Friends of The Animals : From Smuggled to Homed

Hi all, ready for a new "Friends of the Animals" post? In our latest post, our colleague, Janice Yap from the Wildlife Section shares how she came to adopt a puppy and her experiences as a first time pet owner. Happy reading!

Look into my eyes...

My family and I sometimes feel that Brownie is quite fortunate to be with us. Then again, he has brought us more joy and laughter than we could have ever expected.

Although I used to have the urge to get a small pet that is easy to maintain (like maybe a rabbit), the thought of adopting a dog never crossed my mind. My mum would have never allowed me to keep a dog as my younger brother has asthma. The amount of time and commitment required to accompany a dog and thoughts about bathing it and cleaning its waste also put me off.

Brownie and me

I met Brownie for the first time when some smuggled puppies were sent to our quarantine station. As Brownie was one of the more active puppies and he would come up to me for treats, I became fond of him. I tried brushing off the idea of having him as a companion, but he kept popping into my mind. I thought really long and hard about adopting Brownie as keeping a pet is not just about fun and play, but responsibilities as well. The days grew into weeks but I still couldn't get Brownie out of my mind. After weighing the factors, I finally found the courage to adopt him. It was a long struggle while waiting for Brownie's adoption day as I still had doubts if I could give him a good home.

Brownie when he first arrived at my place

The day I brought Brownie home was nerve-wrecking. When my mum saw Brownie, she was not pleased that I did not discuss the adoption with her. As I had researched a fair bit on dogs, I tried to convince her that Brownie doesn't shed and I would be responsible for his welfare. It didn't help that Brownie was initially withdrawn and behaved very differently compared to when he was at our quarantine station). He just laid in a corner and looked unhappy. I was disheartened. Was adopting Brownie a mistake? However, I soon learnt that all it took was a little patience for Brownie to be accepted as a member the family. Brownie is now loved by all of us, including my mum! My parents now treat him like a son. (Sorry bro, think Brownie has taken over your place.)

Poodle means 'puddle' but he is afraid of water!

There were other things that didn't go well for the first few months. I had to learn Brownie's habits, find food suitable for him and most importantly, toilet-train him! I had to keep him in a playpen for the first few weeks until he was trained to release in the pee-tray. He is now a cleanliness freak. He will refuse to step into the pee-tray to pee if there are droppings on the tray. I have bought a second pee-tray for him so that he can pee and poop in separate trays. (This also means that I have to wash 2 pee-trays.)


Initially, Brownie often skipped his meals, vomited frequently and had on-and-off diarrhea. His health problems made my family worried, especially my parents. My parents would report Brownie's condition to me every day. Despite being on 4 types of medicines, Brownie did not fully recover until a vet advised us to stop giving him treats as the treats had led to Brownie skipping his meals. My parents learnt to stop spoiling Brownie with treats and he soon recovered.

What am I supposed to do with that thing?

A pet is like a friend that doesn't speak. Brownie uses his eyes and body language to communicate. He shows his emotions through his movements and his "woofy" language. It is a joy and wonder to be with Brownie every day as I learn something new about Brownie and he learns something new as well. I have tried to teach him stuff. He understands terms like 'bone bone' (his chew bone), 'NO' (a negative command) and 'bye bye' (to attract his attention). However, once when I said, 'ball ball', he brought me 3 different balls each time. Sometimes, I have to wonder if he really understands what we are saying as he looks at us with his intelligent bright eyes.

Brownie may not be able to perform tricks but he is the best pet that I can ever have. Every day he will wait faithfully for me to return home. (Like Hachiko!) No matter how late I am, he will still wait for me at the door. The moment he hears my keys, he will bark. When I open the door, he will jump around me like a little lamb and try to kiss me!

I hope all pet owners can put themselves in the 'paws' of their pets and treat them like how you would want to be treated. He may be just a pet but I am his Everything. (:

Pet Adoption Friday: Faith from Save Our Street Dogs

Have a litte Faith in me (:

Faith: [noun]: confidence or trust in a person or thing.

Faith's her name. And right now, what this girl needs most is a kind soul who is able to restore her confidence and trust in all that's good.

Someone who would shower her with undivided love, care, and attention. Someone who would acknowledge her faith in humankind despite all that she has gone through.

This is Faith's story. She was from SPCA months ago together with her four adorable pups. All of her babies have found homes since, but it is their mom who got left behind. Days of waiting have since turned into months.

