Book Review: A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

An amazing book that tells of the story of one lovable dog’s search for his purpose over the course of several lives. Reading this book would make you wonder aloud the universal question of, "Why are we here?"

Reborn as a rambunctious golden-haired puppy after a tragically short life as a stray mutt, Bailey’s search for his new life’s meaning leads him into the loving arms of 8-year-old Ethan. He learnt what he needed to do in order to be a good dog. But being a great pet in this family wasn't the end of Bailey’s journey. He was again reborn and wondered again, will he ever find his purpose?

Heartwarming, insightful, and funny, A Dog's Purpose is draws you in not just on the story of Bailey but also his dog's-eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man's best friend.

What Bailey sees teaches us that love never dies, that our true friends are always with us, and that every creature on earth is born with a purpose.

Rating: 4.5 paws up!

Get ready your Kleenex and wipe away. These are tears worth laughing and sheding.

Adapted from Amazon. Picture from Goodreads. Sound recording available for loan at the National Library Board.

Friends of The Animals: Suki Yuki (Loving Yuki)

Ready for a new “Friends of the Animals” post? Today, we share the story of Yuki, the pet pooch belonging to our colleague, Janet Chia from the Animal Welfare section.

Woof! Greetings everyone. My name is Yuki and I am a Japanese Spitz. This was me when I was 3 months old. I was adopted from my mummy’s neighbours. Their Spitzs had five puppies. I was one of the two males in the litter. I still get to visit my doggy mummy and doggy daddy next door. Can you see the resemblance? [Left to right: Me (Yuki), Isabelle (Doggy Mummy), Kira (Doggy Daddy)]

Mummy had always wanted to have a dog. However, her pack wanted her to wait till she was more responsible and independent. When she learnt that her neighbours’ dogs had puppies, she went over with her pack to take a look. Mummy told me it was love at first sight. I was the runt of the litter, but I had a shy and  friendly personality. Her pack decided to adopt me after much consideration and debate. They discussed who was to be responsible for me and whether they can afford to keep me. I was lucky that the pack decided that mummy was ready and that she could afford to care for me.

I was shy when I first met my mummy and her pack. Her pack has 6 members. Some of the members were very skeptical about me at first and took some time getting used to me. As a young puppy, I used to bite the wooden staircase and their shoes when I was teething. I also peed everywhere. Having me around the house as a new member of their pack took some adjustment and effort.

Mummy also had learn to fit me into her hectic daily school schedule. She had to take time off to bring me for walks. When she had to go to school and wasn’t able to accompany me at home, she made sure that I had toys to keep myself occupied.  Mummy also read a lot of doggy books when she first got me. She was very concerned that I will not grow up to be friendly and sociable. So she tried to find opportunities for me to meet and socialise with other doggies. Can you spot me in the pictures?

During weekends and certain special days, I get to meet more doggy friends and explore new places. For example, mummy and my pack brought me to the National Dog Walk where my ears were painted blue. However, after such walks or dog runs, mummy will check me for ticks and fleas. (It tickles when she searches through my fur!) To keep me in good health,  mummy applies medication on me once a month to keep the ticks away and brings me to the vet for my yearly check-ups and vaccinations.

After the initial adjustment period, my mummy and her pack eventually got used to my idiosyncrasies. Let me list down a few of the more unique ones!

1. I ration my food daily. I will eat half of my allocated kibbles for breakfast and leave half for dinner. See? I am a smart doggy who knows how to save for a rainy day.

2. I have a habit of sunbathing at the front porch daily. Watching people and other dogs in the sun is also one of my favourite past-times.

3. I have a fear of thunder. I would scramble and look for mummy or members of the pack when it starts to rain.

4. I am always camera-ready. I have even won photography contests before! This is one of my winning pictures.

Having spent about 3 human years with my pack, I am now very much an integral part of the pack. I think I won them over with my silly quirks and doggy smiles. Even my mummy’s colleagues and friends know me well. When friends and other family members of my pack go on holiday, they will buy me treats and gift!

Yawn~ I think I have reached the end of my story telling session. I need to sleep soon and my mummy is calling me. I bet she has fun plans for me tomorrow so I’ll need my doggy rest. So long, people. Woof woof!

Pet Adoption Friday: Do, Re and Mi from Cat Welfare Society




Names: Do, Re and Mi
Gender: 2 Boys and A Girl
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 4 Months old

The three siblings were found in Sembawang running around looking very lost. They were rescued and are now seeking good homes. They are very affectionate toward people (perhaps they think they are human!). All three have healthy appetites and are playful! The foster hopes that at least two will be adopted together as they are siblings.

If you wish to know more about these adorable munchkins, you can send an SMS to their foster parent, Thenuga at 91070185.

Their profile is also available on Cat Welfare Society's (CWS) website! Check it out! Be sure to also find CWS on their official Facebook page!

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Pet Care Tips: Quick tricks to curb the boredom/anxiety barking!

