is a special little cat. He has heterochromia, a genetic variation which resulted in his eyes to be of different colours (one blue and one brown). Do not worry as it is not a genetic disorder, but rather due to a lack of the pigment melanin in one eye. This gorgeous stud is not only special with different eye colours but also has a kind and friendly character! What an adorable combination (:


Name: Chestnut
Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Colour: Tri-colour
Age: 1 year and 6 months

Chestnut is a super curious bunny! He will poke his nose into anything that comes his way. It makes you wonder if he is actually thinking "what's up doc?" when you actually put something near him. He is not a shy rabbit and that makes him all the more lovely and easy to befriend.

If you wish to adopt any of the pets featured today, please call SPCA’s adoption hotline at 6287 5355 ext 24 or visit the shelter during their opening hours.

Visit SPCA’s website and ‘Like’ their page on Facebook!

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