Faith is still stranded at the kennels, pining for the day when she'll find a doting owner and a conducive home. Might you be the one? Faith adores human companionship very much, and you can count on her inexhaustible tail-wags when she greets you every single time!

Breed: Local Cross

Age: 2.5 years old (female)

Size (Full Grown): Medium

Personality: Friendly and affectionate.

Characteristics: Very good with humans; gets on well/playful with dogs.

Toilet trained: Outdoors

Health: Good

Vaccinated: Yes

Sterilized: Yes

Special Needs: None

If you would like to embrace Faith as your lifelong companion, please kindly email

To visit Save Our Street Dogs' page, click here.

This information is also available on our A Pet is For Life Facebook Group. Join us!

Book Review: "Let's Get A Pup!" Said Kate by Bob Graham

For ages: 3 and up


After the death of her beloved cat, Kate needs a new companion to fill her emptiness. That is when her parents decide to take her to a nearby animal shelter to adopt a new pet. She wants a dog this time. After looking at the different kinds of dogs there, Kate had her eyes set on an adorable little puppy and later gave the name, Dave. As they were leaving the shelter, the family sees a dog that was much older and bigger but managed to steal their hearts. At one hand they only wanted a pet. On the other, they couldn't resist the other dog they just saw. Is the family going to include another member into their family? Or are they going to return Dave back to the shelter and get the new dog instead?

Rating: 4 paws up!

This is a must read for all ages. As the story is set in a modern day culture, it is not difficult to relate. Illustrations are pleasant to the eyes with close to realistic depictions of the characters such as the parents having piercings and tattoos. You can also expect lots of humour in this read. To sum it up, it is a book that you will want to read it over and over again!

This book is available for loan at your nearest library! Click here to check for availability.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Our "Animals & Our Community" event that was held on the 9th and 10th June made its way into the pages of MediaCorp's 8 Days and i-Weekly magazines! Here's a peek at the articles!

Click on the images for a larger view!

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of 8 Days and i-Weekly available at all newsstands now!

Beat the Monday Blues: Dog and Man do squats

In today's Beat the Monday Blues video, we meet with a brilliant dog who enjoys working out with his owner. Click the play button to find out!

If you ever need an exercise buddy, you know who to look for!

Pet Adoption Friday: Daisy from Noah's Ark CARES

"Hi! My name's Daisy! I'm as pretty as the flower (:"

About Daisy
Sweet and 'manja' Daisy had to leave her owner when he passed on due to an accident. She was then adopted but was given up 6 months later as the adopter had to re-locate for work. Daisy is now at a boarding place but she longs so much for a home!

Daisy wags her tail so hard every time she sees the care takers walking towards her boarding place as she know that she will be hugged, kissed and walked - she will feel loved again.

Daisy however, needs to be the only dog in the household or be around smaller-sized dogs.

Gender: Female

Breed: Local Cross with Wired-hair Terrier

Age: 3 - 4 years old

Size (Full Grown): Medium

Personality: Playful and happy.

Characteristics: Good with smaller-sized dogs and children

Health: Good

Vaccinated: Yes

Sterilized: Yes

Special Needs: None

Interested parties please email to or pass the word around! Thank you!

To visit Noah's Ark CARES page, click here.

This information is also available on our A Pet is For Life Facebook Group. Join us!

Ready, get set, ...and back to SCHOOL!!!

"Let's should I start writing this post...? Meowwww..."

Hello everybody!

Is it me or did one month of school holidays just go by? Time really flies when you're having fun! How did you spend your June holidays? We sure hope you did not miss out on our "Animals & Our Community" event which was held at Jurong Point on the 9 and 10 of June 2012. What a weekend it was! Oh, I'm pretty sure that for some of you that did not go on vacation, you were probably mugging hard for your exams especially if you're having your PSLE, "N" or "O" levels this year. All the best!

Now that you're going back to school, did you manage to clock your CIP hours? If you haven't, how about joining us as a RPO Student Ambassador? Not only do you get to earn your CIP hours, you will also be recognised separately as a RPO Student Ambassador!

We are running a programme called the "Student Ambassador Programme" which comprises of a half-day training course and after that you have the option of choosing one of the two tracks: community service or project. If you wish, you may also choose to do both.

This programme aims to encourage and involve students in creating animal welfare and responsible pet ownership awareness amongst their peers, families and the community.