Dogs bark as a form of communication. They bark when they're having fun playing, greeting someone, pining for attention, etc. However, excessive barking could indicate something isn't going quite well. If this happens when he's left alone at home, it could be a sign of boredom or anxiety.

Besides spending more time with your pet dog, it is also encouraged that you bring him for obedience training and with time and patience, the barking can potentially be reduced.

In the meantime, here are some quick tricks you could try with Waggie to help him stay home on his own happily...

1) Start by putting your dog in another room on its own occasionally at first for a few minutes, then gradually increasing the time it's left alone. Return to check on him when he is a little quieter. Be sure to praise him too so he feels good about being alone!

2) Some dogs are contented as long as they can hear a human voice. Try leaving a radio or television on at low volume.

3) It is best that you do not leave your dog home alone for long hours. If you have to and aren't returning until after dark, then make sure you leave a light on in the house. Or better, send your dog to a friend's place or dog day care.

Remember to always consult your vet for matters pertaining your dog's health and well-being.

Adapted from: RSPCA

Picture from: My Buddie

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Beat The Monday Blues: Cat on a (i)Pad

You must have heard of the phrase, “curiosity kills the cat”. Thanks to the iPad, this cat is kept safely indoors with hours of entertainment at hand! He is absolutely mesmerized by the moving objects inside the screen. So if you’re having a little trouble keeping your pet still at home, consider trying this! That is all from us today; have wonderful week ahead!

Pet Adoption Friday: Han and Roscoe from Animal Lovers League

Name - Han
Gender - Male
Breed - Cross Breed
Size - Medium when fully grown (He is not HDB approved)
Health - Good
Age - 2 mths
Vaccinated - He will need his three vaccines at 6 months' old
Sterilized - Not yet but he needs to when he's 6 months' old (:
Paper Trained - Yes
Good w/ Children - Yes
Good w/ Pets - Yes

Han was rescued from a warehouse in Mandai. He is a playful little boy and like all puppies, loves to play, enjoys belly rubs and is the sweetest little one we know <3

Roscoe, who was featured just recently in our Pet Adoption Friday: RPO Roadshow 2012 Special is still looking for a new home and longing to be great family companions.

Here’s a look at his profile:

Name - Roscoe
Gender - Male
Breed - Cross Breed
Size - Medium when fully grown not hdb approved
Health - Good
Age - 3 mths
Vaccinated - He will need his three vaccines at 6 months' old
Sterilized - Not yet but he needs to when he's 6 months' old (:
Paper Trained - Yes
Basic Commands - Yes
Good w/ Children - Yes
Good w/ Pets - Yes

When Roscoe was rescued, he was starving and thirsty. Roscoe is still very wary of humans and will take a while to warm up. (:

If you are keen to adopt Han or Roscoe, please email or send an SMS to 97937162 Please send in some information about your family, housing and pets (if any)

For more information, visit Animal Lovers League's (ALL) Facebook Page.

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Special Feature: Pets in Art - No Air

Hello everyone!

Today for Pets In Art, we bring you a snapshot from the RPO roadshow! For all of you who missed the roadshow, find out what happened here! I was walking around the exciting exhibits at the roadshow and I chanced upon this shot of the two birds.

So today I’ll bring you a poem titled “No Air” inspired by this photo.

No Air

You are more than home to me, the place where I am truly free

The space in time that no one sees, the quiet lonely conditioned breeze

To see our shoulders side to side, is sight so lovely

And to conclude, you’re more to me, than a home a space a sight to be

Cause without you next to me is to be a bird with no air.

I wish you all enjoyed the photo and the poem. Stay tuned for the next Pets in Art post on the 5 December!

By Eugene Ko

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Pet Care Tips: Birds and their diet!

Birds are fascinating creatures. They come in many different species and each have their own unique diet.

Do you know?
Feeding your birds a diet of seed mixes might not provide him with optimum nutrition. Many seeds are also high in fat and low in many essential nutrients.

Knowing the right type of food to feed them keeps them healthy.

So what exactly do they eat?

Also known as formulated diets, pellets contain essential nutrients, helping to ensure complete, balanced nutrition. Pelleted foods usually come in different sizes, shapes and colours which adds variety to your birds' diet.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies Dark, leafy vegetables contain lots of vitamins, and many birds also enjoy carrots and broccoli. Common fruits like apples, pears, melon and kiwi are also a favourite.

Remember to remove and uneaten food which has been left out for hours.

Do not feed your bird the following:
1. Chocolate
2. Apple Seeds
3. Avocado
4. Onions
5. Alcohol
6. Mushrooms
7. Tomato Leaves
8. Salt
9. Caffeine
10. Dried beans

These foods can be harmful and possibly lead to death if you feed them to your birds. To find out more, click here.

Fresh cold water should be available at all times. Change it at least once a day, preferably twice.

It’s always good to check with your veterinarian and do your homework on what’s good for your species of pet bird.