We want YOU to join our programme if you are:

For Community Service Track

- Willing to commit at least 10 hours of community service during the year of participation
- Able to commit time on weekends for duty

For Project Track

- Able to propose and follow through with a project that would increase the public's awareness about responsible pet ownership (RPO)

Ambassadors may:

- Contribute articles and/or photos and have it featured on our official Pet Central blog

- Interact with the public by providing information through games and interactive exhibits at our RPO Roadshows

- Get involve in our library activities

- Work on ideas that help spread the RPO message

You will also receive allowances when you volunteer in our community outreach events. So you don't have to worry about meals and transport (:

At the end of the programme, all your efforts are recognised when we have the Ambassador Appreciation Day ceremony. This is to award students who have completed at least 10 hours of service in the RPO Student Ambassador Programme. You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and your school will also receive a plaque for supporting AVA's responsible pet ownership public education efforts.

When you have become an ambassador with us, you will get information on our Responsibility Pet Ownership (RPO) resources and get first hand news with regards to our community events, collaterals, and much more!

You can find more information about the programme here!

Before school starts on Monday, make sure you have everything prepared! Don't wait till Sunday night to finish your holiday assignments!

See you next time!

Vote for your favourite photo!

We hope you were there with us for our first roadshow at Jurong Point Shopping Centre on 9 and 10 June! Co-organised by Jurong Point, AVA and Cat Welfare Society, there was plenty of fun and learning for everyone. There's also a photo contest and we've picked out our top 10 photographs.

Now, all we need you to do is to cast your vote for your favourite photo!

Here's the instructions

Send an SMS to 73388 with the following format:

e.g. IH Ans S1234567A Jasmine Lee F

Submission period: 17 June to 24 June 2012

Hurry! Don't wait! Vote for your favourite photo now!

To view photos of the event, please click the following links:

Day 1

Day 2

Pets & Family Event @ Pek Kio CC on Sunday, 24th June 2012

What are you doing this Sunday? If you have nothing planned, why not head down to Pek Kio Community Centre for the Pets & Family event!

Join us at this exciting event!

There will be games with great prizes to be won! There is also a talk by Dr Gianuario Marotta (DVM, MRCV, Senior Veterinary Surgeon) on animals!

If you think your pets have what it takes to win the title of Funniest Pets, Best Tricks and Most Photogenic, bring them along and sign them up for the competition! Owners and the competing pet will only have to pay $10 (inclusive of a goodie bag, game prizes, pet food and photo taking).

If you're coming as an audience, admission fee is just $5! Refreshments will be provided.

There will also be a photographer on-site so you can take pictures with your pets.

The Pet Central crew will also be there to share with you all you need to know about being a responsible pet owner! Don't forget to say hi to us =^_^=

See you at the event! (:

Beat the Monday Blues: Harry the Hamster spells "I Love You"

It's time for another video in our Beat the Monday Blues series!

Today, we meet with Harry the Hamster! Unlike other hamsters, Harry has an amazing talent that will sure to impress you! Watch this video and be amazed!

We hope it's not too late to wish all the daddies out there a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
Although it's being celebrated only once a year, lets make everyday, Father's Day by showing your love to the most important man in our lives (:

Oxbow Small Animals Carnival: The Little Ones

In the past few posts, you have seen some of the common house pets featured here. They are mostly cats and dogs.

Let us now turn the spotlight on our little animal friends! How much or how little do you know about the rabbit, guinea pig and hamster? Find out more about them at Pet Central!


They belong to a group of animals called lagomorphs. They have a good sense of smell and hearing which help them to find food and escape from predators.

Guinea Pigs

They are a type of rodent just like hamsters and chinchillas. They are social animals that are generally friendly and rarely bites.

Common species of Hamsters


There are four common types of hamsters. Syrian hamsters are usually larger in size than the rest of the hamster family. Hamsters are very popular as they are generally easier to care for.

Want to see more of these adorable creatures? Join us at the Oxbow Small Animals Carnival this Sunday, 17 June 2012 at Serangoon CC. It's going to be a fun-filled day for you and your family. See you there!

An event not to be missed!

Friends of The Animals : How Not to Adopt a Dog

Hi all, it's time for the latest "Friends of the Animals" blogpost! This time round, our colleague, Dr Kelvin Lim from the Food Establishment Regulation Department, shares his bittersweet experiences on dog adoption.

Dogs are my favourite animals and I have longed for one since young. When I was finally able to keep one, I wanted to adopt a dog as there are many animals out there that need a home.

I met Chimes when I was a university student in Australia. Chimes was a Chihuahua/Fox Terrier/Blue Heeler cross. (That combination alone should have set my alarm bells ringing!) My friend told me that their family pet had an unplanned pregnancy and the family was trying to find good homes for the new puppies. Chimes was one of those puppies.

At that time, I thought that it was a good opportunity to adopt a little puppy that needed a home. I took him in without knowing how he would turn out. Chimes was cute, cuddly and extremely curious about the world around him. He loved playing tag with his chew toy. However, things started going terribly wrong when Chimes became a teenager.

He grew much larger than I had expected. The terrier and blue heeler blood in him made him a very high energy dog. As my hectic schedule did not allow me to give him sufficient stimulation, his pent-up energy led to behavioural problems such as biting and excessive barking. To make matters worse, his excessive barking made my neighbours really angry. A year later, I was at my wits' end. Eventually, I had to make a painful decision... Chimes was not the right dog for me. Or rather, I was not the owner that he deserved.

Eventually, I found a family who had a huge backyard for Chimes to play in and family members who could stay at home for the most part of the day with him. When I finally said a tearful goodbye to him, I felt so guilty...It shouldn't have been like this, but I knew this was what was best for him.

Although I continue to love dogs, I became wary of commitment. What if I could not provide a good home for a dog again? It was only much later that my wife and I decided that we were ready to provide a home for another dog.

This is Jolie, our 4-year-old mini dachshund in an extremely un-glam sleeping position. (I hope she doesn't see this blog post!) I'm not sure if "mini" is the correct term to describe her. She weighs about 7kg, which is big for a mini and small for a standard. She could be called a "Tweenie", or a giant mini dachshund, or a mini standard dachshund. I haven't figured that out yet!

She belonged to a family that, due to an unforeseen change in circumstances, was not able give her enough attention. The family had no choice but to lock her up in a cage for extended periods of time. Jolie's situation reminded me of my past mistake with Chimes. Jolie deserved a second chance. And this time, I made sure I did my homework.

Even before meeting Jolie, I did extensive research on dachshunds. I read online articles, magazines, visited forums and spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos on dachshunds. Before officially adopting her, I went to Jolie's place to play with her, take her out for walks and spend some time getting to know about her from her owner. I asked the owner about her temperament, how she related to other animals and if she had any peculiarities. I also found out that my neighbours were dog lovers themselves and would welcome the new addition to our family.

This is her "looking-cute-is-a-full-time-job-and-I-demand-cuddles-as-remuneration" look.

When she first came home with us, she was really skinny. She also had toilet training issues and plenty of bad habits. She was used to doing her business in her cage, which made it difficult to toilet-train her. She constantly barked and whined for attention, especially when we had to leave her alone at home. However, my wife and I were determined to make this work. Right from the start, we dedicated our holidays and weekends to train her. We spent quality time with her while making sure she knew who's boss. We also invited friends and family over to play with her to help her overcome her antisocial behavior, which resulted from her time in a cage alone. After months of endless floor mopping and disciplining, coupled with the support of family and friends, she is a changed dog.

Now, Jolie no longer barks for attention. She has learnt not only to trust people but also to solicit cuddles and belly-rubs from them. She loves going for walks and can jump really high for a mini dachshund! Her favourite game is fetch, except that she usually catches the object before it lands. We also discovered that she came pre-trained with commands like "sit", "stay" and "paw". Awesome! She has become a really "chill-out" dog and likes lazing around like a cat, which makes me wonder if she has an identity crisis. At the recent AVA "Animals & Our Community" road show, she won a prize in the game for cats where she enthusiastically jumped and reached for a toy mouse. (And lost in the game for dogs!)

I still think about Chimes occasionally and hope that he is happy living with his new family. Everyone makes mistakes but I am just glad that I had a second chance to have Jolie to brighten up my family members' lives. Keeping a pet is not easy but with patience and love, the companionship a dog can provides more than makes up for it.

Pet Adoption Friday: Sunday from Humane Society Singapore

Hi, will you take me home?

A year ago, Sunday was found by the kerb of the slip road of Tampines Express (TPE) leading to Pasir Ris. We believe that she was hit by a vehicle judging from the wounds that she sustained.

The vet suspected that there could be spinal/nerve damage and Sunday might not be able to walk again. However, the staffs and volunteers at Mutts & Mittens did not give up on her. They began to swim her 3 times a week. Thanks to their committed loving care, Sunday was able to stand about a week later and in 2 weeks, she started taking small steps.