Adapted from: ASPCA and Pet Education

Photo from: Panoramio

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RPO Roadshow 2012: Post-Event Highlights! [Part 2]

On the 10 and 11 of November 2012, we organised the Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Roadshow 2012 at the Singapore Expo Hall 4B. Relive the moments from the event as we bring you Part 2 of the Post-Event Highlights~

We had adoption drives! Meet the waggies from ASD!
Contestants for the dog competition taking their places in the Pet Arena
"Who's the best doggy in the world?? You are!"
Our student volunteer helping out a child with our new interactive displays!
Oh hey! This boy's playing one of our microsite games - Impulsive Olive! It's really fun (:
Brilliant parrot drops ball into the basket!
Meet and greet session!
What beautiful feathers you have!

Aww..just look at those eyes..
The little ones get to try handing out treats to some of the doggies
How do you build a hamster's cage? We had students from Ngee Ann Poly to show the kids how to do it during an interactive game!
"Love Your Pets" - a song and dance item by the talented students from School of The Arts (SOTA)

Now don't you wish you could turn back the time and relive it all over again? Well, stay tuned for more of our Post-Event Highlights!

In the meantime, you can view the photos from Part 1 of the Post-Event Highlights right here.

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Beat the Monday Blues: The real 'Lady and the Tramp'

Have a happy Monday everyone!

I’m not sure if you still remember this extremely famous scene in Lady and the Tramp where both Lady and Tramp ate pasta together?

Source: A Tasty Life

Well, we found a pair of unlikely friends doing something real similar! See how a pet dog and parrot decide to have a share of their owner’s pasta.

I hope this has brightened up your day and maybe all of you could consider some pasta for lunch today because this certainly has made me want some pasta now! Hope this has brightened up your day and made your Monday better! Have a great week ahead!

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Friends of The Animals: 17 Beautiful Years with April by Judie Chang from Humane Society (Singapore)

For those who have loved and lost (a pet), this blog post may just bring tears to your eyes as you remember your own special moments with your pet/s. Judie, the Operations Manager from the Humane Society (Singapore) relates the beautiful years she’s had with one special friend who eventually drew her heart to the animal welfare cause.

For as long as I could remember, I have always been bringing animals home, from kittens to dogs to nestlings. I would nurse them back to health and release them when they recover. My parents have always been very supportive of my passion though my mom wasn’t always happy with the “surprises” I brought home with me. Seeing my love for animals, my dad would also bring stray dogs back, trying to gain my mom’s approval. Sadly, none of them ever became mine.

When I was 10, my mom visited her friend’s house, saw a very lovely Papillion puppy and fell in love with him. One week later, my mom asked me the ten-million-dollar question – if I would like to own a puppy. I became the happiest girl in the whole wide world that day. With a resounding “yes!”, we headed off to a friend’s pet shop on the very same day. In front of me were two puppies. I was overwhelmed and wanted to bring both home! The siblings had very diverse personalities; one was quietly seated at a corner while the other constantly hopped and yapped at me! The moment the more bubbly and playful girl came and licked my face, I was instantly sold! Only a year later did we realize we bought a Chihuahua instead of a Papillon.

I promised my parents that I would be April’s (that’s what we named her) main caregiver. I started reading up on animal behaviour and health to further understand how to take care of April. We bonded within days and she was never too far away from me. She was house-broken within a week and we then proceeded to learn basic obedience together. Wherever I went, April will be right behind my heels. Whenever April got tired, she would snuggle onto my lap and snore away.

As an only child, April became my trusty companion, sibling and confidante. I would boldly say she was everything to me. We ate, slept and spent our time together with one another – she was never far away from me.

The years slowly passed and as most teenagers would be, I became more preoccupied with spending time with my friends and other commitments. That said, April never changed. Patiently, she waited by the door each day and night for my return. For one of my school projects, I had to pursue a marketing plan on pet products. So, I started to reading all about things animal-related again. The guilt hit me as I realized I’ve neglected my dear April.

I adopted two more Chihuahua previously used in the breeding farms to keep April company and spent more time with all of them. Part of the weekly rituals was a visit to the dog run in Bishan Park. On one occasion, April introduced a dear friend to me when she “held” the hand of her son.

Well, despite my best efforts, the time soon came as April lost her battle to old age ailments. At 12, she suffered from Pyometra (womb infection) and had to go through surgery. I learnt that most unsterilised female dogs may experience womb infection in their old age. I highly recommend fellow pet owners to sterilise their dogs. Subsequently, April also had liver problem. She finally passed on at the age of 17 years old from a brain tumour.

As she left me, I promised April that I will do unto the rest of animals, those things that I did not do for her.

For my angel, teacher, guide, soul mate and my everything:

“She guided me to achieve the unthinkable.

Bringing me to heights that I would not have been if it wasn't for her.

She's a graceful warrior.

Swaying her way through the toughest battle to emerge victorious.

Standing tall and proud all her life.

Even till the very end, she refused to bow in the face of destiny.

With her, she took my thirst and sat me in my turf.”

Shortly after her passing, I quit my job and sought to work for a cause that will help improve the lives of the other animals. Here I am today, aiming to educate the public on animal-related issues and the appreciation of animals as an Operations Manager with the Humane Society (Singapore). I believe that people will start making more responsible choices about animals when they become more aware. If you’re passionate about animal welfare, join me in this cause in your own little way too.

Pet Adoption Friday: Spotty from Action for Singapore Dogs

Name: Spotty
Age: about 1 year old
Breed: Local cross
Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes

He is a very friendly boy who is intelligent and a fast learner. Good natured but can be a little playful (:

If you wish to adopt Spotty or know more about him, please contact ASD at 6100 2737 or drop us a line at

Do visit ASD’s Facebook page and website for more information.

Also, become a member of our Facebook group and keep updated with all the latest happenings on Twitter.

Responsible Pet Ownership Exhibition @ Jurong West Public Library

Photo from: The Cafe Cat

The school holidays are here again!

Spend your time with us at the AVA’s Responsible Pet Ownership exhibition at Jurong West Public Library from 16 November to 9 December 2012 to find out more about pets and their care as well as the importance of responsible pet ownership through puppet show and interactive displays!

What: RPO Exhibition
Start day and date: Friday, 16 November 2012
End day and date: Sunday, 9 December 2012
Time: 10am to 9pm, Daily
Venue: Jurong West Public Library (5 mins walk from Boon Lay MRT station)

Being a responsible pet owner begins the moment you consider bringing one home. While pets can be our companions and offer great sources of comfort, diving into pet ownership without giving it much thought is not unlike committing to a relationship that you are not exactly prepared for. Start off on the right footing in this rewarding relationship! Learn more about what pets need and how you can be a responsible pet owner at this exhibition!

Puppet Show by the MOPpets Club from Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Saturday, 24 November 2012, 2.00 – 2.30 pm, Programme Zone, Jurong West Public Library
Smudge the dog has been abandoned by his owner on earth! In the year 2253, Seb, an animal-loving alien from Planet Zuu met Smudge and decided to take him in as his pet. A seemingly good start to this fantastic relationship went a little awry when the unleashed Smudge, distracted and chasing a butterfly, ended up in the scariest house on the planet! Find out what Seb has to do to get Smudge back and learn how important it is for one to be a considerate pet owner with this puppet performance put up for you by the MOPpets Club students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. We also have goody packs* to be given away to every child who attends the puppet show. *While stocks last!

This programme is open for children aged 4 to 12 years old. Registration is required at the ekiosks or website:

Here's a peek at what happened during our last Library Exhibitions in July and March this year!

July 2012 @ Bishan Public Library

March 2012 @ Ang Mo Kio Public Library

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RPO Roadshow 2012: Post-Event Highlights! [Part 1]

It was a fantastic weekend at the Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Roadshow 2012 last Saturday and Sunday at the Singapore Expo Hall 4B! If you missed the programme on the earlier part of the first day, check out these photos that were taken while our Guest-Of-Honour, Acting Minister for Manpower and Senior Minister of State for National Development, Tan Chuan-Jin were there to launch the event!

This is Part 1 of the Post-Event Highlights!

Watch what happens when our GOH presses the button on the 'traffic light'

The light turns from red to amber and finally green to reveal the event name and logo!

GOH casting his vote for the Creative Expression Competition!

Mr Tan Chuan-Jin visited some of the Animal Welfare Groups booths! Such as...

House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

Cat Welfare Society (CWS)

He also visited the booths of our participating partners like...

Pets Enterprises and Traders Association of Singapore (PETAS)

National Parks Board (NParks)

Mr Tan tried his hands on our new set of interactive displays!

At the children's corner!

(From left to right) Dr Wong Hon Mun, Director of the Agri Establishment Regulation Department, Ms Tan Poh Hong, CEO of AVA, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Guest-Of-Honour - Acting Minister for Manpower and Senior Minister of State for National Development, Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, Chairman of AWLRC and Dr Choo Li Nah, Director of the Communications and Corporate Relations Department

We'll be back for Part 2 of the Post-Event Highlights! So make sure you stick around as we have more photos from Day 1 of the RPO Roadshow 2012 right here on Pets Central!

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Pet Care Tips: Moves like Bunny!

In last week's edition of Pet Care Tips, we talked about cats and their unique behaviour - kneading. If you missed that article, have a read here!

Rabbits, too have their own set of personalities and habits. Knowing some of their body language will definitely help you understand your rabbit better.

When you rabbit is...

Their chin contains scent glands. By rubbing their chins on particular objects is their way of gaining ownership of that object.

Standing on his hind legs
He could be on a lookout for something or he is begging for sweet treats. Remember not to feed him too much treats as it is not very healthy and could lead to obesity if overfed.

Grinding his teeth
Just like a cat's purr, this is an indication of contentment, like a cat's purr. Do take note because if the grinding gets too loud, your rabbit is probably telling you that he is in pain.

This is usually a sign of anger. Be careful not to provoke him.

There could be two meanings to this - he is either talking to you or just annoyed with you.

Doing the binky
Binky - is the way a rabbit expresses his joy and happiness. When a rabbit binkies, he jumps into the air, twists and flicks his head and feet.