Today, not only is Sunday happily running about, she gallops! We are still working with Sunday to swim her weekly and to regain her confidence. Once she starts to trust, she's more than a bundle of joy!

Gender: Female

Breed: Local Cross

Age: 2 years old

Size (Full Grown): Medium (Not suitable for HDB flats unfortunately)

Personality: Playful and happy.


Good with other dogs: Yes

Toilet trained: Outdoors only

Health: Good

Vaccinated: Yes

Sterilized: Yes

Special Needs: None

If you think you will love them well and provide them with a home, do drop HSS an email at

To visit HSS' page and look at other animals up for adoption, click here.

This information is also available on our A Pet is For Life Facebook Group. Join us!

Beat the Monday Blues: Cookie the Little Penguin

Meet Cookie!

Now we know that animals like penguins are not exactly pets but this is just too adorable to miss. Watch the video and you will see why! (:

Warning: Cuteness Overload

Animals & Our Community @ Jurong Point! (Updated 11 June 2012)

"I'm not ready for a real hamster so I made myself a 3D paper model hamster instead!"

Storytelling session for the children.

Meet our rabbit friends - F4!

Ready for some grooming!

One of the Jurong pt mascots that made an appearance during the event.

Making her very own 3D model.

Celebrity Chua En Lai was also there to show us his dog!

"Good doggie!"

Put your paw up!

Small dog. Big dog.

One word: Princess.

We spotted this cutie!

"Did I hear somebody call my name?"

Meet Tuxedo! He is one obedient dog!

"You got me begging you for Mercy, Mercy!" (yes, her name's Mercy)

Love at first sight?

Meet Socks! She is one adorable kitty!

"Oh Kitty, what big ears you have!"

The award for the cats with the coolest names goes to...(see picture for answers)!

"Give me! Give me!"

"What are you looking at?"

"We are two of a kind!"

One of the cats that were up for adoption.

Spotted: Cat in la la land...

"Look at what I get to bring home!"

One of the educational boards on display during the event, from which visitors can learn more on the theme "Animals & Our Community"!

He sure looks happy!

You know what they say...a dog is a man's best friend...

Animals & Our Community @ Jurong Point! (Updated 9th June 2012)

Our Guest of Honour, Mr Cedric Foo giving his opening address at the event launch!

"Look at my pet hamster! Isn't he cute?"

Children having fun with colouring at the kids corner!

Mr Bernard Yeo from Awesome Pawsome together with his babies Rocky and Zena.

Visitors playing games and winning prizes at our outdoor booth.

"Today I don't feel like doing anything..."

"Hi, my name is Yuki! Nice to meet you."

One of the cats that were up for adoption at the event.

"Adopt me...please..."

Aww...Look at those beautiful eyes

We have rabbits looking for new homes too!

A visitor taking down some take-home pointers

Oh look! That's our event emcee with celebrity George Young!

";Hmm...let's see what should have been the right way!"

Participants of our stage game walked away with a bag so full of goodies that it was too heavy for some of them!

A girl reading a storybook that was presented during storytelling sessions by the authors, Genell Lee, Ang Miaoling and Tan Ming Rui, winners of the RPO Ambassador Best Project Award 2012.

"fly away with me..."

Introducing...Captain Kitty!

Randall Tan shares about his passion for cats to the audience. Standing next to him is the President of Cat Welfare Society, Ms Veron Lau.

"It's freeeeezing out there. I think I'll just stay here to keep myself warm..."

Here's one of our winners receiving her prize from our celebrity guest!

If you missed today's event, you can still join us tomorrow, 10 June 2012 at Jurong Point! We have Dog Obedience Demonstrations, Cat Pageant Contest and don't miss the appearances of celebrities Chua En Lai and Irene Ang! All these and more only at Animals & Our Community @ Jurong Point! See you there!

Pet Adoption Friday: Animals up for adoption at the Animals & Our Community roadshow tomorrow!

Hey everyone! Today's Pet Adoption Friday will be a little special.

As you know, we are going to have the "Animals & Our Community" road show coming up in just 2 days! Since there will be an adoption booth set up, we will be featuring some of the animals that will be present!

From Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD):

Name: Ebony

Colour: Black

Age: 4 months

Gender: Female

About her: Ebony was found with her sisters in Lim Chu Kang. She is a happy and friendly puppy with a sweet disposition though she may be shy with new people initially. Ebony will grow up to be quite a large-sized dog so she is not HDB-approved.