Not sure how it looks like? Here's a video to show you!

Information adapted from: House Rabbit Society

Photo from: Pictures HD

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Beat the Monday Blues: Kitty Massage!

Good Monday everyone!

To chase the Monday blues away, we’ll show you a pair of interesting cats! Remember Jack Russell Jesse that could do chores from two weeks ago? Well, here is a cat that knows how to give a good massage!

Doesn’t the cat getting massaged look so comfortable! If you have a cat that kneads you too, you’re in luck because she’s totally in love with you! Have a good Monday and a great and effective week ahead!

We will also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Hindu friends a very Happy Deepavali (:

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RPO Roadshow 2012: Pre-Event Highlights! [Part 2]

We are back with Part 2 of our Pre-Event Highlights!

Yesterday we highlighted to you some of the programmes happening on both Saturday and Sunday for the pet owners and the children.

But what's in store for the non-pet owners? Or are you currently facing pet issues with your neighbours? Don't fret as we have the following programmes specially for you!

If you are a...Non-Pet Owner

Sunday, 11 Nov, 6pm, Stage
Pets and the Wild by NParks
Releasing pets/animals in our nature reserves, parks, waterways, and reservoirs....Do you know what consequences this irresponsible act can cause?

Saturday and Sunday, 10 Nov and 11 Nov, 4pm, Seminar Room
Wild Animals Belong in the Wild! by ACRES
A talk on why we should never keep exotic wild animals as pets!

If you issues with your neighbours

Sunday, 11 Nov, 3pm, Seminar Room
Resolving animal issues in our community humanely and amicably by CWS
There are animal lovers and non-animal lovers in our community. Learn how we can share our community spaces for the good of everyone, our family, our neighbours and our animals!

If you are a...Bird lover!

Saturday, 10 Nov, 3.30pm, Stage
Creating Fun Time For Your Pet Parrots by Jurong Bird Park
Known to have an intelligence level of a three-year-old child, parrots require a daily dose of brain and locomotive stimuli to keep their minds healthy. Get to know why and how to keep your smart little pals from developing boredom by learning how to make simple toys for them.

Saturday and Sunday, 10 Nov and 11 Nov, 3.30pm and 4.30pm, Seminar Room
Birds Flying Demo by PETAS
Known to have an intelligence level of a three-year-old child, parrots require a daily dose of brain and locomotive stimuli to keep their minds healthy. Get to know why and how to keep your smart little pals from developing boredom by learning how to make simple toys for them.


We have a BRAND NEW premium that you can bring home!

If you would like to get your hands on this beautiful Passholder and Lanyard set that was designed EXCLUSIVELY for this Roadshow, make sure you head down to Singapore Expo Hall 4B this Saturday, 10 November and Sunday, 11 November from 11am to 8pm!

If you missed our Part 1 feature yesterday, you can read it here.

Also, meet the pets that will be up for adoption this weekend. View their profiles on our Pet Adoption Friday: RPO Roadshow 2012 Special!

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Catch our live updates from the roadshow on our AVA Facebook page tomorrow!

Pet Adoption Friday: Animals up for adoption at the RPO Roadshow @ Singapore Expo Hall 4B this weekend!

As promised, today's edition of Pet Adoption Friday is a very special one!

The RPO Roadshow 2012 at Singapore Expo is happening this weekend. Let's get to know some of the animals that you will get to meet at the Roadshow and hopefully open your home to!

From Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

Name: Tiny
Date of Birth: July 2012
Gender: Female
Breed: Local cross
Size (full grown): Medium
History: Tiny is one of a litter of seven puppies found at factory in Tuas
Personality: Tiny may be small but she is no pushover and holds her own among her sisters. She has a mind of her own but she listens well and understands what to do very quickly. She also loves being carried.

Good with Children: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Toilet trained: In progress
Understand basic commands: In progress
Health: Good
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: Not yet (She has to once she's turned 6-months-old)

Name: Yasmin
Date of Birth: June 2012
Gender: Female
Breed: Local cross
Size (full grown): Medium
History: Yasmin was rounded up together with a few other dogs and puppies at Yishun Park and sent to the AVA
Personality: Yasmin is a very sweet puppy and is very affectionate towards her caregivers. She is attentive and loves to play with other dogs. She has a wonderful temperament and is well behaved all the time. Yasmin is a very smart puppy and will make a great companion for anyone.

Good with Children: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Toilet trained: Yes, she does her business on the newspapers in her fosterer's home.
Understand basic commands: In progress
Health: Good
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: Not yet (She has to once she is 6-months-old)

From Animal Lovers League (ALL)

Name: Whitey
Gender: Female
Breed: Cross Breed
Size: Medium
Health: Good
Age: 7 Years Old
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: Yes
Basic Commands: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Good w/ Pets: Yes
History: She was rescued from the streets
Personality: Whitey is affectionate, sweet and a gentle lady. She came in shy and unwilling to allow human touch. She has since blossomed into a lovely lady

Nala & Roscoe were found starving and thirsty. Nala is gentle and super affectionate, whilst Roscoe is still wary of humans and will take a while to warm up. Both are 3 months, vaccinated, chipped

Enquiry - Contact us @ 96973491 or 97937162 or email Please provide us with information about your housing, family and other pets if any.

From Cat Welfare Society (CWS)

Name: Good-Boy
Age: 4 months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color: Tabby

Name: Guffy
Age: 1 year 10 months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color: Ginger
Description: Guffy is very affectionate. He simply loves being with people and is especially good with children. He gets along well with other cats too. He is sterilised and vaccinated. Besides looking very cute, Guffy also has a perfect long tail.

From House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)

Name: Rusty & Patch
Gender: Rusty is a Male and Patch is a Female
Age: 2 years
Sterilised: Yes
Littertrained: Yes

These 2 lovely lop rabbits were given up by their teenage owner and needs to have a forever home to call their own. They are a bonded pair and has to be fostered and adopted together.

Rusty (the little boy on the left) has a splayed front legs, despite that is still a sweetheart and adorable little boy. They are good kids who yearn for a loving home together.

From Humane Society Singapore (HSS)

Name: BearBear (Black tann)
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog Mix (Not HDB-approved)
Medical: Heartworm negative
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: Yes

About her:
A van stopped outside an office in Lim Chu Kang and "dropped" BearBear off. She used to wait till she is let out of the office to do her business. However, as time went, the staffs were too busy to walk her and she had since forgotten her potty training. However, BearBear still remembers to sit whenever she sees the leash! She is extremely sweet and loves everyone. During her time with us, we realised that she is good with dogs of all sizes and children too. At the age of 4, she still thinks she is a puppy and love to play. Despite being a playful girl, she is also easily contented just being by your side.

Name: Jerry (White)
Age: 7 months old
Gender: Male
Breed: Local (Not HDB-approved)
Medical: Heartworm negative
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: Yes

About Jerry:
Jerry and his 7 siblings came on a rainy day. Unfortunately, one of his siblings did not make it. Leaving him the only white one among them all. Being a puppy, he is always seeking for attention. He needs lots of toys to help him with his itchy teeth as he is still teething. Among all the puppies, he is the most clueless and always gets bullied by the rest. However, when it comes to food, he used to be a fighter as he was the smallest of the litter.

From the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

Animal name: Wa Wa (Hamster)
Breed: Winter White
Sex: Female
Colour: Grey
Age: 1-year-old

Wa Wa the grey Winter White is a cute little pudding with character. She might not like to be handled but is an inquisitive little lady that packs lots of energy. You will spend hours on end watching her climbing, nibbling and zooming around her cage. This petite girlie is a bundle of amusing fun!

Name: Ynes
Breed: Cross breed
Sex: Female
Colour: Brown
Age: 3 months-old

3-month-old Puppy Ynes and a couple of her buddies will be making an appearance at the AVA roadshow at the Expo this weekend. Wonderfully cuddly but still puppy playful, Ynes will need quite a bit of attention and training to teach her the finer way to being an obedient dog. With her intelligence and willingness to please, Ynes will grow up to be a well behaved and super fun companion.

From Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD)

Name: Sonia & Joey
Colour: Black
Age: 5 months
Gender: Female

About Sonia and Joey:
Sonia and Joey were found alone by themselves along a busy street when they were mere months old. They are rather quiet girls with a very sweet and easy-going nature. Joey and Sonia loves being around children and other dogs. Their early socialization with their fosterer's cats have made them fond of their companionship too. They may be somewhat shy with strangers at first but once they have warmed up, their sweet and loving nature will shine through.

Now that you've read all their profiles, are you excited to meet them? Well, you've got to wait till tomorrow! The animal friends you see above will be at the Roadshow at the respective Animal Welfare Group's booths. (:

Don't miss the RPO Roadshow 2012 @ Singapore Expo Hall 4B tomorrow and Sunday, 10 and 11 November 2012 from 11am to 8pm! See you there!

RPO Roadshow 2012: Pre-Event Highlights! [Part 1]

We are just days away from this year's most EPIC event - RPO Roadshow 2012!!!

When: Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11 November 2012
What Time: 11am to 8pm
Where: Singapore Expo Hall 4B

There's something for everyone! Here's a look at the programme highlights:

If you are a...Dog Owner

Saturday and Sunday, 10 Nov and 11 Nov, 5.30pm, Stage
A Healthy, Happy Dog: Proper care and nutrition in the Home by ASD

Learn what makes a good diet, as well as how to prevent major diseases and employ a natural holistic approach to your dog's health.

Saturday and Sunday, 10 Nov and 11 Nov, 6pm and 1pm, Stage
Preventing Dog Bites, Fights and Attacks by German Sheperd Dog Club
Find about the common causes of dog bites/fights, and how you can protect yourself and your dog from getting hurt. Owners with aggressive dogs will also get to learn how to control their dogs!