Name: Teana

Colour: Brown

Age: 2 1/2 months

Gender: Female

About her: Teana was rescued from a factory together with her siblings. She is a sweet girl who loves people. Teana will grow up to be quite a large-sized dog so she is not HDB-approved.

View ASD's website and facebook page as well!

From House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS):

Name : Chiyo & Mari

Age : 2yrs+

These two black ladies are very playful and friendly in general. Mari is the one with the white socks while Chiyo is totally black. They are good even with strangers and would make a perfect companion for you.

Their Fosterer mentioned that Mari is a little more playful and curious than Chiyo as she loves to poke her nose in everything you do!

Visit HRSS' website and facebook page as well!

From Animal Lovers League (ALL):

Name: Hero

Age: 1 year old

Colour: Black

Gender: local male

Description: Hero was rescued from a construction site. He is called hero as he used to protect the little puppies born to the site from awful people and other doggie bullies. excellent with people, children and gets on with dogs. Very gentle natured. outdoor trained and would be perfect for a condo or private apartment due to his gentleman nature.

Name: Blessing

Age: 5 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Shih Tzu

Description: Blessing was rescued off the streets and a survivor of a tumour operation. She is doing excellent now but needs patient owners. Blessing also takes a while to adjust to new people.

Visit ALL's website and facebook page!

From Cat Welfare Society (CWS):

Name: Vince.

Age: Just 4 months old

Gender: Male

Description: Vince was found in an industrial area. This little fellow is very cuddly and loves to play!

Visit CWS' website and facebook page!

We hope these little fellows will find good forever homes over the weekend! Come down and meet them all!

Cute and new stuff @ the "Animals & Our Community" event!

Not only do we have tons of exciting events, celebrity appearances and animal welfare groups at the "Animals & Our Community" event, we've got new some really cute new stuff freshly out of the oven for you guys!

You saw the dog and cat last year but now we have the "improved" versions (you'll find out what we mean by that when you get them. Then there is the rabbit and hamster, which have never been released to the public before and all of you who come down to the event will get a chance to lay your hands on them!

Introducing the Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Heroes 3D-models!

These are 3D cut-outs for anyone who is interested in trying out some arts n crafts. For both the young and the young at heart!

If you need any help trying to fit the pieces together, we will be uploading the tutorial videos for you to follow very soon! Do remember to check back!

Don't know what to do about your neighbour's dog which barks incessantly? Not sure whether or not to approach stray animals?

Well, allay those worries as we've also put together a publication entitled "Animals & Our Community"! It provides information you need on how to create a more harmonious environment that encompasses animals and humans.

There's a section on stray animals, pet noises and how you can do your part to contribute to animal welfare. Furthermore, the colourful graphics which incorporates illustrations with real-life images creates a fun and realistic visual picture to enhance your understanding of the on-going situations in Singapore.

Make sure you come down and grab a copy of the publication. Have fun with the 3D cut-outs and send us pictures of them in their cosy new homes! (:

Animal Welfare Groups @ "Animals & Our Community" roadshow

We've said that the "Animals and Our Community" Roadshow was going to be a star-studded event and to add on to the glitter and glitz, we've got all the Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) coming down as well!

These AWGs will be setting up booths located at JP2 Outdoor Lawn. They will be bringing with them a wide variety of knowledge on the different pets and animals so if you have any queries on Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO), feel free to approach them!

AVA too will be setting up a booth with games and collaterals for you to win! There will also be complimentary educational materials like our "Care for Your Pet" booklet and the "Animals and Our Community" Publications that you can pick up at the roadshow. We'll have representatives at the booth to answer your queries on RPO as well! The AVA will also be holding a talk on Rabbit Care at 4.20 pm on 9th June and 3.00pm on 10th June @ JP2 Outdoor Stage.

Here's a list of the AWGs which will be coming down! Click on their logos to go to their website to find out more about them!:

ACRES will be giving a talk titled "Native Wild Animals in our community" at 3.30pm @ JP1 indoor centre stage on 9th June and at 2.40pm on 10th June.

CWS will be giving a talk titled "Better with a Cat" at 6.00pm @ JP1 Indoor Stage on 9th and 10th June.

Humane Society Singapore will be presenting a RPO skit at 4.30pm @ JP2 Outdoor Stage.

SPCA will be holding a talk on RPO at 2.30 pm on 9th June and 1.50 pm on 10th June @JP1 Indoor stage.