Sunday, 11 Nov, 5pm, Seminar Room
Dog Grooming by PETAS

Free basic grooming sessions for dogs and cats on a first-come-first-served basis (:

Saturday, 10 Nov, 3.30pm, Pet Arena
Stars for the Day by SKC
Open to dog owners of pure-bred dogs. The top 4 dogs will be Stars for the Day!

If you are a...Cat Owner

Saturday and Sunday, 10 Nov and 11 Nov, 3pm and 3.30pm, Seminar Room
Happy Healthy Cats by CWS
Common cat ailments, healthy optimum diet for cats and dispelling common cat misconceptions are just some of the key points that will be shared by seasoned and senior cat caregivers!

Sunday, 11 Nov, 2.30pm, Seminar Room
We Love Cats by SPCA
Kittens and cats make wonderful pets but these cuties require a lot of time and effort to take care of. Find out more about the responsibility it takes and how you can make sure that your furry friend will be a happy feline. Pick up valuable tips that you won't find in books!

If you are a...Rabbit Owner

Saturday and Sunday, 10 Nov and 11 Nov, 4.30pm and 12.30pm, Seminar Room
Rabbits 101: Handling, Massage and Q & A by HRSS
Learn the basics of caring for and grooming your bunny friend! Besides simple handling, let us show you how massage soothes a rabbit too!

If you are...Young or (young at heart!)

Saturday and Sunday, 10 Nov and 11 Nov, 6.30pm and 12.30pm, Stage
Love Your Pets by Students from SOTA
Sing-along and learn what it takes to take care of a pet! Suitable for both the young and the young at heart (:

Saturday, 10 Nov, 1pm, Pet Arena
Walk with your Canine Citizen by SKC
Children (above 10 years old) can learn how to walk their dogs with proper control, followed by a mini competition.

Are you hyped up for the event already? Tomorrow, we will be back with Part 2 of the Pre-Event Highlights along with a very special edition of our popular Pet Adoption Friday series! Plus, a sneak peek of what you can get your hands on when you come to the roadshow this weekend!

So bring your family and friends to join us at the roadshow! We welcome your animal friends too!

Admission is free!

See you there (:

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BRAND NEW - Harmony In The 'Hood game!

Our brand new microsite game is now available for all of you to play!

Play as Jasmine and follow her on an adventure towards becoming a Responsible Pet Owner!

Collect as many points as you can and don't forget to submit your name on the leader board at the end of the game (:

Your journey starts right here!

Have fun!

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Special Feature: Pets in Art - Good Game

Hello everyone!

This week in Pets in Art, I decided to put my Blackberry to the test and tried to take some pictures and edit them in the phone and the result was way better than I expected! Have a look! This' my friend's dog, GG! We had a gathering at her place and while we were there we played with GG and after a game of tug of war with her, I managed to get this shot! I'm dedicating today's poem to GG.

Good Game

No one knows why you're named like this, though they say you were picked before you ended up on the street

Perhaps it's because of what we're about to see, in a bout round one two three

I tugged it once, you followed me, you did the same though my hands forbid

I took the rope, you stood your ground, I pulled harder, your fight got tough

Soon I tried to zip it up, to declare the natural victor in myself

But you tightly clenched your mouth, a fist relentless until the final bout

Perhaps I see where you got your name, birth in an attitude that never says good game

By Eugene Ko

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Pet Care Tips: Is there a need to knead?


Kneading - a motion that cats make by pushing in and out with their paws, alternating between right and left.
Cats are known to be one of the most interesting pets around. Their behaviour can sometimes be so unique that they are recognised as a uniquely-feline trait.

Do you know?
The motion is termed as kneading as it resembles that of a person kneading dough to make pastries. This motion is usually performed on soft surfaces like pillows, comforters and even on the owner's lap.

The question is, why do they knead?

1) There are different beliefs as to why this rather kittenish behaviour follows them through adulthood. One rather outdated theory proclaims that cats that knead were separated from or weaned from their mother too early, and therefore continue the kittenish behaviour into adulthood. But then again, nearly all adult cats knead, regardless of how or when they weaned.

2) Another theory suggests that that back in the days when wild cats had to pat the tall grasses or shredded leaves down to make a nice comfortable bedding. Times have changed and this behaviour continues to become a natural part of a cat's instinct.

3) Cats have scent glands in the soft pads on the bottoms of their paws. When they knead, some of their unique scent is released onto the surface being kneaded, and that scent serves as a territorial marker for any unfamiliar cats that might come along and try to stake a claim. So when your cat is kneading your lap, he's not only telling you he feels comfortable and secure, but he's claiming you as his own. Do remember to keep his claws trimmed if your cat kneads your lap frequently.

4) Some female cats will knead frequently when they are in heat. This acts as a signal to male cats of her willingness and ability to mate. In order to gain the attention of the male cats, the females will tend to make loud, persistent yowls, pace restlessly and becomes extremely affectionate. Some may even mark areas of your house with urine. If you noticed that your cat has the following symptoms, take action and bring it to the vet for sterilisation. Sterilisation is a healthy procedure and pets that are steriilised live longer and are healthier.