"Animals & Our Community" Roadshow event highlights - updated 7 June

The "Animals & Our Community" road show is heading to Jurong Point Shopping Centre in 4 days!

Come down to find out how everyone, pet owners and non-pet owners alike, can play their part in creating a harmonious living environment where both pets and humans can live together, cohesively. So make sure you bring your friends, family or head down with your neighbour for a delightful afternoon of animals, fun and games!

If you don't already know what this roadshow is about, you may take a look at our blog post on the programme here!

Here's a breakdown of the activities!

We're in search of the most beautiful domestic cat! Is your cat ready for the catwalk?

Register your cat today!
Register for a chance to show your domestic cat on stage at Jurong Point 1, Level 1 on Saturday 9 or Sunday 10 June. Winners will walk away with great prizes including Jurong Point Gift Cards and Pet Lovers Centre hampers!

Does my cat qualify? YES if
* It is a domestic short haired cat
* Has good temperament (can be leashed and displayed in a public venue)
* Is healthy (sick cats get stressed in public so best to leave them at home!)
* Is sterilised if above 7 months old

How to register?
Submit the following to by Wednesday 6 June 2012 (Deadline has been extended from 2nd June to 6th June)
* Owner's Name
* Cat's Name
* A nice photo of the cat
* A short description of how the cat came to be part of your family
* Address
* Contact Number (Home)
* Contact Number (Mobile)
* Email Address
* Indicate if you are joining the contest on Saturday 9 or Sunday 10 June

Registration fee is $10 per cat. You can pay via bank transfer, AXS or Paypal followed by an email to info@catwelfare.orgwith subject header "Most Beautiful Domestic Cat Contest" and transaction details.

By submitting an application, you affirm that the facts as stated are true and complete.
You assure that your cat is in good health and precautions like vaccinations are taken.
You understand that the organisers will not be held liable for any mishap that may occur during the contest.

Successful entries will be uploaded onto Facebook in a lead-up to the event.
Winners will be decided by three guest judges at the event.
There will also be a grand prize winner for the cat with the most Facebook Likes!

Head to Cat Welfare Society's website for more info!

Celebrity Appearances - It's going to be a star-studded event!

Photos courtesy of Mediacorp

Chua En Lai and Mindee Ong will be bringing their dogs and will be speaking about their experience with their dogs while Irene Ang and George Young will be talking about their cats so make sure you catch them!

Dog agility and obedience demonstrations

Does your dog like to run around the house, jump on (or over) the furniture? At this "Animals & Our Community" roadshow, we've got a free dog agility trial for your dog to take part in! Furthermore, Singapore Kennel Club and Awesome Pawsome will be there to showcase dog agility and obedience demonstrations on stage which you and your dog can learn from!

Do you have a 'ridiculously photogenic pet'?

If you think you do, you just might win over $500 worth of prizes! Just bring your pet along and head down to the photo booth which will be located at JP2 outdoor lawn and get snapping away!

Bring your kids for a fun family day out!

It's definitely a day for the family as we've got a special kids corner just for the children! Ngee Ann Polytechnic will be performing a special puppet show on responsible pet ownership for all the little kids to learn through fun and play!

Puppet Show timings:

9th June, 2.50pm @ indoor stage.

10th June, 4.30pm @ indoor stage.

There's going to be SO much to do at the "Animals and Our Community" Roadshow on the 9th and 10th of June! Don't miss this event because we can guarantee you're going to have fun! (:

Watch this space as we dish out more highlights each day!

Beat the Monday Blues: Bulldog kisses Orangutan

Last week we featured a cat who adopted a rabbit and because we're so fond of unique animal friendships, this week we're featuring another one!

A bulldog helps to take care of an abandoned baby orangutan in a zoo located in England.

Friends of The Animals: My pets. My friends. My passion.

Hi there! it's time for our fortnightly blog series, "Friends of the Animals", a collection of blogposts relating animal lovers' experiences with their pets or their passion for animals. AVA staff, together with animal lovers from the animal welfare groups, are contributing to this blog.

Kicking off as our first guest writer from an animal welfare group, we have Ms Corinne Fong, the Executive Director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) sharing with us her little anecdotes of her and her pets. Let's read about her aspirations for the organisation and get to know more about her pets, the very special little ones that eventually led her into championing the animal welfare cause.

Hi everyone! I'm Corinne Fong, Executive Director of the SPCA. Never in my life would I have imagined working at the SPCA and I feel privileged to be helming this organisation.

As Buddha said, "Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." The two goals I hope to achieve whilst I'm at the SPCA would be to reduce euthanasia and increase the awareness of the benefits of adopting rather than buying a pet.

Pets are a bundle of joy and a great addition to any family. However, the commitment required to raise a pet can be quite overwhelming and will require team effort, especially in times when you, as the main caretaker, are unexpectedly unavailable to care for your pet.

Take the four pets that I've had in my lifetime for example. Let me share my stories with you.

Silver Queen

She was a Maltese, given to me by my aunt when Silver Queen was about 7 years old. The sweet-natured dog lived to 16 when she died. In the early years of owning a dog I didn't have a clue what pet ownership was about; all I knew was that I had to bathe, feed, and clean her. Every day after school I'd put her in my bicycle basket and we'd cycle every inch of Serangoon Gardens, greeting the neighbors. Queen liked it every much. Years later when I was bound for an overseas university, it was heart-breaking to leave her behind. I made my parents promise to take care of her until I returned. When I did return, it was as if I'd never left.

Slowly the years started to take a toll on her. Eventually there came a time when Queen was no longer able to eat or move her bowels on her own. One day, the vet said, 'it's time,' and I knew then that it was time to let her go.

Bonnie (aka Bonita)

A 4-month-old pup, cross-dachshund and silky terrier mix stood up to greet me at the pet store. Doleful eyes pleaded, "take me home!" The store clerk said she was the last one of the litter. I looked at my aunt (yes, same aunt) and we took home the little runt. I named her Bonnie (after Bonnie Raitt, an American blues singer-songwriter).

Initial teething problems meant my mom had to sacrifice her long curtains and corners of the sofa as Bonnie chewed on anything she could latch her teeth onto. To say she wasn't pleased was an understatement. Bonnie would also take whizzes into shoes. That got her banished to the back of the house for a little while.

She had a major surgery to remove tumours when she was 7 years old. The healing process was painful. She gamely put on the e-collar without a fuss, while a tube to drain post-surgery fluids was inserted from sternum to stomach. She didn't resist when I fed her medicine, sat still as I cleaned her wounds.

Bonnie received what any dog craved - the security knowing she was with me for the rest of her life. As if to reciprocate I always knew where Bonnie was, as she never left my side.

Before I knew it, Bonnie was hitting 18, then 19, then 20. Impossible, you say. I think so too. The last 24 months of Bonnie's life was difficult for me. The signs were obvious - lethargy, sleeping a lot. Soon she was losing weight, she lacked mobility, and her muscles had deteriorated. Like a geriatric she developed sores on her knuckles of both front and back legs as she was sleeping/laying too long on one position. The supplements stopped working. Once again, the dreaded time called. The discussion with my vet whether I needed to put her to sleep was inevitable. I took three weeks to come to a decision. She was euthanized just after she reached 21 years old.

Dewey & Scat

Now, I have two boisterous males that I look forward to going home to each day. Dewey, an English Cocker Spaniel, was adopted from the SPCA when he was a little under 1 year, and Scat, a 3-week old stray kitten whom a friend had rescued from a drain swollen with rain.

Dewey will be four in August, and Scat will be three come September. Are they going to outlive me? I wonder. Whatever the outcome, they will be taken care of, that is my commitment to them.

Pets will be dependent on you for their entire life, so your decision to have one is a life time commitment, and you should stick by it.

If you wish to find your own friend for life, please visit our SPCA's website at!

Pet Adoption Friday: Quinn & Finn from House Rabbit Society Singapore

Name Finn and Quinn
Sex Mixed
Age 2 yrs 6 mths old
Breed Local
Health Condition Good
Sterilised Yes
Littertrained Partial
Temperament Quinn and Finn are great companion bunnies with sweet temperaments. Quinn is the one in charge, while Finn just loves to sit back and relax.

These gentle giants love to stay together and do not like to be separated for long periods of time, hence they need to be adopted together. They groom each other regularly, showing affection to one another. Finn and Quinn can be hand-fed and love their treats and hay and will eagerly run to you when you refill their hay box. They will do their happy little dances to show you how happy they are! Always curious about their surroundings, they will come right up to you to investigate the stuff that you brought home, or just ask for a pat.

If you wish to adopt or inquire more about Quinn & Finn, email

To visit House Rabbit Society Singapore's (HRSS) page and look at other rabbits up for adoption, visit their website!

This information is also available on our A Pet is For Life facebook group and twitter. Join us!