You can find out more information on sterilisation by clicking here.


If you find it a little uncomfortable when your cats knead on you, here are some tricks that might help:

1) Lay your cat down gently into a lying position so he settles down and goes to sleep
2) Gently holding his front paws together
3) Petting him
4) Distracting him with a toy or a treat

The information above is adapted from: Catster

Photo from: Kitty Catty

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Beat the Monday Blues: "White Knuckles" music video by OK Go!

Hey everyone out there!

Here's something to help you beat the blues out of your Monday! Today, let's look at this incredible music video produced by the band Ok Go! They are the ones who sang you the new Muppets theme song too. So without any further ado, let's just watch the video, shall we?

Aren't these dogs intelligent and oh-so-entertaining! And did you spot the goat? Hopefully this has brightened your day! Have a great week ahead!

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Friends of The Animals: The Spy Who Loves Me

You've read about pet cats, dogs and rodents. In this week's "Friends of the Animals", we have Spy, a little birdy belonging to Lye Fong Keng from the Wildlife Section, telling us more about life as a pet bird. (We hear it involves throwing bottle-caps and landing on people's heads!)

Hi guys, my name is Spy and I'm a peach-faced lovebird, Agapornis roseicollis, a non-CITES species (owner's occupational hazard!). My owner has previously kept a hamster, cherry shrimps and fishies like guppies, fighting fishies, angel fishies and parrot fishies but never a parrot, so she decided to keep a small parrot for a change.

Ain't I cute?

My wild ancestors lived in Africa but I was born to a parrot breeder in Singapore. At 2 months old after I was weaned, my owner brought me home. The day was 10 December 2011.

I was to be named Kiwi, for being green and golden (orange) color. But I like to snoop around the house and check out on what the human folks do, so I have been named Spy instead (although lately, my owner has been calling me naughty naughty more).

What do you do with a naughty escape artiste?!

I am a small birdie with a big personality (and an attitude). I am curious, intelligent, friendly and playful. I need lots of birdie toys (new ones please!) to keep me busy every day. My daily diet consists of a mix of seeds, millets and pellets, fresh clean water supplemented with multi-vitamins and baby carrots. I also like to eat bananas and berries and occasionally, I would steal bread from my owner's breakfast! Sometimes, I can be a little fussy and not accept any new type of food.

My wet look after a bath!

To keep my feathers in good condition, I would bathe in the bath dish once a week. If I am in a bad mood and refuse to bathe, my owner would mist me instead. After my bath, I would perch on the couch and ruffle my feathers to shake off the excess water (oh, I do this on my owner's shoulders too!). This would be followed by a little sunning to dry my feathers. Meanwhile, the mess in my cage would be cleaned up and it would be nice and comfortable for my afternoon nap!

Every day, I look forward to seeing my owner come home as I will be out of the cage to catch my evening flights. This exercise helps to strengthen my wings and I can land on my owner's head like a helicopter (naughty naughty...!)! It is mighty tough to catch me but my owner always has a way to trick me back into the cage. She thinks I am a screaming monster whenever I make loud shrieking calls to get attention. Now, my owner is teaching me to whistle softly so that I am more disciplined with my manners! Though I am not a talking parrot like my cousins, I can squawk and vocalise strange sounds like squeaking, clicking and giggling!

Showing off my collection of bottle-caps!

I enjoy learning new tricks and playing with my toys such as the swing, bell, chewing wooden blocks, watching "the other birdie" in the mirror, shredding paper and nipping drinking straws. Now I also have a collection of colourful recycled bottle-caps with which I would flip around or throw and roll on the floor. I would bob my head up and down in excitement when the bottle-caps hit some "targets"! It is equally entertaining to see my owner picking them up one by one! I enjoy watching Youtube clips of my own species on the iPad. Sometimes, I also explore my owner's iPhone and don't tell anyone I chewed on the casing so hard that it has cracked!

My dream is to be featured on AnimalPlanet some day so that more people can learn about my species and my cousin parrots. I wish that all the folks out there who keep pets would be responsible and shower us with Tender Loving Care!

Me with Big Bird and Birdy (I don't mix with the Angry Birds!)

Pet Adoption Friday: Ned, Noel and Paz from SPCA

Hi Everyone! I'm Ned!

...I'm Noel!

And I'm Paz!

Gender: Males
Breed: Cross Breeds
Colour: Black/White
Age: 4 months old

Ned, Noel and Paz came in together and are now in the adoption shelter. They are gentle, curious, affectionate and super playful. They can be very satisfied just lying on a nice warm lap and enjoying a great cuddle. However, as their teeth are growing, they can be a little mouthy (which is normal for puppies). To help them get through this phase, the provision of chew toys and hard treats is essential. And of course lots of tender loving care. These munchkins are not HDB approved and they can be adopted separately.

If you would like to adopt Ned, Noel and Paz please call SPCA's adoption hotline at 6287 5355 ext 24 or visit the shelter during their opening hours.

To visit SPCA's website, click here.

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